Best Imitation Jewellery Markets of India [Artificial Jewellery Shopping]

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Best Imitation Jewellery Markets of India [Artificial Jewellery Shopping]

Imitation jewellery is designed just like precious gold jewellery, but they usually have gold or silver plating. Imitation jewellery is mostly loved by Indian women because they are easily available and are much more affordable than precious jewellery. Imitation jewellery also can be worn any time of the year and doesn't require any special occasion to be worn as in the case of precious gold and silver jewellery. Also, the imitation jewellery market contributes a fair share to the economy of India, and the number is increasing day by day. Therefore whether one wants to buy imitation jewellery for wholesale or for personal use, one must know the best imitation jewellery market to shop from.

So here are the 10 best online and offline artificial jewellery markets in India.

Artificial Jewellery Markets In India

1. Begum Bazaar, Hyderabad

Begum Bazaar is a very ancient market in Hyderabad. It is also one of the largest commercial places in Hyderabad. Begum Bazaar is known for its elegant jewellery. Begum Bazaar entices retailers and jewellery connoisseurs from all over India as they get promising quality at ultimate cheap prices.

There are more than a hundred shops in Begum Bazaar which sell imitation jewellery, especially gold imitation jewellery at wholesale prices. So you can visit Begum bazaar and shop your heart out or shop in bulk if you own a small jewellery business. Begum Bazaar's jewellery is best for bulk buyers who want to start their own small jewellery business as these are available at a very low price and can be resold with a heavy gain.

2. Janpath, Delhi

Just like Begum Bazaar, Janpath, New Delhi also has a massive jewellery market. In fact, if you explore the lanes of Janpath you can even witness the making of imitation and junk jewellery in bulk. All the designs have an Indian touch to them and the prices are mind-blowing. Most of the people you will see are wholesalers, therefore, making Janpath the destination of retailers from all over the country. The prices here can start from as low as 20 bucks. Janpath has some great imitation jewellery stores like Lovely jewellery where you can find beautiful costume jewellery, temple jewellery, oxidised jewellery, etc.

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3. George Town, Chennai

Chennai is considered the top location for all jewellery shopping. Whether it is real gold or gold plated ornaments, South Indians have a soft corner for everything related to gold. George town is one of the best imitation jewellery markets located in Chennai. It is one such street market where you can find everything, including jewellery at low prices. There are again a huge number of shops that sell the latest imitation jewellery at insanely low prices.

gold jewellery placed on red piece of cloth

4. Pondy Bazaar, Chennai

Pondy Bazaar is also known as Soundarapandianar Angadi. It comes in the list of prime shopping destinations in Chennai. Pondy Bazaar has a lot of shops selling imitation jewellery ranging from bangles to necklaces and rings. There they usually call the imitation jewellery "gold-covered" jewellery and fashion jewellery.  These shops sell in wholesale as well as in single pieces. Therefore if you wanna do some shopping for your next big fat event then you should check out Pondy Bazaar.

5. New Market, Kolkata

The New Market in Kolkata is the most favorite destination of people belonging to Eastern India. One can get everything, including clothes and fashion jewellery, at significantly low prices. There are stores like Sreehari Jewellers that sell beautiful imitation jewellery at an affordable price. They have everything starting from earrings, gold-plated bangles to necklaces, and costume jewellery.

6. Commercial Street, Bangalore

If you are looking for the best imitation jewellery shops in Bangalore, you will find them in Commercial Street. Commercial Street is one of the top locations of imitation jewellery markets in India. If you are looking for an imitation jewellery shop to complete your jewellery shopping then Commercial Street, Bangalore has some of the best imitation jewellery shops.

Apart from imitation jewellery even if you are looking for precious jewellery then Commercial street has some of the best jewellers who deal with gold and silver. Some of the best imitation jewellery dealers of Commercial streets include Sthri Elite, Zeba Fashion Jewellery, SS collection, etc. You can get everything from nose pins, earrings, necklace sets to rings and bracelets.

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7. Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

This is the most popular market for street shopping that is not only loved by Delhi girls but also girls from all over India. Famous for its insanely low prices Sarojini Nagar is famous for everything starting from clothes to jewellery.

Talking about jewellery, Sarojini Nagar offers you every kind of imitation jewellery you will ever need. Whether it is a big fat wedding or for a party, you will find every type of junk and imitation jewellery in Sarojini Nagar. The market remains closed only on Mondays. The market is open from 11 am to 7.30 pm.


If buying imitation jewellery from physical markets is not what you want, then worry not websites like come to the rescue. If it is a hectic task for you to travel long distances to buy, then buying imitation jewellery online is the best as it will save time and cost of travel as well.

Kanhai Jewels are the best imitation jewellery online market which has the latest imitation jewellery designs available for wholesale. Located in Mumbai, Kanhai Jewels offers various types of imitation jewellery such as Nose pins, earrings, bangles, and necklace sets. They also offer Indo western, antique earrings, antique necklace sets, etc.

9. is another online shopping market for imitation jewellery. Imitation jewellery such as gold plated mangal sutra, chains, bangles, earrings, etc., are available at low prices. is best for personal shopping if you want to buy jewellery in bulk for functions, wedding parties, receptions,  etc. They have a huge collection of imitation jewellery which includes kundan, temple, south Indian jewellery, etc.


Another amazing imitation jewellery online market is, where the pieces of jewellery are classified into various categories. These categories include different types of imitation jewellery such as Maharashtrian jewellery, temple jewellery, and Navratri jewellery.

The different types of jewellery comprise flower jewellery, chains, anklets, pendant sets, etc.

Anuradha Art Jewellery, Nashik is one of the best online markets for imitation jewellery shopping at an affordable rate.

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Q. What is the location of Begum Bazaar, and which are the best stores to buy imitation jewellery in bulk in Begum Bazaar?

Ans. Begum Bazaar is located half a kilometer from the 'Naya pul' bridge in Hyderabad. It is the biggest commercial market in Hyderabad and Kushal's fashion jewellery, Sri Nagneshi Imitation jewellery, Laxmi Sri Collections are some of the best stores to buy imitation jewellery.

Q. Where is Kanhai jewels located, and how can I order the latest imitation jewellery in bulk?

Ans. Kanhai jewels is located in Mangaldas Market, opposite Jumma Masjid, Mumbai. You can either visit the store at the above address or you can visit the website where they have mentioned contact numbers if you want to order imitation jewellery in bulk.

Q. Where should I search for imitation jewellery in Sarojini Nagar?

Ans. If you are looking for imitation jewellery at Sarojini Nagar then you should visit stores like Beauty Hut, Kamal jewellers, sparkling10, etc.

Q. Can we get precious stone and semi-precious stone jewellery in Commercial street, Bangalore?

Ans. Commercial Street, Bangalore, is famous for both precious and imitation jewellery. But if you want some statement pieces which are adorned with semi-precious stones then you are at the right place. The commercial street has jewellery stores that deal with all statement pieces and ornaments adorned with semi-precious stones like amethyst, aquamarine, etc.

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