15 Unique Outdoor Business Ideas To Start

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15 Unique Outdoor Business Ideas To Start

In general, it is a myth that every business owner or entrepreneur has to sit in an office with a computer in front. But if you love being outdoors rather than sitting in an air-conditioned office, then there are plenty of businesses out there that require you to stay outdoors and let you enjoy the ownership of your business. Here we list down the 15 best outdoor business ideas that you can follow to start your new business.

1. Landscaping

The landscaping business can prove to be one of the unique business ideas which demands you to stay outdoors and manage your services. Landscaping requires a lot of vision which means you have to visit the area of interest, i.e. the client's house. You can help your clients with new and improvised plans of his backyard or whichever area he wants the service for. You can help them improve their outdoors by adding or replacing different elements for landscaping.

2. Pest Control Services

Another business that comes on the list of best outdoor business ideas is pest control services. This service also needs you to be generally outdoors, that is, your client's house. This kind of service is usually not readily available in suburban areas. Therefore if you belong to such areas, this is one of the best unique small business ideas. Bugs and pests may create havoc, sometimes resisting all efforts that one tries to shoo them. If you know the equipment and chemicals to be used, then it is a business which you can start at a meagre investment.

3. House Painting Services

House painting service is also one of the best outdoor business ideas. If you are someone who can offer creativity for money, then this business is for you. Nowadays, people are looking for more customisation than basic painting. So if you have a passion for painting and have an artistic hand, you can offer this service; also, it will require you to stay most of the time outdoors.

4. Construction Cleanup Services

Construction cleanup service also is one such outdoor business that comes at the top in the list of unique business ideas. By construction cleanup, we imply services that help the construction companies to clean up the remaining mess, which usually stays after the construction, and one doesn't know what to do about it. You can help the construction companies by giving outsourcing services to them, or you can help your clients with the mess after the construction.

5. Outdoor Photography Services

Outdoor photography service is one of the most well-paying services among all such outdoor business ideas. It may not be new unique business ideas, but it is a well-paying one. The client can pay you a lump sum amount if you customise your services according to your clients. People nowadays look forward to paying any amount if their moments are captured perfectly and bring a smile on their faces when they see the photos. Therefore, photography has a good position in the list of unique business ideas.

6. Plant Nursery

If you are a plant lover and love to breathe in the fresh air, then starting a plant nursery is one of the best outdoor business ideas for you. The list of unique business ideas from home has plant nurseries among the top businesses as it has high demand from plant lovers who want to spruce up their houses with plants. Starting a plant nursery demands you to be outdoors, and it can be said to be one of the unique business ideas from home; you can begin to a nursery while being in your own house's backyard.

a women is working on laptop and display showing events

7. Event Planning and Management Services

Event planning and management are also unique small business ideas that need good vision. People nowadays want to be burden-free and enjoy their special moments without being worried about the arrangements, whether it is a wedding or a birthday party. As said before, event planning required vision and creativity, which you won't achieve unless you go out and observe a location. Thus, it demands you to be outdoors and pays you a hefty amount if done according to the client.

8. Dog Training Services

Dogs are the most commonly found pets all over the country. Dogs are cute and loved almost by everyone. If you are skilled in training them, then congratulations! You have a skill that you can turn into a successful small business. Dog training services also compels you to go outdoors and hence comes in the list of unique small business ideas. Dog owners are usually kind enough to pay you a good amount for having their dogs fit and trained.

9. Organic Farming

Organic farming is one of the best outdoor business ideas which can be started from your backyard too. Organic farming also needs you to be outdoors and enjoy cultivating your greens, fruits, and vegetables. The organic produce can be sold to various supermarkets, online websites, and vendors who scour for purely organic fruits and vegetables grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Selling your organic produce to these websites and supermarkets will not only help you earn significant amounts but also it will help to increase the availability of much-needed organic veggies and fruits.

10. Solar Energy Setup Services for Home

The solar energy setup business holds a great opportunity for you as a potential business owner. Almost everyone wants to conserve energy and wants their electricity bill as low as it can get. With this unique business idea, you would be required to buy solar equipment and install them in places generally getting high sun exposure. Solar energy can be fed to storage batteries which can provide extra energy when required. This may require more than five people for help. This business also requires low preliminary investment.

11. Local Delivery Services

Local delivery services are one of the most necessary outdoor business ideas. As the roads begin to narrow and reach suburban and rural areas, the navigation becomes impossible, and delivery becomes more and more difficult. To reach these niches and corners, one requires local delivery services. Therefore launching a delivery service that caters to these niches and corners can help you earn a significant amount simultaneously, helping to increase the reach of the people.

12. Summer Camp Services

If you love to be around kids, then this is for you. Organising summer camps is a great small business that needs to be organised outdoors. If you are great at organising outdoor activities for kids, you can earn a good amount by organising outdoor summer camps.

13. Outdoor Fitness Class

Outdoor fitness classes are again a great business that comes in the list of unique business ideas. You can notice that almost all of the fitness classes are done in studios and rooms. Therefore outdoor fitness classes are a new and unique way of doing the same thing but outdoors, where the clients are more exposed to nature while being on their fitness journey. If you are skilled and trained enough to guide someone to their fitness goals, all you require is a space outdoors. Either it can be your backyard, or it can be the client's backyard.

14. Tour Guide Services

If you live in a place that attracts many tourists, you can start a tour guide service to guide the tourists with everything they should know to explore the place. If you are adequately knowledgeable about your place’s history, that is enough to start tour guide services as tourists constantly scour for good guides. This business also needs a person to be outdoors most of the time.

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15. Boat Rentals

Boat Rental services is also an excellent outdoor business as you can let your boats to people looking for boats to spend a day or two on water. The only requirement for this service is a boat and the skill required to operate it.

So these were some unique outdoor business ideas for you to choose from if you are someone who never wants to be seated in a corner office and always wants to get going with the business.

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Q. What equipment is necessary for the landscaping business?

Ans. General tools needed in gardening, such as the shovel, lawn mower, grass trimmer, pruning shears, etc., are necessary for landscaping.

Q. What is all needed to start an event management business?

Ans. Laptop, cell phones, furniture and decor pieces, name tags are some of the things which are necessary to start an event management business.

Q. What is needed to start outdoor photography?

Ans. Camera, lenses, camera gears, lighting, etc., are necessary equipment for outdoor photography.

Q. Is there a need for investment in the dog training business?

Ans. There is no requirement for investment in the dog training business; however, you may need to travel to the client's house. If you need a place to train, you can do that in your own home or a business where the rents are cheap.