Best investment ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Best investment ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic

Investment Ideas

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes in our lives and every business sector. Our way of life has suddenly taken a twist due to this crisis, and we do not know when it will get back to normal. The pandemic has also taken a toll on our finances as employment is challenging for many with the several lockdowns since March. Many may wonder if it is an excellent time to make investments. There should be no doubt that investing can always lead to long-term security. But what are the best ways to invest? That is something that one must be careful about.

As the pandemic has hit almost the entire world, there have been market fluctuations in industries. Many businesses have come to a standstill, but many have also started to flourish. Therefore, one must look at the opportunities and make the best use of the crisis at hand. You may feel insecure about your money, but you will increase your chances of gaining profits to benefit you if you invest wisely. Here are some of the best ideas that may prove ideal for you in the pandemic.

1. Invest in Stocks

Many have said that this is a great time to invest in stocks. As most of us sit in our homes, investing in stocks may seem like a more straightforward process. If you invest in the right stocks, the benefits can be excellent. However, learning to invest in the right company can take expertise and practice. Spend some time understanding the world of stocks. Investing in stocks is about making the right investigation, and one has to be careful in making the correct decisions.

For those who are already investing, health and pharma companies are having great potential in the market. Stocks of vaccine-making companies and hygiene product companies have increased due to consumer demand. Meanwhile, travel companies and hotels have seen a significant dip.

2. Invest Mutual funds in the Pharma Sector

The pandemic has made all of us realise the importance of the health and pharmaceutical sectors. It has become a rising concern to increase healthcare facilities and have better health insurance. Governments and the private sector are becoming conscious of it, and hence, the pharma sector has been receiving the most attention right now.

By investing in the pharma sector, you will have better access to healthcare facilities, healthcare insurance, diagnostic land, and hospital chains. Opposed to other companies and industries, this is the industry that is rapidly growing because of the benefit it can provide to the sick and those that are affected by COVID-19. Since it is a spreading pandemic, people are also taking precautions and doing more tests to ensure their safety.

If you invest in this sector, you would also be providing resources to optimize their healthcare, greatly benefiting you.

3. Benefits of SIPs

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) are like mutual funds are considered a great investment plan irrespective of what crisis lays against you. It requires a disciplined method that gives you great profits in the long term. In a SIP, you are supposed to invest a fixed sum of money in any mutual fund scheme that you prefer. It allows you to buy units of stocks at a time each month. Hence, it teaches an excellent saving plan that can be a great advantage for many.

4. International Funds

Investing in international mutual funds can greatly benefit you as it expands your assets and diversifies them. Geographical diversification is excellent to reduce risk if your country suffers an economic crisis. Every country can have its markets affected by the slowing economy or political instability, especially in times of coronavirus. If you have invested in funds outside your country, it can be less risky for you.

You must be careful where you invest and which nation can give you maximum benefits at a time. Various people prefer countries like the United States, which is observed to see lesser falls. It also has some of the biggest companies, like Google and Microsoft, providing better investors opportunities.

5. Invest in Small Businesses

Investing in funds and stocks can be great as always, but investing in specific businesses can also be outstanding in this state of crisis. This is when small home businesses, especially with digital technologies and the ease of app developments. Starting a business may seem hard work, but when other income channels have stopped- you can look for an opportunity that can spark off. According to the demand affecting the market, you have to think, help ease the consumer’s life.

For example, mask manufacturers are in much demand because everybody needs a mask now. Other safety supplies like gloves and hand sanitisers are in massive demand. You can make soaps at home or other daily home supplies and provide them at delivery. You can also supply other items by assuring the best safety standards and reach out to people.

Local businesses have a better prospect of growing if they are managed well. And if you have enough funds, you can even expand to other cities through proper delivery channels. Make your website and app, and reach out to your audience on social media channels. This can be a great time to hone your hobbies and passions that can benefit other people and convert that into a business.


Hence, we can say that COVID-19 cannot eradicate our sectors. We still have a lot of ways to grow and expand our assets. If you are not sure about investing, you can have some great things to learn as you get into it. Every new endeavour can seem challenging, and that’s why in this time, sitting and home and investing in the right thing can be one of the best things to do.

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Q. Is it a good idea to invest during COVID-19?

Ans: Yes, investing can always be a great idea if you know where you are investing and how to get the returns. Many opportunities may have flown away, but new opportunities are also gaining prominence. You must research with a positive attitude to find out relevant resources and mediums of investments, and you will gain some good profits.

Q. What stocks should I invest in?

Ans: If you invest in stocks, you have to be careful in choosing your assets and looking at the long term results. You can count on some global companies leading like- Apple, Tesla, Nvidia, and Microsoft. Since oil prices have fallen- you can invest in stocks impacted by crude oil, like automobile industries and other manufacturing companies. You can also purchase gold as the prices have dropped in several regions.

Q. Is it a good idea to purchase low price stocks in the pandemic?

Ans: Low price stocks can be attractive to many investors, but one must be careful. You cannot make an immediate decision without consulting your financial advisors or without research. You must know about the market and get better stats before you take the risk. Low price stocks may return benefits, but your money can also fail you when the economy is failing.

Q. Should I stop investing in SIP in a pandemic?

Ans: If you face a personal financial crisis due to the pandemic, you may consider stopping investing in SIP. However, it won’t be recommended to do so as we all are well aware of how the economic situation is crumbling down. We are not sure when the situation will be stable again, and you cannot be sure that you would need your SIP funds later on for a greater crisis. It is always a better idea to stick to investing in these funds if you can.

Q. Is it a good idea to start a business during a pandemic?

Ans: Yes, but it depends on what business you want to do. Suppose you have a fair idea of the market. In that case, you will notice that various businesses have shut down due to the pandemic, but businesses related to healthcare and essential supplies have seen a significant boost. It would be recommended to start with a small business that can flourish in the pandemic state and grow after the pandemic.