What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Lucknow?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Lucknow?

Lucknow is a prominent spot for tourists from both India and foreign countries.

Lucknow is synonymous with ancient history, civilisation, religions, and culture. It is one of the most advanced and progressive cities in India. The primary reason behind the development of Lucknow is its technological advancements and industries. Blessed with ample resources, here are some of the best business ideas in Lucknow that you can start easily.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched many schemes to motivate women entrepreneurs. The latest initiative of the Uttar Pradesh government was the launch of 'Banking Correspondent Sakhi.' Under this scheme, the government-appointed female banking agents will link local women and self-help groups.

Apart from this, women can also opt for the Bharatiya Mahila Bank scheme by the central government. This scheme offers financial assistance to women who wish to start a new business. Some other government schemes that help women entrepreneurs include the Mudra Yojana scheme and Annapurna scheme. By opting for any of these schemes, a woman can start their business in Lucknow very comfortably.

Business ideas for women in Lucknow

A woman can find many new business opportunities in Lucknow to become independent. From a wide range of small-scale businesses to a complete list of large-scale businesses, Lucknow has every opportunity that matches your interests and skills. This article will get a complete list of business ideas for Lucknow that can help a woman become self-independent.

Best side business ideas for ladies in Lucknow

Given below is a list of the most profitable and flexible home businesses for ladies in Lucknow. You can choose any one of them and start your business easily in the city of nawabs.

1. Fitness Trainer

You can easily start your business as a fitness trainer by teaching some workouts at home. You can help people do some bodyweight exercises to improve the muscle functioning of your customers. Regular exercise will keep your customers healthy and active. It will decrease the risk of many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc., and is one of the best business ideas in Lucknow with low investment.

2. Ecommerce Business

An eCommerce business is considered to be a perfect option to start your new endeavour. Finding the right product to sell online is the utmost important task before starting an eCommerce business for ladies sitting at home. Today, thousands of eCommerce websites are available, selling a wide variety of stuff. Therefore, you need to come up with exceptional ideas that will work magically in this competitive market. Research for products that are in high demand, and you can sell effortlessly.

3. Interior designing

It is one of the best businesses in Lucknow for a woman who wants to explore her designing interests. At first, you should make a plan for the types of services you want to offer. As an interior designer, you should know which areas you want to focus on for designing. You can make some sample designs and promote them to attract customers to your interior designing services.

4. Tailoring

A woman who is willing to start her business career in stitching can stitch clothes, handmade decoratives, and many other clothing items at any time of the day. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best businesses in Lucknow to start today. Many women also feel relaxed after stitching. You can also start making homemade gifts for commercial purposes. Stitching is an essential skill that everyone must have and one of the most common small business ideas for women.

5. Pet Sitter

This is a great job for women who love animals. We all love to play and spend time with pets. It is a very flexible job. You have to take care of the animal and stop it from doing any damage to others. You must know how to feed a pet when the owners are not at home. Make sure that you feel comfortable spending time with the pet.

6. Hair-care business

Hair requires ordinary consideration, sustenance, styling, and medications. You can offer the best styling and modifications to your customers that fit according to their personality and hairstyle.

7. Home-made food delivery

The city of Lucknow is known for its "Nawabi foods". The capital city of Uttar Pradesh is attractive for its Awadhi cuisine besides being popular for its rich history and traditional Indianness. You can start delivering homemade dishes to various parts of the city.

8. Fashion Accessories

Necklaces, earrings, handbags, bracelets, sunglasses, scarves, etc.; fashion accessories are the ultimate styling trend and a good option for business for housewife nowadays. Accessories add life to your outfits, they make you stand out in the crowd, and they reflect your sense of style. You can start a small-scale business by selling these fashion accessories in the areas near you.

9. Nutrition Expert

Due to a busy schedule and unhealthy diet, every person wishes to consult a nutritionist for a diet chart as per the BMI. You can help your customers to overcome deficiencies by making them follow the correct diet and eating on time. You can also include vitamin tablets for overcoming certain vitamin deficiencies. You can recommend your clients to avoid junk food and work out regularly for a fit and healthy body.

10. Wedding Card Designer

If you are good at creativity and designing, a wedding card designer is one of your best business choices. Before starting to design a wedding card, keep in mind the personal tastes of the bride and the groom. If you are designing a wedding for your friend or a relative, you must talk to them before finalising all the details of the invitation card. Ask them the styles and colours they prefer to be on the invitation card.

11. Logo Designer

The competition and the technologies in the corporate world are increasing at a great rate. You can offer well-functioning and full-service motion graphics design services to your customers at the best and affordable rates.

12. Graphic T-shirt designer

Graphic t-shirts are all about printing clothing. Many people like quotes these days, which is the most valid reason behind the popularity of graphic tees these days. Whenever a film comes with a famous dialogue the next day, you can find that dialogue in t-shirts of men and women. Things like dialogue, writing, quotes are prevalent, and printing that in tees is a new trend most people like. The business requires low investment, and you can slowly expand it according to the customer feedback.

13. Tuition classes

If you think you are good at some subjects, then tuition classes can help you make money by teaching those subjects to others. Due to pandemics, you can offer to teach services through online mode. Teaching is nowadays a full-time profession for many women in Lucknow.

teacher in saree stands against white blackboard, conducting online class using Camera


So this was all about popular business for ladies sitting at home in Lucknow. The home mentioned above business for ladies does not require significant investment and can help women in Lucknow grow in all fields. The first step towards women's self-independence would be to give women the liberty to choose their lives and, consequently, their careers.

Whether it is going to the upcoming female acting audition or launching their start-up, women should make their career decisions. Uttar Pradesh is home to considerable human resources. It makes it even easier for a business to grow in the state.

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Q. Is Lucknow an excellent place to start a business for ladies sitting at home?

Ans. Lucknow is the hub of education, technology, designing, commerce, aerospace, finance, governance, administration, pharmaceuticals, culture, and tourism. It is a perfect place to start a new business.

Q. How can I expand my Lucknow business ideas?

Ans. You can promote your business on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It will also help you to find new customers.

Q. Which industries are more common in Lucknow?

Ans. The major industries in Lucknow include machine tools, distillery chemicals, aeronautics, automotive, furniture, and various types of embroidery.