Best Business Tips for Kirana Store Owners

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Best Business Tips for Kirana Store Owners

Did you know that around 12 million Kirana stores in India dominate the domestic retail marketplace with 90% market shares? Are you looking forward to opening and expanding the Kirana store business and searching for the best business tips? Then, glance at the researched and comprehensive write-up on how to grow business Kirana stores with the easiest and best business tips.

Top 11 small business tips for Kirana store owners

1. Do extensive market study

Kirana store is a profitable small business idea and one of the most demanding business ideas in the marketplace. So, the level of competition and opportunities are also high in this business idea. To match up with the ever-changing and demanding business sales and product demand of the Kirana, you should do an extensive market study wherever you are planning to open a Kirana store or have a Kirana store.

2. Analyse the market study and research

You should collect and analyse the market on various aspects to help your business flourish and spread out. Some of these factors could be - the competitor's Kirana store, high-demand products, low-demand items, hot-selling products, genuine and trusted wholesale vendors' or suppliers' contacts, seasonal items - festival-related products, essential and non-essential items, and more.

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3. Plan out your expenses

Once you have done extensive market research and study around various grounds and factors, the next step would be to create an effective budget plan. Planning out expenses in a structured and systematic way will help you identify the high priority segments and primary goals. So, plan out your investment budget for your Kirana store and allocate your expenses or funds in the sectors based on the priority status.

  • Instance: Suppose you have a budget of 2,50,000 INR to invest in your Kirana store business. You have identified the primary goals or high priority tasks as renting a space, creating a good inventory, and building an app for home delivery services. In that case, you can efficiently allocate the budget to the listed three sections. But, if you are unaware of the priority tasks or resources, you might end up spending your funds on non-essential or secondary resources. It may also affect your business tactics and may slow your business growth level.

4. Enumerate trusted and reliable supply wholesale vendors contacts

Kirana stores' competition level primarily depends on the quality and the services provided. To expand the Kirana store and to have a high retention of customers in your store, you should prioritise the quality of the products and services. So, always keep an eye on the most trusted and genuine wholesale suppliers and vendors for replenishing your inventory.

5. Go digital

Due to digitalisation, everyone seeks a hassle-free interface to order essential grocery items and other Kirana items from local stores. Customers prefer those Kirana stores that offer home delivery services with a quick and smooth ordering experience. So, to attract customers and witness high sales and profit margins, you must plan out and launch an effective online ordering app or website.

6. Trade on weekends

As per many studies and market analysis, weekends turn out to be highly engaging days in terms of sales and customer engagement. Customers usually prefer weekends for shopping, and at weekends Kirana stores earn higher profit rates than weekdays. So, always make your Kirana store available with the updated inventory and essential items at the weekends to maximise the sales and profit margins.

7. Look up inventory management skills

Inventory management is vital for a successful and profitable Kirana store business. Inventory management allows you to identify areas that you may need to work on, such as removing expired products, stocking up low stock products, identifying low demand items, and planning sale activity based on the inventory analysis. So, if you lack in managing inventory, you may end up splurging money on non-essential items and stocking up with unnecessary hoarding stocks of products.

8. Track and analyse Kirana store competitors

Know your competitors to analyse their marketing and business tactics and trends they follow. Analyse the structure of their inventory and stocking skills. Observe their services and product quality and how they work on customer engagement or what they do to attract customers. The competitive analyses of other Kirana store owners will help you decide your business and marketing tactics and identify your pain points.

9. Focus on customer engagement

Did you know your Kirana store's profit margin is directly proportional to the customer engagement? Remember the thumb rule of any business – the higher the customer engagement, the higher the profit rates. So, always try to plan marketing and business strategies, keeping customers on high priority. It will help you to gain more customers and high-profit rates within a couple of months. To earn high customer engagement, you may plan out monthly or festival sales, provide discounts to existing customers or treat new customers with a small goodie or a freebie. These strategies will help you to gain more customers and retain the existing customers.

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10. Identify customer requirements and inclination

Customers usually prefer those Kirana stores that offer essential and fundamental items from branded to non-branded products. To ensure that your Kirana store has the apt products, you must periodically identify customer requirements and inclination trends. Suppose your customer needs some product that you don't have, and you try to sell him another brand product. In that case, you may lose a prospective buyer as you didn't identify the customer requirement and his needs. So, ensure that you always understand what a customer wants and try to offer a tentative deadline to stock the product.

11. Perk up customer service

Customers always get attracted to those businesses that provide ace customer service to them from order to payment. They prefer Kirana stores that have good customer service and give priority to the customer. So, ensure that your staff are well trained and groomed to provide the best solution or help to your new or existing customers.

Bottom Line

After going through the well-researched and comprehensive small-business tips, you must have insight into how to grow your business and flourish the Kirana store business with small-business tips. Additionally, the mentioned specific steps and business growth tips would be the best handbook of persistent marketing and branding tips for you to helpfully and perceptively carry out Kirana store business stratagems and tactics. Consequently, focus on creating a systematised business plan and marketing approaches and strategies to grow and spread out the Kirana store within a couple of months.

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Q. How to grow my business in the Kirana store?

Ans. To grow the business of the Kirana store, you will need a structured business plan and a bit-by-bit approach to effectively execute marketing and business strategies. Take a look at the comprehensive article to get all the ins and outs of the Kirana store related business tips.

Q. How much time will it take to establish a Kirana store business?

Ans. Remember, good things take time to achieve the desired outcome. There is no sure-shot or fixed duration in which you will achieve the desired result such as high sales, good customer connections, better marketing and branding strategies, and more. But if you continue your hard work and be consistent while executing the strategy and analysing them periodically, you will establish the Kirana store business within a limited duration.

Q. How to expand the business of Kirana store?

Ans. To expand the Kirana store business, you will have to follow the tips and strategies mentioned in the above-detailed write-up. Consequently, plan your business plan and marketing strategies to earn the maximum profits from the mentioned small-business tips.