Where can I list an Online Business for Sale?

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Where can I list an Online Business for Sale?

If you have a local business that is trying to attract customers, you must list your business in online directories. With the current pace of technology, it is very easy to get exposure through the use of the internet and its multiple platforms. Online directories have been developed for the selling and buying of online businesses. These platforms can expose your business to various interested entrepreneurs who want to invest their money into your business.

Those who buy your business should be expecting a fair amount of return from it. Investors would be encouraged to the business that is already doing well. It should have an established structure. Different buyers might be looking for different elements, and sometimes, they may want to expand your business. Selling an online business is a lot like real estate. When you put it on sale online, it would be much easier for you to get the right audience in less time.

Different types of platforms

  • Auction Sites: If you put your business in an auction site, you may have a better chance of getting a fair bid. Online auctions allow buyers to bid on different businesses for sale.
  • Brokers: You may also list your business with an online broker. Buyers may choose to go for a broker when they want to buy a certain type of business. It can be said that using a broker can be a more personal experience as the buyer gets a much nicer selection of options suited to his conditions. Brokers also have their own network of buyers and sellers and have the experience and expertise to match you with the right buyers.
  • Marketplaces: There are multiple sites that can be perfect marketplaces for online sellers. All the businesses are listed for sale, mentioning their features. They create a medium where buyers can interact with sellers. Some sites just connect the buyers, while others can help them facilitate the payment procedure.

Best Marketplaces to Buy & Sell

1. BizBuySell

BizBuySell.com is one of the most established platforms on the web for business transactions. Users can buy or sell a business. You can also find franchises in the listings. Users can also find help with the financing of their business. There are various categories, states, and countries one can choose from. Buyers can search for businesses according to their budget and type of franchise. They may also be able to find a business broker in the area they want.

2. Digital Exits

Digital Exits specialises in the sale of large companies that work with technology. They are a group of highly expert people who excel at maximising the value of every business they work with. They can also assure you to get the best possible price for it while selling. You may consider it as a brokerage site that works to get the best value for your pitch.

They curate a selection of buyers who are ready to invest. Therefore, they put all their resources to find the best buyers for the sellers. Digital exits can also help online sellers to make a marketing plan, executive summary, and manage the flow of the deal.

3. SideProjectors

SideProjectors is known to be a convenient marketplace where one can find good businesses for side-hustles. If your online business is something that can be done as a side job, then this would be the place where you can list your business. SideProjectors offers online businesses and projects at much more accessible prices for buyers than other websites.

It can be a good marketplace for those sellers who may have started a business but couldn’t work enough to make it fully running. This website is to encourage those who may be inclined to leave their side projects. On SideProjectors, you can transfer the assets to someone willing to take it, and you may get some benefit out of what you did. The website is only meant to connect buyers to sellers and does not offer escrow service.

4. Shopify Exchange

Shopify Exchange is an e-commerce website that connects buyers to sellers. Their main focus is Shopify businesses, which can be disappointing for some, but there are also several pros. Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms and can offer a lot of profit to buyers. This website becomes a medium of integration between Shopify sellers. Thereby, it offers very authentic information about each of the sellers.

The platform is free to use, and they also offer an escrow service. The platform is also available on a mobile app, making it more accessible. There are various features in the app, making it easier for sellers to make their listing. Buyers can get an online business by searching through different categories using various filters.

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5. FE International

FE International is a brokerage website that offers a majority success rate for sales of businesses. They offer a completely personalised experience for each of their customers. Sellers can work directly with brokers to understand their business and make a list of buyers who may be the right fit for the specific type of business. Once you start working, they may start getting offers for your listing, and they will also negotiate for the best value for your online business. They ensure that there is full disclosure of information between buyers and sellers before setting the deal.

Hence, FE International is an experienced and reliable team that works diligently to provide the best service for their buyers and sellers.

6. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers work with the goal that the buying and selling process becomes as smooth as possible for both parties involved. Their approach is personal, and they offer dedicated service to their customers. The team can help a seller to make a convincing pitch and make the best profit out of the deal. They also work through the side of sellers to make the best of their budgets. For buyers, they can list out the most suitable online businesses for sale. They help to communicate between the seller and buyer by scheduling calls. They will also vet your online store to ensure the legitimacy of everything before presenting it to a buyer.

7. Flippa

Flippa is known to be among the first online marketplaces for selling online businesses. One can still count them among the best because of their large database of users and a great list of online businesses and domains which are listed for sale each day. They offer a lot of choices for buyers. There are multiple digital assets that are up for sale, including websites, domains, and apps. They also have dedicated categories for businesses on Shopify and Amazon FBA.

Flippa also offers an escrow service for secure payments. Sellers can also use the free valuation service to understand the worth of their online business. Flippa is a great option for buyers as well as sellers because of its meticulous website and specialised service.

8. LoopNet

The website of LoopNet offers more than 500,000 e-commerce listings for buyers. It is a reliable place where one can list their online business for sale because there are all types of buyers, and you may easily find a good investor. LoopNet is available in the form of a mobile app as well, making it more accessible and easy to browse. The site has partnered with various commercial real estate firms, including Cushman & Wakefield, Century 21, and Sperry Van Ness. Sellers can enlist any of the digital assets as well as property.

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There are multiple other websites, like BizQuest and BusinessMart, that are made to be much similar to those listed above. To find the best marketplace, the seller must do some research to understand what type of website can work best to serve their type of business. One can also put listings on multiple websites at once and wait to see what works best for them.

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