Business Ideas In Pune [Best Businesses In 2022]

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Business Ideas In Pune [Best Businesses In 2022]

Pune is a city with a bright future for new businesses. The rising upper-middle class, the growing per capita income, and the boosting industries make it a lucrative spot to start a new business. And you don’t need to line up before investors either; businesses in this city can give high returns on low investment.

Do you want to start a new business in Pune? With profitable returns? Are you running short of business ideas?  We have brought for you a list of the ten best business ideas to start in Pune.

Here are ten top-selling business ideas for new business in Pune.

1. Street Food Joints

Street food joints are now doing great business in Pune. On the off chance that you have a decent shop or a commercial area, you can begin this business as it involves minimal risk. The spurt in the student crowd here is most like to fetch you a great customer base.

2. Vehicle Renting

This is one of the most lucrative business ideas. If you have a vehicle or the cash to get one, start a taxi administration and collaborate with popular taxi administrations like Uber or Ola.

3. Property Dealing and Real Estate

If you know upcoming properties around you and want to begin your own company with less capital and huge revenue, you can try real estate business. Pune is developing. Likewise, the demand for moderately priced land and new properties is growing too.

4. Recruitment Agency Business

A significant portion of the Indian population is unemployed. Additionally, a lot of organisations are not keen on hiring. So you can step in as a huge help for the currently unemployed youth by providing them outsourced job opportunities from foreign companies that are keen to outsource services from India. They pay well, and the working-age population in India is what they aim at. So you can run a recruitment agency to provide Indian personnel to these companies.

This kind of business in Pune helps in expanding the effectiveness of the foreign company. Those organisations need qualified and talented representatives that they get here; they are prepared to pay higher wages. Pune city is loaded with talented adolescents because of various universities and colleges. So here, one will never find a dearth of qualified youth.

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5. Website and App making business

Every business needs an official website presently. It's an extraordinary method to improve your visibility in a competitive market. If you happen to be specialised in software and website development, take it is as your mainstream business goal. The demand for business websites and custom software for business development is high. It's a good time to engage in such a business.

Pune city has more number of entrepreneurs when compared to other urban communities. It gives a colossal chance for new businesses to grow rapidly. These days, private ventures need their websites to sell items online. Most business owners don't know how to develop their websites and look for professionals who can help them. You can utilise the opportunity by beginning a business that makes websites on request. This can turn out to be a very successful business idea to go for.

6. Training/Coaching Institutes

Keeping in mind the number of students in Pune, a business coaching institute would run like water. Yes, you read that right- like water- smooth and busting both profits. Students need guidance for their board exams, and some need to prepare for college entrances like JEE, NEET, CLAT, CAT, SLAT, AILET, etc. Some students also look for training centres to learn soft skills and foreign languages.

You can easily take a franchise of a popular coaching Brand and start a branch in Pune. The popular ones that already exist here are FITJEE, CAREER LAUNCHER, VIDYAMANDIR, IQBALL CLASSES, AKASH INSTITUTE, etc. If you have the capital and resources, you can also start your institute and grow into a popular brand by providing good quality coaching to students.

7. Old Books Business

Secondhand purchasing and selling of book business have s an extraordinary success in Pune. The prime locations of Pune like FC Road, MG Road, and the Station area are full of such shops.

Suppose you contact students from universities of Pune and offer various kinds of course books, novels, biographies, etc., at a highly reduced cost compared to the mainstream book market. In that case, you'll quickly grow a huge consumer base. Students always look for cheaper options, and you can become a person answering their call when it comes to books.

You can even offer popular exam notes and guide books to get some extra earning. Students are keen on buying shorthand notes to learn more things in less time.

8. Gold/Foreign Exchange Units

Pune has a lot of foreign crowds. It faces a continuous influx in the tourist population as well. This calls for the need to establish Foreign exchange units. Another thing about Pune is that it has a lot of retired population. People of this age often require lockers to keep gold or invest gold or even exchange gold for cash that can help them survive during their old age. Keeping this in mind, a new business of gold exchange units would also be a good idea to start earning more returns in lesser investment.

9. Colour Business

Unconventional but innovative, a business to sell paints is a good opportunity in Pune to earn profits. In Pune, new construction sites and buildings are being fabricated every day. This has led to the warming demands of the paint. You can begin with a small shop or a compact conveyance space. You can expand it later. You can source paints from popular brands or even set up your own paint manufacturing unit and sell them out to customers. You need to be innovative. Have multiple options in colours, textures, and finish of the paints so that you can stand out as a paint company.

interior of a bakery with various kind of breads and buns

10. Bakery

The business of baking and becoming a fancy patissier is in vogue. Aesthetical baking is picking up momentum, and everyone looks for cakes that look more like showpieces than edible items. If you're creative and have learned baking professionally, all you need to do is publicise your skills, manage a few personal orders, and in no time, you can become a successful home Baker! Later as your business grows, you can set a vintage Theme bakery that can win hearts. After all, we all know the story of "Theobroma", right?

This is the list of the ten best business ideas in Pune. If you want to move a bit away from Pune and look for another location, you can opt for Mumbai. Small businesses in Mumbai can also be on similar lines as Pune. However, the demographics of Mumbai are pretty different, and you'll have to keep different considerations in mind while starting a business there.


Business events, gatherings, conferencing, shows, career expos, start-up challenges, etc are making Pune one of the busiest cities. In this city, billions of opportunities knock on an entrepreneur's door every day. Along these lines, the people who think the business avenue is full should know that hundreds and thousands of chances are still there, and there would be more to come.

With the rapidly transitioning consumer behaviour, various trends, products, and lifestyle choices become popular in a blink of an eye. This is an age where you must seize opportunities based on consumer demands and plunge into the ocean of business. Arrange capital, plan it right, and boom! There you go! You can easily be a successful business owner in the city of Pune.

Presently, Pune has more MSMEs and independent business units than you can imagine! It is bustling as brightly as Mumbai concerning business opportunities. Above, we have provided you with an extended list of ideas. If you have any questions or want to add to the list of new businesses’ ideas, drop a comment and connect with us!

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Q. Is Pune a good place to start a new Business?

Ans. With the current demographics and market status, Pune is a wonderful option to choose a location if you want to start a new business.

Q. Can a business be successful in Pune?

Ans. With the right business ideas and wise investments, no force can stop a new business from succeeding in Pune.

Q. What kind of crowd is found in big numbers in Pune?

Ans. Pune has more youngsters and a fresh crowd. It has a lot of student base as well as families.

Q. Can the food business flourish in Pune?

Ans. The food business is one of the leading business ideas in Pune due to the prominence of the young crowd. They want to experiment with different cuisines. They have a more versatile palate when compared to middle-aged people. This gives food businesses a large customer base to experiment with.

Q. How much do you need to invest in starting a business in Pune?

Ans. This depends on various factors like:

  • Type of business
  • Location
  • No. Of personnel employed
  • Nature of Operations

The investment amount can differ based on the above factors. However, rest assured, starting a business in Pune shall give you good returns.