Event & Party Business Ideas [20 High-Profit Businesses]

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Event & Party Business Ideas [20 High-Profit Businesses]

Every person’s life is filled with events they want to either celebrate or create. If you are someone who enjoys people and planning, understands different personalities and has a knack for creatively organising a super event, the event planning business industry might just be for you!

In this article, let’s explore the 20 best small scale business ideas we have compiled for you. Some of these can be small business ideas executed from home; some can be low-cost business ideas with high profit. But we assure you that all are unique business ideas that will encourage you to go for your entrepreneurial journey as an event and party planner!

Digital business ideas

1. Virtual events business:

With pretty much everything making its space on digital, the event industry will not be missing out. Zoom parties or hangout meets, if you can ideate and plan an event with innovative tech solutions, you can start your very own virtual events business. A low-cost business idea with high profits, this can be started as a small scale business at first as well and then expanded.

2. Digital paintings

A small business idea from home can be digital gifting. A digital painting, for starters, can be commissioned and even customised to be sold as a party gift. If you are a creator willing to step into the event and party planning business, this could be your doorway.

Decor and food business ideas

1. Party prop shop

Which party is a party if it doesn’t have some props around and decor set up that people won’t stop clicking pictures? To keep guests entertained, the most intriguing and eye-catching props need to be placed at a party. And owning such a party prop store that provides everything one can need for their party will instantly make you their go-to party stop shop.

2. Party cakes and bakes

Another small scale business idea is to bake some exclusive treats for parties and events. Cakes, cookies, candies can be anything you specialise in. If you can make some tasty desserts, every event will need you. Which party doesn’t have dessert, right?

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3. Food catering

If food is your area of speciality, another small business idea that could be done from home and catering. You can start a food catering service for events and parties happening around you. Make delicacies that will urge everyone to lick their fingers off their plates, and you will be a well-known caterer in your area in no time.

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4. Lights and sound service provider

Every party has a light and sound system. It is certainly what makes or breaks a good event. If you are willing to shell out some investment for getting a system in place, you could start a small scale business that caters to an event’s lighting and sound requirements.

Gifting and designing business ideas

1. Gift baskets

If you aren’t able to figure out how to start event planning, you can start with planning gift baskets. You can become a gift basket supplier who customises packages according to the occasion and delivers only quality. It is a small profitable business idea that would need some solid inventory contacts and a creative mind.

2. Invitation designer

An invitation can convince someone if they want to attend a party or not. If you have some designing skills, you can become an exclusive invitation designer. A low-cost business idea with high profits is surely a unique way to be in the event and party business industry.

3. Customised gifting

If you can arrange and help cater to the very specific gifting needs of people, a customised gifting business could be a profitable business idea for you. From customised greeting cards to bags or watches or any customisable gifting services, if you hone the skill, this is a great business to start!

Cleaning and transportation business ideas

1. Event transportation

Another important aspect during an event is the transport of the attendees. If you can arrange for services that help attendees ply to and fro from the event/ party location, this could be of great help for an event organiser. This might require a minimum investment; however, it is a profitable small business idea.

2. Cleaning service

There has to be someone to clean up after a party. If that is usually you, this could be a small business idea you could explore. If cleaning is your activity of choice, you, along with a few others, can hire a few pieces of equipment and start your service.

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Types of event planners

1. Party planner

Can you organise a party from end to end? Are you a phenomenal planner? Do you like bringing ideas to life? A  party planner can be a role you can explore. You get to make the event planning business plans, and you get to execute them. The work might seem hefty, but if you enjoy being on your toes, there’s nothing like it.

2. Fundraising event organiser

If you are a pro at raising funds and you know how to pull off charity events, you can become a fundraising event organiser. Provide your skills and expertise to the ones in need or organise charity events for NGOs and organisations.

3. Sustainable event planner

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds. If it is on yours too, and if you can make everyone's sustainable party or event dreams come true, this would make for a great small business idea for you, without much investment.

4. Religious festival planner for communities

India is big on festivals. With a diverse population, there are a multitude of religions and festivals that take place in the country. If you have an interest in culture and love the festivities, you could also become a festival planner for communities around your area, to begin with, as a small business idea.

5. Corporate events

Corporate events require a different kind of finesse and organisation style. If you have what it takes to put together corporate events, you can explore this segment of event planning.

6. House party planner

Be it a surprise party, an intimate party or a birthday party at home; if you have what it takes to plan a house party within a given budget, this might be your next small business idea. House parties are always preferred for small gatherings, and if you have the skills to set this up for people, there’s nothing like it!

7. Exhibition planner

Expos and exhibitions set up on large grounds are huge events that require a lot of planning. If this task excites you, you can organise exhibitions based on themes in your locality. Starting small and then scaling it up to large scale exhibitions that can garner crowds from multiple places would be a good event planning business plan.

More business ideas

event management texted on black board with pen and cup of tea on atable

1. Event management company

Another small scale business idea is that of starting an event management company. If you are an entrepreneur at heart and can take on all the roles involved in putting together an event, this is a small profitable business idea for you. As you onboard a team of experts to help you out and some investment to start with, you can test the markets and see if your company does take off!

2. Event consulting services

If the planning and execution of an event sound overwhelming for you, you can also opt for just consulting. You can help clients choose the best theme, given an event design, add on your inputs and guide them to make their event larger than life. Another small business idea that can be done from home and doesn’t require any investment, just your time.

Profitable business ideas to begin with low investment

While there are multiple avenues through which you can enter the event and party business field, we hope this article gives you a few ideas you can step into and explore.

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Q. What is event planning?

Ans. Event planning includes a non-exhaustive task list of planning, creating an event design, finding a site, arranging for food and entertainment, supervising the event and evaluating post-event. If you can’t take it up in its entirety, you can always choose the services you can master and then provide only those.

Q. Can you become an event planner from home?

Ans. Event planning is a small business idea that is possible from the comforts of your home. There are a few ideas mentioned in this article that can be done sitting at home, which are low in costs and high in profits. We hope this helps you choose the best fit for yourself.