Brick Manufacturers in India [List of Best Manufacturers]

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Brick Manufacturers in India [List of Best Manufacturers]

Various types of bricks are available in the market, suitable for different kinds of buildings. Finding the right brick for your home type and the interior is crucial and a pretty challenging thing to do. The right bricks can help you build a solid foundation for your home.

Top-notch quality bricks can even withstand fire for more than 5 hours at a stretch. This article will help you find India's top brick manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers.

Top Brick Manufacturers in India

The top brick manufacturers in India are listed as follows:

1. Hem Care Corporation

Hem Care Corporation was established in 2004. The company has been known for its remarkable quality of bricks for decades. The company has set some success records as a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of the CLC (Cellular Lightweight concrete) bricks plant, bricks Making Machine, CLC Blocks Machinery, Light Weight Bricks Machines, and fly ash CLC Blocks Plant. The company also works with Foam Concrete Bricks Plant, Light Weight Concrete Block Plant, CLC Brick Machine Foam Generator, Cellular Lightweight Concrete Blocks Plant, etc.

The company fulfils all the international quality standards. The company is known for its high durability, excellent production speed, low maintenance cost, fluent performance, rugged construction, user-friendly functions, and many more. The company's focus is mainly on research and development, which has made it a more eminent name in the industry.

The research and development team of the company conducts various surveys, participates in seminars and research, the market dynamics and clients need to provide them with the best possible product.

2. NSP Bricks

NSP Bricks is one of the most famous fly ash bricks manufacturers. The company started its operations in 2017 in West Bengal. The company offers a fantastic quality of bricks. They use high-quality raw materials, and the range is diverse to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks to its high-quality bricks and superior designs, the company is trusted by various clients and big organizations.

Their services include the provision of:

  • Bricks
  • Blocks
  • Solids Blocks Suppliers
  • Bricks Manufacturers
  • Blocks in West Bengal
  • Solid Blocks Suppliers
  • Blocks Manufacturers
  • Solid Blocks Suppliers in West Bengal
  • Bricks Manufacturers in West Bengal

3. GK Group

GK Group or NextGen Bricks are manufactured by the Stone Dust, OPC Grade, and fly ash. The manufacturing of the products eliminates the fly ash from the environment as it is a pollutant and provides green building raw material for the construction industry. The advantages of NextGen Bricks include lightweight, automatic manufacturing, thermal insulation, ease of working, uniform size and shape, optimum water absorption, noise insulation, pest resistance, and energy-efficient.

The company makes sure to use chemicals and products that are not harmful to the environment and doesn't add to global warming. NextGen bricks can be sawed, nailed, drilled, and chiseled conveniently with tools and manually. It is easy to use, making it one of the best bricks to order for your house or building work. It comes in various designs, shapes, and forms, which gives you the ability to select the right fit.

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4. Vinod Engineering Company

Vinod Engineering Company is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of bricks and other things.

The company manufactures various products, including grain dryer, belt conveyor, conveyor dryer, screw conveyor, hollow block machine, paddy boiler, rice mill, parboiling plant, paddy dryer, hot water boiler, clay brick machine, concrete mixer, pan mixer, interlock block machine, compressor, valves, industrial belts, chiller, agitators, industrial instrumentation, compressor, industrial pumps, grain cleaner, mini boiler, rotary dryer, cardamom dryer, pepper deconer, Pahoa mill, coffee hulling plant, storage silos, sheet metal work, storage silos, pulveriser, hot water boiler and many more.

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5. AIMS Bricks

AIMS Bricks was established in 2018. It is one of the top brick dealers in Trichy. This company is a one-stop destination for locals and other people in Trichy. Over the years, the business has gained significant popularity and has established a solid foothold in the brick industry. The company always strives to ensure utmost customer satisfaction, which is why their bricks are of high quality compared to other small companies.

The customer base of the company is vast. AIMS Bricks has put a lot of hard work and vision into creating a product their customers will be happy to receive. The company provides various services such as brick manufacturers, fire brick manufacturers, brick dealers, wire cut brick manufacturers, clay brick dealers, chamber brick manufacturers, clay brick wholesalers, and many more.

6. Sri Venkateshwar bricks

The company manufactures the traditional bricks renowned for their character and charm. They are available in various textures and designs, such as smooth-faced, sand-faced, or rustic textures. S V Bricks is one of the few manufacturers that produce clay bricks using the machine. The company had delicate handling and then burned it into firewood with a German technology Hoffmann kiln to deliver the best quality products.

7. STD Bricks (Standard Products)

STD Bricks has been associated with manufacturing bricks for the past 50 years. Their products include fly ash and sand. Compared to traditional building materials such as clay bricks, they provide a more sustainable and viable option.

The benefits of fly ash bricks and CLC blocks include high strength, no breakage during transportation, comes in uniform sizes and various patterns as per the customer’s requirements, plaster of Paris, no undersize bricks unlike clay bricks, cost-effective, latest technology, easily replaceable, aesthetically pleasing, excellent surface, time-saving, durable, lightweight, eco-friendly, fire protection, savings in mortar, low water absorption, green product, sound insulation, etc.

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FAQs On Brick Manufacturers

Q. What is the cost of one brick in India?

Ans. The cost of the bricks is different based on the quality of the bricks. However, the minimum price of a brick is INR 3 per piece, and the maximum price of the brick is INR 11 per piece. This is the price of the 9 in. x 4 In. x 3 In.

Q. Is the brick manufacturing business profitable in India?

Ans. The brick manufacturing business is profitable. It depends on the type of machinery, and the company's scale. An average brick manufacturer earns around INR 1 for every brick produced. The more bricks you produce, the more the profits will be. Large-scale manufacturing companies produce approximately 30,000 to 40,000 bricks each day.

Q. How many bricks are in a lorry load?

Ans. There are approximately 2000 bricks in a lorry load.

Q. Which brand is considered the best brick brand in India?

Ans. The best brand is Bharat Bricks in India. It manufactures world-class bricks and has a diverse range of machine-made tiles and bricks. It is pretty famous in the market.

Q. What is the cost of 1000 bricks in India?

Ans. If the price of one brick is INR 1, then the cost of 1000 bricks will be INR 1000. However, it costs way less to the manufacturers. It costs them around INR 350 for 1000 bricks.

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