Offline Business Ideas In India [Low-investment Businesses]

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Offline Business Ideas In India [Low-investment Businesses]

Having an online presence for a business has become almost mandatory nowadays. But the problem arises when a person is not so tech-savvy. So what should be done if one wants to start an offline business? In that case, there are still ample businesses that can be conducted without the help of the internet. Here are 16 offline business ideas which you can start with.

Best Offline business ideas

1. Child care

Child Care service is one of the best offline services which one can start without any investment. This service is simple and can be offered either in your own home or in the client's home. Child care is similar to babysitting and includes everything from food to studies. This service can be provided to parents with children belonging to 1-5 years.

2. A food truck

Food services specifically on a truck are a trend these days. Food trucks offering fast food are surely a hit. Food trucks can also offer food from various cuisines, but a person should always understand the demand for an area, where a person will start his business.

Colleges and places that have youth density are the perfect places to start a food truck service as the youth are the ones who get attracted to food at affordable costs. Also, it is easier than handling a restaurant as there is no need for heavy investment on land before starting this business. Indeed, it is one of the best small business ideas offline.

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3. Catering services

Catering service is another offline business that a person can start if he is not so tech-savvy. In this case, all one needs to worry about is the quality of your catering service. One can use a website to publish about the business, but that is not completely necessary if the food quality is satisfactory. Here, the customers will already know about your business through word of mouth.

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4. Cleaning services

Cleaning service is another offline business that one can start with low investments. One can start a cleaning service where the cleaning service provider’s employees can go to clients' houses, offices, hotels, hostels, and even university campuses to provide cleaning services. A person can use word of mouth for advertisement and building the business.

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5. Bakery

If you have a passion for baking, you can turn your passion into a business by opening up your bakery. Even if you are not skilled enough in baking, even the slightest idea about it can help you start a baking business. You can start your home-based bakery or a bakery storefront. You can also supply bakery items in bulk to other small local bakeries.

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6. Gardening

If you are looking for some outdoor decor business ideas, you can start a gardening service; one can provide gardening services to clients belonging to your locality or clients with offices requiring a classy, modern, or vintage garden to their needs. One can also attract clients with big estates and earn a lump sum of money.

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7. House painting services

House painting services can be provided for both the exterior and interior. One can employ workers skilled in house painting to go to the client's house to provide the services. Here word of mouth will again work as a medium of local advertisement, as the better the service the more the number of clients.

finger on keyboard with word PRINTING SERVICE

8. Printing services

Printing shops provide every service related to printing; a printing shop can help the customer to print anything and everything. Starting from printing logos for typographic t-shirts to signs. A printing shop can also help one to print personal photos. One can also start a service where one can provide a place for people to do their printing and copying works.

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9. Event planning

One can also think about event planning as an offline business. Event planning is best for those who have great knowledge of event management.  The event planning business is a trending business these days. People are open to celebrating every occasion and festival. Event planning services take off the burden from the host of an event.

Thus, it leads them to pay more for the service; the host himself can enjoy the event without stressing the arrangements.

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10. Laundry services

Laundry service is another great offline service that also focuses on freeing a person from a major household chore burden. Laundry service always proves to be a hit in areas proximal to residential schools, college campuses, or areas with a significant bachelor population. Laundry is a household chore that is necessary but requires a lot of labour and effort; thus, a specific service regarding this household chore always proves to be lucrative.

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11. Florist

If you have a penchant for flowers, bouquets then a florist shop is another great business idea. Bouquets and flowers are an expression of love, care, and compassion so if one has the skill to make decorative floral bouquets, then a florist shop is an outstanding business idea for him/her.

12. Jewellery making

Artificial fashion and handmade jewellery are a rage right now. Therefore opening up a boutique that offers handmade jewellery is a terrific idea for those who are skilled in jewellery making. Be it tassel earrings, metallic chains, nose pins, or finger rings, there is heavy demand for all such jewellery online, but opening up a store by selecting a local area is great as people will know about the business through word of mouth.

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13. Owning a boutique

Do you like designing your clothes and giving your basic clothes a personal touch? Then starting a boutique may prove to be an outstanding business for you. People, especially the ones belonging to the upper-middle class and upper-class society, pick clothes that are not repetitive, therefore they go for clothes and accessories which are unique and have some quirk. So owning a boutique is a great offline business idea that you can make online in the future for business expansion.

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14. Tutoring services

Tutoring services are the most common offline services one can offer where there are zero investments if one goes to the student for tutoring and minimal investments even if he/she takes a place on rent to provide the services. These services are common among graduates and college students as all one requires to provide them is the knowledge one gained over a period of time.

Trainer working with woman on exercise mat in medical office

15. Personal training services

Modern problems require modern solutions. The hike in the prevalence of obesity and other lifestyle diseases has led to an increase in the demand for personal fitness trainers who can guide a person with his lifestyle and food choices and also take care of his/her physical well-being. Personal training services are very lucrative as the personal trainer devotes a significant amount of his time and patience to the well-being of a person. These are such services that are better done in physical mode than online, thus making them a great offline business idea.

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16. Salon and spa

After days of hard work, all one requires is some pampering to throw away all the exhaustion from body and mind to start the work-life afresh. For such people, the perfect place for self-pampering is a spa or salon. As India has a considerable working population there is a huge demand for salons and spas. Offering services such as massages, manicures, pedicures, and hair spas is surely going to be productive for the business.

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The only thing a business owner of such businesses should care about is the quality of the services, as not only do the clients stay loyal to your business but also turn out to be your unofficial brand ambassadors. So these were some offline business ideas that do not necessarily require a website or an online presence.

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Q. What does a person need to start a food truck?

Ans. A person needs a van or a modified vehicle which he/she can own or get on rent and a chef or a cook who takes care of hygiene and cooks lip-smacking food.

Q. What should a catering business owner mostly focus on?

Ans. A catering business should mostly focus on the quality of the food and its timely delivery.

Q. What does a person require mostly if he/she wants to open a florist shop?

Ans. A person must have a good knowledge of various plants and flowers and must be skilled in making pretty bouquets.

Q. Which locations are perfect for starting laundry services?

Ans. The areas with a considerable population of bachelors, college-goers, apartments, hostels are perfect to set up a laundry service.

Q. Is there a need to train employees if I am going to start a bakery?

Ans. Yes, there is a need to train the employees of a bakery as the knowledge about bakery items and proportions required to make those items is crucial.