Agriculture Business Ideas for India [2022]

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Agriculture Business Ideas for India [2022]

The agriculture industry is one of the leading contributors to the world's GDP. The sector produces food for billions of people and is the primary source of livelihood for most of India's population. Therefore, the government invests in providing seedlings, fertilisers, and farming equipment for farmers.

Even though the sector depends on climatic conditions, advancements in science and technology have led to its vast development. People can grow crops in countries where it was initially impossible to or cultivate crops on their rooftop for commercial purposes.

Amid this Covid-19 pandemic and global recession, agriculture has cropped up as one of the most ever-growing sectors. The sector is expanding tremendously across the globe, resulting in several money-making agriculture business ideas.  

Let's know more about the 20 best agriculture businesses to start in India.

1. Fertiliser Manufacturing

The production and selling of fertiliser are one of the most growing and profitable agriculture businesses. The demand for fertilisers is increasing in the global market to enhance soil fertility and crop production. Moreover, the governments of most countries are the major buyers of fertiliser. You will require licensing and permits from the appropriate authority to start your fertiliser manufacturing business.

2. Fertiliser Distribution

In this business, you must buy fertilisers from cities and make them available to rural areas. It is one of the best agriculture business ideas if you want to begin a business with moderate capital investment. Any individual can start a small or large-scale fertiliser distribution business operated within the district, state, or inter-state.

3. Organic Fertiliser Production

Vermicompost or organic fertiliser production is an easy-to-start small farm business idea at low investment. Vermicompost has gained popularity over chemical fertilisers, as it is a nutrient-rich organic fertiliser and soil conditioner. It contains water-soluble nutrients. Any individual with a fair knowledge about organic fertiliser and the production process can initiate this as a domestic business.

4. Dry Flower Trading

The business of dry flowers is currently among the most money-making agriculture business ideas. You can cultivate a variety of flower plants, especially unique ones, and then dry and sell them to craft stores. Many hobbyists also purchase dried flowers to make Do It Yourself (DIY) creatives.

5. Tea Farming

Another lucrative farming business idea is tea farming. Tea leaves have a large global market, and the demand is increasing. Tea cultivation is a major source of income generation from some countries. Tea plantations require suitable demographic environments, such as acidic soil and heavy rainfall. The business requires high capital investment, but in return, the profit is also high.

6. Medicinal Herb Farming

It is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas. Drug manufacturing companies rely on the supply of herbs from these farmers to produce medicinal drugs. Any individual with good knowledge about herbs and access to cultivation land can invest in this business. You will require licenses from the local government to start this agriculture business.

7. Mushroom Farming

This small farm business idea can generate more profit in a minimum time. Moreover, it requires low capital investment and a small area. Mushroom is easy to cultivate and is consumed in most countries worldwide due to its high nutritional value.  

8. Maize Farming

Maize or corn farming is an emerging crop production business due to its wider adaptability under different agricultural climatic conditions. Moreover, maize is consumed globally and can be processed into various forms such as flour, gourmet, beers, etc. Using modern technology with quality seed can produce good yield and generate high income. If you are interested in crop production cultivated within a short time, maize farming can be the best farming business idea.

9. Tree Farming

It is a long-term business that can generate high income. The business involves growing trees to sell. But to get returns from selling trees requires considerable time. Tree farming falls under the category of long-term, profitable, and one of the best agriculture businesses.

Indoors chicken farm

10. Poultry Farming

It is considered to be the fastest-growing sector of agriculture and farming business. There is always a high demand for poultry and its byproducts. Hens, ducks, quails, etc., are mostly the birds reared in poultry. Generally, the supply of eggs is a significant source of revenue for poultry farmers. If you consider investing in a small farm business idea, poultry farming can be the best option for you.

11. Dairy Business

Although it requires a good capital investment, it is a money-making agriculture business idea as milk and milk products are always in high demand. Therefore, dairy production is one of the best agriculture business ideas in India. It is important to follow hygiene and quality standards while running this business.

12. Beekeeping

It is one of the best agriculture businesses. Beekeeping is done to produce honey and other products like wax. Moreover, the demand for honey is increasing globally as the majority of people are becoming health-conscious. Although the business requires low investment, it demands day-to-day monitoring of the bees with close supervision. You will need to undergo training to breed bees.

13. Groundnut Processing

There is a high demand for groundnut in the global market. As it is consumed worldwide and several products are manufactured using processed groundnuts, e.g. groundnut oil, peanut butter, etc. You require moderate investment and good quality raw material, i.e., groundnuts and the soil composition that supports cultivation.

14. Fruit and Vegetable Export

This is one of the low investment, high-profit farming business ideas. In this, you have to purchase fruits and vegetables from local farmers and supply them to cities, urban areas, or internationally. The communication can be done via telephone, using smart mobiles, or through the internet. Be sure to gather knowledge about the import and export policies as well as local markets.

15. Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Growing and selling organic fruits and vegetables is one of the farming business ideas due to the increasing demand for healthy food. This business can generate high income as organic fruits and vegetables are sold at a higher price than the amount invested in cultivation using chemicals and pesticides. If you have a large land area with good soil quality and good climatic conditions, you can begin with organic cultivation.

16. Florist

Trading flowers is a huge retail business. The demand for flowers, bouquets, or flower arrangements is always high for events such as weddings, anniversaries, etc. The order can be placed or managed through phone calls or websites. The flowers can be delivered to the customer's doorstep or the event venue. If you are fond of flowers and like being creative, this can be the best business idea.  

17. Broom Production

Broom is a household product manufactured and bought on a large scale. It is widely used at workplaces and homes for sweeping up the floor and removing dust. Mainly there are two categories, i.e., natural material broom and plastic broom.

18. Organic Greenhouse

The demand for organically grown products has been increasing consistently, leading to the success of the organic greenhouse business. Initially, organic farm greenhouse was built on small, family-run farms. But since the demand for healthy and organic food has grown, many people are investing in land for constructing a greenhouse for organic farming.

19. Hydroponic Retail Store

Hydroponic is an innovative and trending plantation technology that does not require soil for plantation. These retail stores sell specialised hydroponic equipment and supplies needed for hydroponic farms. They also grow plants to be sold for both commercial and home use.

sower's hand with wheat seeds throwing to field

20. Certified Seed Production

Seed certification is a quality check process whereby the seeds to be marketed are inspected and checked. The quality assurance system certifies that a sack, packet, or box of seed meets the requirements of a certification scheme. You can begin by selling only certified seeds. The business requires low investment and can be initiated by contract farming.


These were a few agriculture business ideas you can invest in depending on certain factors such as your budget, land area, soil quality, climatic conditions, etc. Before initiating any business, conduct research and acquire sufficient knowledge about the product demand, marketing strategy, and technical know-how. This can help you decide which business idea is best suitable for you.

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FAQs on Agriculture Business Ideas

Q. What are the steps required to start my own agriculture business?

Ans. Follow the below steps before venturing and investing in any agriculture business idea:

  • Conduct market research
  • Create a business plan
  • Make finance arrangement
  • Understand the laws and regulations
  • Acquire necessary licenses
  • Register your business
  • Make final arrangements, buy/lease land or machinery.

Q. Do I need huge funds to begin my agriculture business?

Ans. There are many agriculture business ideas to invest in, depending on your budget. It can range from low to large capital investment. If you are looking for ​​a low-cost agricultural business, you can explore ideas like dry flower business, broom production, becoming a florist, etc.

Q. What are the different departments in the agricultural sector?

Ans. You can choose an agriculture business idea from an array of departments, including crop production, breeding, fertilisers, fodder, farm equipment, seed supply, soil testing, raw and processed food products, storage, packing, marketing, retail sales, transportation, and much more.