Business Ideas for Fresh Fruits & Vegetable [Best Businesses In 2022]

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Business Ideas for Fresh Fruits & Vegetable [Best Businesses In 2022]

The fruits and vegetable business has seen a steep rise in the success rate, especially since the pandemic outbreak as more and more are becoming health conscious. People are prompted to distance themselves from a diet full of fat and sugar To maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result, they have become inclined toward consuming natural foods, including vegetables and fruits. Resultantly, the vegetable and fruit trade is growing well.

If you are looking forward to getting your hands into some profitable business, it's ideal to start a vegetable business. Moreover, the advancement in this industry will enable you to make huge profits with less investment and effort.

Luckily, there is a wide range of vegetable and fruit business options that guarantee significant earnings in less time. The article highlights potential businesses that can be started in this industry. So let's unfold the available options.

1. Hydroponics farming

Hydroponics is the newest form of farming that involves soil-less agriculture. In this farming method, the produce is grown using a water culture where a mineral and nutrient-rich water solution is used in the setup. However, to start this business, you'll need basic training and knowledge about the various aspects of Hydroponic farming.

The best part is that you can set up a hydroponic farm anywhere. There is no hassle dealing with the soil quality or other similar factors to grow vegetables or fruits. You can manage the conditions according to the fruits/vegetables that are to be developed. Resultantly, there are higher prospects of getting good yields on practising hydroponics farming. If practised rightly, you can make on average revenue of 16 – 30 lakhs annually from this fruits and vegetable business, depending on your techniques and efficiency.

2. Production of organic plant-based food powder for health

Organic food powders have become an ideal solution for sellers and consumers to increase the shelf-life of perishable items. Moreover, it is a profitable vegetable and fruit business where the products can be exported to any part of the world without any time constraint.

The business involves sourcing/producing organic fresh fruits and vegetables, drying them up carefully using the best methods so that their nutrient value remains intact and turning them into a powdered form. It is a unique solution for the ones looking for answers on how to start a vegetable business.

3. Packed chopped vegetable business

If you have been wondering how to open a fruit and vegetable shop, here is your answer. People these days are so busy in their personal and professional lives that they keep looking for potential ways to reduce their workload. You can turn out to be one of their saviours by establishing a chopped and packed vegetable business.

Note that there are various aspects of this business requiring proper management, coordination, and supervision. If you decide to enter this stream of business, research the best cutting, storage, packaging, and distribution practices adopted by the existing players of the market. Then, find out how you can add value to the industry. Finally, keep in mind that the vegetables and fruit business will yield good returns only if you can efficiently meet customers' needs.

4. Salad and fruit juice business

Opening salad and fruit juice corner is the next high revenue-generating alternative for people finding answers to how to start a fruit business. The best thing about this is that you can make good money with this business option even if you have access to limited varieties of vegetables and fruits. Today people look for healthy and tasty food options. So you can consider selling different types of salads and fruit juices that are free from preservatives, chemicals, and authenticity.

If you have a restricted budget, consider starting this business from your home if you don't own commercial space. Think of expansion once this fruits and vegetable business of yours takes off. You may consider opening a salad and juice corner near parks, offices and other similar places where you can easily find your target customers.

5. Aspects research all door-to-door vegetable business

It is a good business option for those with a small farm or space where you can grow some fruits and vegetables. After your product is ready, you may hire salespeople who can deliver orders house to house. You may consider setting up a stall or shop once your business grows. Find out about how to open a fruit and vegetable shop. It will help you in reaching out to a wider audience.

You can start this business without any registration. Start with learning about how to start a fruit and vegetable business, plan and build strategies. Your door to door business can be registered later when you start making good profits.

6. Exporting vegetables and fruits

Exporting vegetables and fruits is an ideal option for those who want to know how to start a fruit business and earn good profits while working in the industry. There is a huge demand for Indian produce in the international market. It is an ideal business option for those living in areas where vegetables and fruits are good enough. Reach out to the local growers when starting the fruit business.

However, you need to have the right set of information about the markets and currencies of different countries. Research the fruits/vegetables that can be exported to foreign nations. Note that the export business requires a huge amount of investment, so play your cards accordingly.

organic vegetables and fruits in wicker basket isolated on white background

7. Exotic fruits selling business

Fruits like Orange, Apple, and banana are familiar in the fruits market. But exotic fruits like durian, persimmon, dragon fruit, avocado, and pomelo are native to Southeast Asia. The individuals interested in knowing how to start a vegetable business can take this option as their solution. These exotic fruits are in great demand in the Indian market.

You can consider selling two or more varieties of exotic fruits. However, consider the import value and other additional expenses required for importing the products from foreign countries. Also, define your market segment and strategise accordingly. Starting a vegetable business is profitable if you plan things smartly.


Your fruit and vegetable service business will help hundreds of individuals to meet their dietary requirements. Put your supply system and marketing scheme right to make good money out of your business. Use applications like OkCredit to digitally record and manage your payment and credit transactions pan India. Above all, define your affordability for investment cost before choosing a fruits and vegetables business option. If you are new to the industry, then research all the necessary aspects of the industry and business before starting.

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Q. What are the best ways to market my fresh produce of vegetables and fruits?

Ans. To improve your fresh vegetables and fruit sales, show your customers how your product is unique and special from other sellers in the market. Provide as many details and information about the product as possible to entice the customers.

Q. What are the most profitable vegetables and fruits to grow on a small farm?

Ans. Considerations for Small farm owners can consider producing Mushrooms, Saffron, Microgreens, Goji Berries, Wasabi, Garlic, Papaya, Orange, and Banana to profit from the available resources.

Q. What are the margins in selling fresh fruits?

Ans. Generally, the profit margins are up to 30-40%. Independent farmers selling exotic fruits can make 50% margins. Importers or wholesalers usually make a 15-20% margin according to wastage, volume, and distribution.

Q. What is the best season to grow exotic vegetables in India?

Ans. The exotic vegetables that are sown in October and November yield the best results because most of them need partial sunlight, while a few can grow in full sunlight. However, organic manure and maintaining good soil quality is mandatory to ensure healthy produce.

Q. How to sell vegetables and fruits door to door?

Ans. It is essential to choose your target audience carefully as some people prefer exotic varieties of vegetables and fruits while others are fond of the varieties native to India. If your budget allows, you may hire a good and experienced marketing team and ensure high-tech tools for speedy and efficient door to door services.