Best Markets In Assam [Visit Now]

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Best Markets In Assam [Visit Now]

Looking for Unique Souvenirs from Assam? Hit these Famous Bazaars and Street Markets in Assam

A North-East vacation is incomplete without bringing back bags of souvenirs and a heart full of memories. Assam, the home of sprawling tea gardens, bustling markets and lip-smacking street-foods, is a dream come true for shopaholics. Whether you’re looking for exquisite handicraft items, handmade fashion accessories, antique home décor items, or traditional clothes, the bustling markets of Assam have so much to offer.

The bazaars and markets of Assam are a great way to explore the treasures of North-East India and bring home memories of a great vacation. In this guide, we highlight the best markets in Assam to visit on your next trip to the tea garden of India.

1. Fancy Bazaar

Speciality: Gamosa (a traditional Assamese shrug made with white cloth and a red border. Available in both cotton and Pat silk), traditional jewellery, home décor, home accessories, furniture, handicrafts.

Location: MG Road, Machkhowa, Guwahati

The oldest and most famous market in Assam, Fancy Bazaar, is fondly referred to as the “Chandni Chowk of Guwahati.” It’s the biggest flea market in the capital city. With endless shops, we’re sure that you can spend hours here shop hopping and practising your best bargaining skills.

You can find numerous items lining the streets of the bazaar. From lamps to clothing, handicrafts to Assamese masks, you can pick souvenirs for friends and family at home at the best prices. It’s not all cheap stuff – there are even famous silk shops that sell original authentic Assamese silk clothing.

2. Pan Bazaar

Speciality: Books and Mekhela Chador

Location: Pan Bazaar, Guwahati

Located right next to Fancy Bazaar, Pan Bazaar is the hangout spot for local book lovers. You can find numerous shops selling an eclectic collection of books – the latest bestsellers, classics, local Assamese literature, second-hand books, academic textbooks and more.

Even if you aren’t a bibliophile, Pan Bazaar is worth a visit. Several shops here sell Mekhela Chador – the traditional Assamese attire for women. Draped like a saree, this garment has two pieces of clothing. The bottom skirt (mekhela) is worn over a petticoat, and the top (chador) is draped over the bust.

And, if you fancy a break from all the shopping, make sure to stop at Nehru Park, which is close by. A refreshing garden in the centre of the city with plenty of restaurants serving local Assamese delicacies, it’s a great spot to rest your tired feet and watch other people do the same.

colourful shirts hanging on a rod on stall

3. Maati Centre

Speciality: Local handicrafts, art by local artists, souvenirs, décor items from all over North-East India

Location: 10, Lamb Road, Uzan Bazaar, Guwahati

If you’re looking to find souvenirs from all over North-East India in one place, then Maati Centre is the place to go. It’s one of the most unique street markets in all of India. Run by a husband-wife duo, Maati Centre sells handicrafts and other products manufactured by NGOs from all the North-Eastern states. This shop’s primary objective is to promote local handicrafts among tourists and the revenues earned are used for various social causes. Besides shopping, you can also attend events, workshops and exhibitions conducted by local artists at the centre.

4. Silkalay

Speciality: Silk Sarees

Location: Kamala Tower, GS Road, Ganeshguri, Guwahati

One of the most famous shops in all of Assam, Silkalay is frequented by both locals and tourists alike. As the name indicates, it specialises in traditional Assamese silk. The shop sells all types of Assamese silk sarees like Tussar, Mulberry, Eri, Pat and Muga silk. Besides sarees, you can also find Mekhela Chador - the traditional Assamese dress draped like a saree.

The silk sarees here are of high-quality and reflect the state’s tradition and culture in their weaves. The shop is registered under the Silk Mark Organisation of India, and all the sarees sold here are certified with the pure silk mark.

5. NEFDi Haat

Speciality: Local Handicraft Items, great for souvenirs

Location: Gopinath Bordoloi Road, Ambari, Guwahati

It’s another market in Assam that operates for a good cause. Managed by a local NGO, this store helps traders, artists and merchants from the unorganised sector sell their products directly to customers. The market conducts regular exhibitions during the festive season with special sales and deals. If you’re visiting Assam during the festive season, you need to include this market on your itinerary.

6. New Market, Dibrugarh

Location: New Market, Dibrugarh

Speciality: Tea, Bamboo and cane products, clothes, garments, cosmetics, branded leather items, crockery, etc.

For the next market on our list, we are venturing out of Assam’s bustling capital to the interiors. Dibrugarh is a charming city in Assam and home to several renowned temples and majestic tea gardens. Known as India’s tea city, a visit to Dibrugarh requires a stop at New Market for tea shopping. You can get authentic, fresh Assamese tea leaves at the best prices. Besides tea, you can also find exquisite bamboo and cane products here.

7. Maligaon Market

Speciality: Bengali delicacies, artefacts, home décor and clothing

Location: Dinesh Goswami Road, Between Kamakhya Temple and Jalukbari Point

In proximity to the Kamakhya Railway Station, Maligaon Market is home to thousands of products from Bengal. There are numerous lanes of small shops selling the finest crafts from Bengal. If you’re craving the legendary sweet delicacies of Bengal, then you need to stop at Maligaon Market. The aromas of freshly-made Rasgullas, mishti doi, hilsa grilled fish serenade your senses as you walk down the streets. Besides Bengali delicacies, you can also shop for Bengali artefacts, home décor and clothing.


Speciality: Cane, Bamboo and wooden furniture, handicrafts and home décor

Location: A. K. Azad Road, Near Old Post Office, Guwahati

When we think of Assam, furniture shopping is not the first thing on our minds. But, JAPI in Guwahati is home to quirky and unique bamboo and cane furniture. Besides large furniture, the shops in the market also sell an array of traditional cane and bamboo knick-knacks to adorn your living rooms and kitchens.

Another market famous for home decor and furniture shopping is Paltan Bazaar, nestled in the neighbourhood of Pan Bazaar and Fancy Bazaar.

9. Pragjyoti Assam Emporium

Speciality: Assamese tribal handicrafts, artwork, handloom and bamboo items

Location: GNB Road, Ambari, Guwahati

All tourist hotspots have handicrafts emporium maintained and run by the government. At Guwahati, it’s the Pragjyoti Assam Emporium. A treasure trove of the most beautiful art and crafts of the region, you can find handicrafts representing the rural cultures and traditions of all districts of Assam. If you’re looking to find authentic Assamese handicrafts at fair prices, then you need to stop at Pragjyoti Emporium on your trip to Assam.

*Note that the emporium is closed on all Sundays.

inner look of a fast food stall

10. Jalan’s Tea

Speciality: Authentic Assamese Tea

Location: M.M.Road, Fancy Bazaar, opposite the GMC Market, Guwahati

A shopping day in Assam is incomplete without shopping for the finest tea. Assamese tea has a cult following not just in India but globally too. Fragrant and full-bodied, a cup of freshly-brewed Assamese tea is enough to melt away your stresses and worries. Jalan’s Tea is the best place to shop for authentic Assamese tea. The best part – you can sample a huge variety of teas before you can make your decision. Some of the best local tea blends include Jia Organic Green Tea, Chamong Organic Tea and Makaibari.

A North-East Vacation is Incomplete without Shopping at the Best Markets in Assam

Home to lip-smacking dishes, a mind-boggling variety of handicrafts, fashion accessories, royal silk and attire – these are some of the best markets in Assam to indulge the shopaholic in you. Even if you aren’t a dedicated shopper, you can roam around and regale your eyes as there’s so much to see. The sights, colours and smells of the bustling markets of Assam are an experience to be cherished. Try to dedicate at least one full day to shopping at the quaint bazaars of Assam.

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Ans. Here are a few popular items not to miss on your shopping trip at the bazaars:

  • Cane and bamboo handicrafts and knick-knacks
  • Hair-clips and fashion accessories made out of bamboo
  • Assamese silk sarees
  • Traditional Assamese clothing like Gamosa and Mekhela Chador
  • And not to forget authentic Assamese loose-leaf tea

Q. Which is the best market in Assam for street food?

Ans. The Ganeshguri Market in south Guwahati is home to delicious street-food carts. Some of the best dishes to try include momos, jhalmuri and Lucchi. If you’re an adventurous eater, you can even try fried silkworms – a local delicacy.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should check out Govindam Market. There are plenty of sweets like motichur ladoo, burfi, gulab jamuns and other local delicacies.

Q. Is shopping at Assam safe for tourists?

Ans. Yes, Shopping at Assam is safe. The state is welcoming to tourists, and the locals are super-friendly and helpful.

Q. What are some unique souvenirs to buy from Assam?

Ans. Strolling along with the markets of Assam, you can find plenty of handmade souvenirs that make for an excellent gift for friends and family. Besides the traditional handicrafts, here are a few unique souvenirs to bring back from Assam:

Pickles- home-made, spicy and tangy; Assamese pickles go well with rice, roti, and dosas.

Singing bowls- a unique gift item; These bowls are engraved with chants and mantras to bring happiness and peace.

Jaapi- it’s a funnel-shaped hat worn by the locals participating in the traditional Bihu dance.

Q. What can I buy in Paltan Bazaar?

Ans. Paltan Bazaar is one of the most famous markets in Assam and is frequented by tourists. You can shop for the world-famous Doon Basmati rice and woollen garments handmade by local Tibetan women. The market also has stone benches to relax and enjoy in the evenings.

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