Best Ghee Brands in India [Most Popular Brands]

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Best Ghee Brands in India [Most Popular Brands]

What is the one food choice that we Indians cannot live without? It is Desi Ghee. When a spoonful of delicious grainy ghee is spread on top of a hot roti, the mouth starts watering immediately. However, with most ghee brands available in the market today, we fail to get the same taste that we remember from our childhood.

Desi Ghee is one of the most common cooking mediums in the country. Though consuming it in excess is considered detrimental, it is very important to maintain good health as well. Moreover, the taste it offers is heavenly.

What Are The Benefits of Ghee?

Ghee, or clarified butter, is a powerhouse ingredient in our food. In this age when people have moved to refined oil, scientists have proved what people have forgotten. Numerous researches are now agreeing with the fact that ghee offers tons of health benefits such as:

  • Ghee is rich in Vitamin E and A. It is also full of antioxidants such as CLA and K2.
  • Ghee is nutritionally more dense than coconut oil. It contains fatty acids in abundance, which get absorbed by the liver to provide energy instantly to the body.
  • People who consume ghee regularly do not suffer from digestive disorders.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, ghee is useful for weight loss as well. This is true because it helps in burning the excess fat present in the body.
  • Even lactose-intolerant people can consume ghee without any side effects.
  • Ghee helps in producing butyric acid, which keeps the immune system optimally working.
  • There is no need to refrigerate ghee to preserve it. It continues to stay usable even after hundreds of years.

Irrespective of the place you belong to, there is very little chance that you wouldn’t enjoy ghee on your roti or in your dal and sabzi. Not only is it delicious, but it also brings with it tons of health benefits. The important thing is to find ghee that is completely pure. If you are looking for the best ghee brands in India, here is a useful list.

Best Ghee in India

Brand Name


Amul Pure Ghee


1 L

Dabur 100% Pure Cow Ghee


1 L

Sri Sri Tattva Cow Ghee


500 ml

Patanjali Cow Desi Ghee


1 L

Nandini Pure Cow Ghee


1 L

1. Amul Pure Ghee

Amul is one of the most trusted ghee brands in India, with its legacy spanning over 75 years. Since the brand is known for not compromising on quality, it is one of the top ghee choices. Made from the milk of desi cows, this vegetarian ghee has a delightful aroma and wonderful taste. It does not contain any added preservatives or colour and has a rich granular texture that enhances the cooking experience.

Being rich in fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, D, and K, it keeps the bad fat and cholesterol in check. This ghee can also help with hormone production and boost memory power. It comes in sturdy pouch packaging. However, it is recommended to store it in a clean and dry container once open. It has a light scent that will not hamper the taste buds but enhance them. Other benefits of Amul pure ghee include improved energy levels, better digestion, and nourished skin.


  • Made using desi cow’s milk
  • Light aroma
  • Granular texture
  • Enhances the taste of food
  • A trustworthy and reputed brand
  • Comes in a pouch

2. Dabur 100% Pure Cow Ghee

Dabur 100% Pure Cow Ghee is made using milk sourced from specially bred indigenous cows. Due to this, the ghee is completely natural and free from all kinds of chemicals. It is made using a hygienic manufacturing process to ensure that all nutrients are retained. Dabur ghee is loaded with Vitamin A, which helps to boost energy levels and immunity.

The rich granular texture of this ghee comes with a pleasant taste and aroma. Moreover, it contains tons of antioxidants that help protect the body against all kinds of infections. The Dabur pure ghee comes in a transparent jar, making it easier to store.


  • Made using milk from indigenous cows
  • Loaded with Vitamin A
  • Hygienic manufacturing process
  • Granular texture
  • The rich taste and aroma
  • Boosts energy

3. Sri Sri Tattva Cow Ghee

Made using 100 per cent pure cow milk, the Sri Tattva Cow Ghee is one of the most trusted organic ghee brands in India. It has an FSSAI certification ensuring that it is safe for consumption. This ghee ensures you have a healthy digestive system, so you can consume it without any worry. Besides this, the ghee is also packed with Vitamin A, E, K, D, and Omega 3 fatty acids. This helps ensure that you get an instant energy boost and protection from infections.

Other benefits of this ghee include healthy joints, glowing skin, lustrous hair, better heart health, and improved immunity. Its granular texture, rich taste, and aroma make it perfect for use in all types of dishes.


  • 100 per cent organic ghee
  • FSSAI certification
  • Improves immunity
  • Good taste and texture
  • Good for daily use

4. Patanjali Cow Desi Ghee

Patanjali desi cow ghee is famous in India for its quality. The world-renowned Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev represents this brand. This ghee can help boost your memory, reduce excess fat, and improve your digestive power. It is also instrumental in boosting the body’s immune system.


  • Made with pure cow’s milk
  • Rich in Vitamin A, D, K, and E, making it good for overall health and fitness.
  • Free from sugar and zero protein level.
  • Good for an energy boost.
  • Good for all kinds of Indian foods.

5. Nandini Pure Cow Ghee

Made using cow’s milk while complying with all quality standards, Nandini Pure cow ghee is free from all harmful chemicals and preservatives. The brand has an AG mark, which means that it follows traditional techniques for manufacturing devoid of all impurities.

An important feature of this ghee is that it can help in treating nausea. It comes with a pleasantly light aroma that augments the taste of your day-to-day food. Even when used for making desserts, it does not turn into a hard layer to stick to the mouth. It comes in a leak-proof and sturdy pouch.


  • Made from pure cow’s milk
  • AG mark
  • Light and pleasant aroma and texture
  • Prepared using traditional techniques
  • Reliable packaging


After examining numerous popular ghee brands in India, we have come up with this comprehensive list of the best ghee brands in the country. The ghee mentioned in this list ticks all boxes in terms of taste, nutritional value, as well as the aroma. Not only this, but they will also help improve your overall health and immunity.

So why wait? Get your choice from the best ghee brands in India and enjoy your favourite Indian delicacies with enhanced taste and flavour.

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Q. Is ghee helpful for weight loss?

Ans. Ghee is made using cow’s milk. It is loaded with healthy fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins, which help in burning excess fat from the body. Due to this, it can help in weight loss as well.

Q. Does eating ghee make your skin glow?

Ans. Consumption of ghee regularly adds moisture to the skin and provides it with a fresh glow. It also helps in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Besides consuming, you can also apply ghee to your skin and leave it overnight. Wash your face in the morning to get soft, nourished, and supple skin.

Q. Is ghee safe for consumption by diabetics?

Ans. Ghee contains linolenic acid in abundant amounts, which is great for maintaining cardiovascular health. Not only this, but it also helps in lowering blood sugar levels. So even diabetics can add a teaspoon of ghee to their food without any harm.

Q. Does ghee help in hair growth?

Ans. Ghee is loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Omega-3 as well as Omega-9 fatty acids. Besides this, it also contains antioxidants, all of which help nourish the scalp and boost hair growth.

Q. Can I use ghee when I am dieting?

Ans. Many diets such as Ketogenic Diet, Paleo, WHOLE30, and GAPS diet recommend the use of ghee. Balanced diets such as an Anti-inflammatory diet and DASH are also ghee-friendly.

Q. How can we identify if ghee is pure?

Ans. The purity of cow ghee can be checked in various ways. The simplest way is to take a teaspoon of ghee and place it on top of a flame. If the ghee melts and turns yellow, it is not pure and contains impurities. However, if the ghee immediately turns dark brown, it is pure ghee without any impurities.