Best markets in Andhra Pradesh

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Best markets in Andhra Pradesh

India is a country with a lot of beautiful cities to roam around and enjoy a vacation. One such state we can think of is Andhra Pradesh. With different monuments and temples to visit and tasty dishes, this state has always been considered a tourist destination. But like we all know, without answering the question "What should we buy?" the trip to any of the places is not completed.

Purchasing something indeed acts as a memory, and we feel that we are attached to the place by having a glance towards it. The shopping experiences are delightful, and we have a wide range of places in Andhra Pradesh where we find the best markets. The best places where one can shop are Government emporiums, art and craft villages and many other markets and in this article, we will talk about the famous markets in Andhra Pradesh one can surely not miss!

What to shop in Andhra Pradesh?

For all the shopping lovers, this state may prove to be one of the best destinations where you can shop till you drop! From exclusive jewellery, handicrafts, silver artwork to exquisite weaving, wooden carvings, exotic perfumes, kalamkari works, pearls, and different types of sarees such as Kondapalli, Mangalagiri, etc. the list surely goes on. So, here are the best markets one can shop in the cities located in Andhra Pradesh.

1. Visakhapatnam

The industrial city and a port located in India also make it a place with various markets. If you are visiting it for any reason, you can also have multiple attractive shopping places to go for. They are:

Old book market: If you are a book lover and love reading any book, land up at this place, and you will be amazed to see the variety of old books they have. You can find here all the non-academic books from ancient times. The range of good novels is worth buying. Also, this place is famous for food stalls and lip-smacking samosas.

Top pick: Old novels

Kurupam market: This market has been attracting shoppers all across the city. To the local customers also and tourists, the main charm which allures them is traditional jewellery. The designs keep the old tradition alive, and they have a variety of precious and beautiful ornaments.

Top pick: Gold jewellery

Nehru Bazaar: This place is the most loved destination in Vizag. From a variety of spice vendors to second-hand furniture shops, you can surely take something home which is useful to a great extent. If you are hungry, you can indulge in gastronomic delights like noodles, pakoras, and tea.

Top pick: Furniture

S.R.Shopping mall: How can you come to the south of India and not buy a saree? Of course, this place is the one-stop destination for the local people and tourists to buy traditional clothes and apparel for both men and women. This place is known for its quality clothing and offers various choices according to everyone's budget.

Top pick: Sarees

Lepakshi Handicraft: Many of us are fond of art and craft items. This place is known for its astonishing handicraft goods, the idols of god and goddesses, buddha head, animal figurines, vases, lamps, crockery sets, etc. If you are looking forward to some home décor, this is the right place.

Top pick: Home décor items

various types of crockery shown in display

2. Hyderabad

This city has various glittering charms, being a historical city and a technology centre. Hyderabad is considered a shopping paradise with the best markets to shop from.

Laad Bazaar: This place is located near the Charminar, and is famous for its bangle collection. The lac bangles here are worth shopping for and do not prove heavy on your pockets. Other than these, the beaded designs, the bright colours, designs, and styles make them unique.

Top pick: Lac bangles

Perfume Market: This market is located in Mir Chowk. You will get a wide range of perfumes that may be rare and unique to find. They come in gorgeous glass bottles and at an economical price. You cannot miss this if you are fond of perfumes.

Top pick: Perfume

Charminar Bazaar: It is considered to be the main bazaar in the city. This bazaar has many shops and street vendors. Known for its Basra pearl with gold and silver, this marketplace has various accessories and jewellery for everyone. You will also get a variety of sarees, Khara dupatta, sherwani, etc.

Top pick: Clothes and jewellery

Antique market: For decorating your home, you can pick up something from here. Every item resembles the ancient culture of the city. From the Nizam era crockery to the beautiful hangings and chandeliers, your bargaining skills will get you many things at an excellent price.

Top pick: Décor items

Shilpiraman: Located in the Hitech city of Hyderabad, this place has handlooms, textiles, durries, bed linen, handicraft items, natural fabrics, a museum, and recreational areas also. You cannot skip if you are staying in this area of Hyderabad.

Top pick: Fabrics and Textile

Malkha: This marketplace is known for its exquisite cloth collection. The natural cotton dyes on various items are worth buying. The shawls here are also very famous.

Top pick: Dye items

3. Vijayawada

If you have this place on your travel list, visit these three markets for some unique shopping items.

Kalanikethan: You will find clothes here, depicting the traditions and values of the city. Located on MG road, it is famous for wedding collections, churidars, ghagra, cholis, etc.

Top pick: Traditional attire

MG Road: If you are looking for something small or any gifting items, you will find them here. The items are made of metal, stones, wood, marbles, etc. Along with silver jewellery, you will get the Kalamkari print silk items, art and craft shop, etc.

Top pick: Kalamkari saree

Eluru Road: This place is the electronics market and is also known for clothes. You can also find the best sweets over here.

Top pick: Electronics and apparels

4. Guntur

This city is famous for its textile industry. The markets you can land up anytime are listed here:

Patnam Bazaar: This bazaar is Asia's largest pesticide market. You will find a variety of insect killers and a lot of wholesalers and retailers selling them.

Top pick: Pesticides

Python Bazaar: The place is famous for its veggies, flawless red tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, purples brinjals, and different flowers for economical rates.

Top pick: Flowers and vegetables

Adapa Bazaar: The collection of items sold in Adapa bazaar is worth having a look at, and you will be so attracted to it that you will not resist buying anything. This place is a paradise for the fashionista. They have beautiful fabrics. The raw fabrics are also made available here. Many places are selling authentic silk and cotton. The vibrant coloured raw fabrics are excellent, and you can get them stitched in the same market here. Also, the accessories are a good buy option. Once you are done shopping, grab the tastiest food items here.

Top pick: Fabrics and clothing items

Koritepadu market: This market is known for the latest trends and styles. The exquisitely handcrafted accessories are the glittering charms. They also have items such as footwear, spices, the latest apparel, and electronics shops over here.

Top pick: Accessories

wall hangings hanged in display of store

5. Warangal

The place has many destinations to explore. But if you visit this place for tourism purposes, you will find it more beautiful to wander to the temples and different types of monuments to visit. If you are thinking about shopping, there are two things considered to be the heart of this city. You will not resist buying the same if you come across the same.

Cheriya town: Paradise for a lot of paintings

Pembarti: The brass metalwork items.


Thus, we can conclude that looking at the never-ending list of unique items, you can surely buy something or the other during your visit to Andhra Pradesh which will prove as the best memory of your life.

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Q. What is the most visited place in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans. The most visited tourist spot in Andhra Pradesh is the auspicious Tirupati temple.

Q. Name some famous food items in Andhra Pradesh.

Ans. These items include Kandhi podi, ulava charu, pesarattu, and not to forget the famous Hyderabadi biryani etc.

Q. Where to go shopping for bangles in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans. Laad Bazaar near Charminar in Hyderabad has a massive collection of bangles.

Q. When is the best time to visit Andhra?

Ans. You can visit this place from October to February when the temperature is pleasant and cool.

Q. Which is the biggest city in Andhra Pradesh?

Ans. Vizag is the biggest city in Andhra Pradesh.