What Are Some Business Ideas for a Woman in Bangalore?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for a Woman in Bangalore?

Bangalore has long stood as one of the most prominent economic sectors of India. Called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore houses tremendous examples of people who successfully launched a small business from their home. Being one of the fastest-growing cities globally, Bangalore houses various opportunities that can be tapped into to earn a viable side income.

We have seen a steady rise in the number of women entrepreneurs in recent years. Women can access the profitable opportunities that Bangalore provides to kick start a home business without much investment.

Here are some business ideas for women in Bangalore that can be initiated without much capital or labour. These ideas are curated especially for the demographic of Bangalore while keeping the access and safety of women in mind. These can help you realise your dreams and make a comfortable life for you and your family.

1. Healthy Fast Food

Most mothers spend hours conjuring up food ideas that match their children's taste while maintaining the nutritive value. This business idea to start in Bangalore is for those women who have a talent for cooking and can provide healthy fast-food options to Bangalore. Being a city with enormous job and career opportunities, Bangalore houses young people from around the country who need to feed themselves on the go. Providing them with healthier alternatives can improve their quality of life and can be a lucrative home business idea for ladies.

2. Bakery

Bakeries are commonplace in most metropolises. The twist is that your home bakery can provide a personal touch to your baked goodies. You can offer to make personalised cakes, home-baked fresh bread, customised cupcakes, and much more that can set your business apart from others in the field. To ensure that your baked goods reach a large population, you can offer home delivery as well.

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3. Luxury Travel Itinerary and Deals

Most people who want to travel are not always good at deciding where to travel, how to plan the trip, where to say and what to see. If you are someone who can immaculately plan a travel itinerary and can coordinate and communicate impeccably, then this job might be perfect for you. All you need is to align clients' travel plans with their schedule and provide them with ideas regarding the place they can travel to. You can also prepare them a list of activities they can do during their visit and manage the budget for the whole trip. You will get paid for your services, and if you provide them special deals, you can also get an extra profit from the travel agencies. You can start this itinerary planner business online, tie up with some travel agencies, hotels etc. to get yourself afloat.

4. Day Care Business

Nuclear families and single parents are always looking for a reliable place for their child while the parents are at work. If you like spending time with children, have good management skills, and have enough space where kids can play, eat, and spend their time, then you can turn your home into a daycare centre. You will have to provide the kids with toys, sketching books, and other such items to keep them busy, along with basics such as food, clean toilets, etc. This is one of the best businesses for ladies sitting at home who want to put their off time to use and earn some money alongside. The minimum requirement you may have is to hire a workforce of two people to help with cleaning and entertaining the kids. As children require constant attention you need to have a small support team or else you might miss out on your meals or daily ablutions.

5. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

Most people who move to Bangalore live alone and have a hectic schedule that includes work and socialisation. You can make life easier for them by offering them lauder and dry-cleaning services. Most professionals never find the time or energy to do their laundry or simply do not know how to tackle the ever-increasing pile of clothes. A laundry and dry-cleaning business may sound like a menial home business for ladies but creates a great opportunity to earn money.

6. Tutoring

You can tutor school and college kids at home, or online from home. In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, both parents need to work to make ends meet in most of the families. Thus, they can never find the time to help their kids with their studies. It is a profitable business idea for women as it does not need much investment. All you need is a spacious room where you can tutor kids. Make sure the room is clean and quiet. In the current pandemic situation, you do not even need a spacious room, but a quiet one with a computer and stable internet connection to tutor kids online. You can charge for your services as per the grade of the student or by the hour.

7. Online Retailing

If you have a good eye to choose the best products, then retailing can be one of the best side business ideas for women. You will need to study the market and find the products that most people want or buy. Once you shortlist the best products that you are sure will sell or will never go out of fashion or season, you can buy the product from a wholesale market and resell it. You can offer your products at your website or at e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, etc. This business may need a considerable investment, based on the product of your choice. Make sure you buy only the amount that you are sure will sell. Avoid dead stock as much as you can.

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8. Bridal Consultant or Wedding Planner

If you enjoy arranging a wedding, have excellent management skills, are resourceful, and have tonnes of contacts and amazing people skills, then you can become a bridal consultant. Most young people who get married in Bangalore barely have time to plan and arrange their wedding while tackling their job and other responsibilities. However, they still wish for a dreamy wedding that can hold everyone in awe. You can suggest themes for the wedding, and help them with everything, from location to jewellery, decoration to catering. This is one of the best businesses to start in Bangalore that may need you to make an occasional outing for shopping and site hunting.

9. Online Classes/ Video Tutorials

Whether you have secrets of cooking up your sleeves or are a master of using Excel, you can offer your classes online or create an online course. It is a great side business idea for ladies who want to make passive income. You will need a good camera and some good amount of research to create a full-fledged course. You can provide it at various online courses platforms such as Skillshare and set a definite charge for accessing the course.

There are a multitude of ways one can earn money in the growing demographic of Bangalore. All you need is to recognise the opportunity and put yourself out there. With minimal investment and expertise, these ideas can turn into a successful business for ladies sitting at home. These small business ideas for women can ensure that women can become financially independent and create a saving cushion for their family.

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Q. What is the best business to start in Bangalore?

Ans. Various businesses such as catering, daycare, fashion designing, etc., can prove to be successful businesses to start in Bangalore.

Q. How can I earn money fast in Bangalore?

Ans. You can begin blogging, online tutoring, or provide online consultancy to earn money through side businesses in Bangalore.

Q. How can I earn money at home?

Ans. With freelancing, virtual assistantship, social media management, language translation, affiliate marketing, and various other ways, you can earn money from home.

Q. What businesses in Bangalore need little or no investment?

Ans. Businesses that are based on your skills do not usually need much investment. If you are good at writing, you can begin a blog or offer freelancing services; if you know web designing, you can design websites for clients and establish a business without any investment. You can also start home tutoring or online tutoring at zero investment.

Q. Is it difficult to start a business in Bangalore?

Ans. It is not difficult to start a business, but it can be tough to maintain it and make it profitable because of fierce competition in every sector in Bangalore.