Profitable Roadside Business Ideas [Best Businesses to Start in 2022]

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Profitable Roadside Business Ideas [Best Businesses to Start in 2022]

If you think big brands and businesses run India, then you have got it wrong!

It is the roadside business ideas that are helping people out in making profits. It might sound obscure, but most people in the country depend on these roadside ventures for their daily bread.

Many roadside business ideas could be practiced in India, but finding the most profitable ones is a tricky job. So, if you are looking for roadside shop ideas, then find yourself a corner! We have covered the best roadside business ideas in India, which include -

1. Street Food

Talking of India and leaving aside Indian street food will be a complete injustice to the list.

You cannot expect to have a quick breakfast at a restaurant with low price rates, which is why people choose roadside food items as their primary options. This quick and economical business idea is counted as one of the best roadside shop ideas.

Not just that, it requires a little investment. All you have to do is pick out materials for making the food and grab a license to set up the shop. From spicy to tangy food, choose your menu depending upon your operation’s location and specialty.

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2. Travel Agency

It might sound off, but yes, a travel agency is one of the roadside business ideas to consider.

The concept behind such an agency is to provide people with easy solutions in traveling to places. You just need a shop, a computer, and data record books, and most importantly, some connections and ideas over traveling. You never know how much your experience with the city can come in handy to others. Coming up with personalised suggestions and offers to optimize the traveling experience can make you a standout.

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3. Mobile shops

Opening a mobile utility shop is another worth considering from roadside shop ideas.

You can opt for services and mobile recharges as your primary target. You only need a setup of a mobile shop with some technical items. Also, not to forget that you are expected to have a stronghold and command on the technical support in this.

Well, mobiles never go out of demand; new technologies are booming the market. Hence, opening a mobile utility shop can be counted as the best roadside business in India. Offering a diversity of services under one roof can help you to stand out in the market.

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4. Garments

With changing tastes and preferences, counting on a garment shop is a big idea. Moreover, the differences in the purchasing power of different sections of society ensure garment business as an evergreen one.

In this roadside business idea, you need garments according to your target audience. Understanding the location of operation of business and market will give you a better idea of clothes and garments you should deal with. The scope of this idea is always great to provide you profit irrespective of situations.

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5. Tea shop

Indians are just crazy about tea, and there is no debate about it. From home to office, there is no place where you can't find it.

But enjoying tea under the blue sky is a different bliss. Probably that's why it is considered as one of the excellent roadside shop ideas. Talking about the requirements, all you need is a stove and ingredients to make tea. To make your business stand out, you can offer different variations in tea available these days as chocolate tea, tandoori tea, and many more.

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6. Bakery

A bakery is a shop that specialises in selling products such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, brownies, and more. Bakery is one of the excellent roadside shop ideas.

For setting up, you will need regular supplies of bakery items, sources, and display units. You can try adding more stuff to your bakery with different offers and discounts to make a name initially.

In a time of competition, the greater your additions are, the more you excel in your business.

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7. Grocery

If you observe, people did have open grocery shops in the colonies. So, shifting from a colony location, you can open a grocery shop.

All you need is a shop where you can manage and maintain the whole setup. Keeping a couple of helpers for delivery can help you increase your customer base.

It can turn out to be the best roadside businesses in India, provided you can plan and strategise everything from essential items to luxury.

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interior of a barber shop

8. Hair Salon

Who doesn't like to try trending hairstyles? Everyone does!

Surprisingly hair salons are among the best roadside shop ideas. Hence owning a hair salon is not a bad idea at all. The requirement includes a well-maintained place as a salon with professionals. Even a display unit with mirrors and equipment such as chairs and other stuff will also be required. It is one of the simple roadside business ideas in India.

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9. Ice Cream parlour

Experiencing different weather conditions throughout the year, selling ice cream is never a bad idea.

Opening an ice cream parlor can be seasonal as well. All you require is an ice cream display unit, and you have to maintain a variety of flavoured ice creams.

You can even take up catering services for events; it is one of those roadside business ideas.

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If you are planning to open a roadside business, you can refer to the list mentioned above. However, regardless of the idea, what can make your business stand out is your ability to see and observe everything. A well-chosen area with a considerable investment amount along with the necessary equipment can make things smooth for you. So, make sure you do your homework well.

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Q. Which is the best roadside business in India?

Ans. Honestly, it depends a lot on the location and the needs of the people. However, there is not a single part of India that is not fond of eating street food. Hence it can be a good idea when you talk of roadside business ideas.

Q. Which is the idea that takes minimal effort?

Ans. Business is never accessible, and every idea will need some effort to work. However, if you ask, then it will be the tea shop.

Q. Which idea will give the maximum output in numbers?

Ans. From a money perspective, the first, of course, is travel agencies. You can deal with people who like to go on a holiday or tour outside the country in a travel agency. The package these agencies provide provides them huge commissions.

On the other hand, it might sound unreal, but a grocery store in a good running condition generates a lot.

Q. Why choose a roadside business rather than a big one?

Ans. Most of the Indians belong to middle-class families; therefore, roadside businesses have a significant role to play in the economy.

If you have a huge backup financially or are interested in performing 9 to 5 sales, you can start or join a big business venture. But in a country like India, where people are dependent on small-scale businesses that run on the roadside, it allows you to experiment and gain a lot.

Q. What is the maximum profit one can expect?

Ans. To answer in 2 words, it is "No Limits." You need to keep growing and expanding. The better you get, the bigger you become. There is only one rule in roadside business in India: to keep things simple and easy so that common people can be part of your business.