What are some business ideas for Women in Chennai?

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What are some business ideas for Women in Chennai?

Chennai is among the renowned metropolitan cities in India and the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also known for having the gift of one of the longest natural beaches in the world, which is known as Marina Beach, which borders the city shoreline. The city of Chennai has emerged as one of the most sought-after educational hubs in the country, since it is home to some of the topmost institutes. Chennai is a great example of a marvellous city with a beautiful coexistence of tradition and modernity.

Chennai has an optimal environment for various entrepreneurial businesses and the trend of setting up certain lucrative home-based businesses has caught an uptrend over the last decade. This is becoming one of the most reliable career paths for several beginners, be it men or women. Running a business from the comfort of home, involving very less investment of startup capital with a franchise or freestanding business, has become one of the successful ways of making a career in one’s hometown. Also, a small-scale business plays a very significant role in boosting the GDP of any country.

Essentially, there are several business ideas for women in Chennai and many of them are tried and tested to be very successful in recent years. Most of these businesses are related to providing services, manufacturing, production, etc. For example, there are business ideas for women in Chennai related to the manufacturing of tissues, napkins, toothpicks, chocolates, small toys, water bottles, pens, paper, etc. Most of these industries can be started with a one-time investment in plants, machinery and industries that can be owned and operated on hire, ownership, lease or purchase basis.

A list of some major business ideas for women in Chennai

1. Food Delivery Services

A mobile app or a website can be built that allows customers to choose their meals from different restaurants and deliver to their doorstep. There are certain fees charged from the clients or restaurants for using your mobile app or website for the purpose of food delivery.

What are good reasons to start this business?

  • Chennai comes at No.2 for the most extensive BPO industry. There are thousands of people who flock to the city every year to work in the BPO industry and earn handsome salaries just with good communication and technical skills. Many of these people order food from online platforms very often.
  • You do not require extraordinary technical skills to successfully run a food portal.

The initial budget for starting this business

Start small and target a specific area in the city. An investment of INR 100,00 will be enough to begin.

laptop on the table with pot, lamp and books displaying blog

2. Blogging

Blogging has become a very lucrative business for ladies sitting at home. You can start with just a laptop, smartphone or computer. Starting this business is very easy but the toughest part is to start in a smart way. Find something you have considerably good knowledge of and through which you can help people. Prepare a rough profile of your future readers, their education and from which platform they would read the blog.

You should analyse other similar platforms that offer such knowledge. Now, create a strategy of how you can be different from your existing competitors. Then you should start posting the articles on your blog or website. You can also promote your blog through all your social handles. After this, your site should pick up momentum.

The initial investment for starting this small business idea for women

You do not require a lot of investment for starting a blog. You can just start a stunning blog at just INR 10,000.

3. Charm jewellery

This is one of the most prevalent and successful home businesses for ladies where you can make as well as design beautiful and charming jewellery with a good combination of new and old designs. These are hot-selling items, especially among tourists. A niche of customers also likes to create personalised charms for themselves as well as loved ones as souvenirs.

Good reasons for starting a charm jewellery business

  • This business is a great idea as gifting personalised gifts is trending these days.
  • You can sell the customised products online as well as offline and make huge profits not only in the local market but nationally and internationally.

The initial investment for initiating this business

This home business for ladies can be started with an initial investment of just INR 50,000.

4. Kiosk for selling fruit juice

Everyone appreciates having a glass full of fresh fruit juice daily, especially in the hot climate in Chennai. To initiate this particular lucrative business, you would need a permit for opening a fruit juice kiosk in your chosen area in the city of Chennai.

Once you receive the required permit, you would be required to rent a shop in a location where there is good footfall. Apart from renting the shop, you would require to purchase all the required raw materials and juicer machines for preparing the fresh fruit juice. If you hire employees to run the kiosk, you need to budget for their salaries.

5. Social media professional/strategist

Social media is the most trending industry not only in Chennai or India but across the world. The different startups, corporate houses and individuals have realised the importance and power of social media to make their businesses more visible. Companies and multinational giants have their dedicated social media teams in-house to handle all these aspects whereas smaller businesses usually resort to stand-alone social media professionals or strategists. So, if you are social media savvy and have good knowledge in this field, you can start working as a social media consultant or strategist. This is one of the most prevalent side business ideas for ladies.

What are the good reasons to start this business?

  • You can learn social media strategies in a short span of time by taking an online course or following a reliable blog.
  • There are several small entrepreneurial firms in Chennai and beyond that are always on the lookout for dependable social media consultants for promoting their businesses and products in the most optimal way possible. So, you can easily be a remote employee or consultant to these small companies and earn a good amount of money.
 Gift Shop board hanging on the ceiling

6. Establishing a gift shop

While talking about the business ideas for women in Chennai, putting up a gift shop to sell gift articles is one of the most rewarding and favourite choices for several women entrepreneurs. This is a very fast-developing small-scale business. This has tasted success in most of the cases if the shop is in a good and prominent location. This has evolved as a top small business idea in Chennai. This business is considered ideal for those women who have a creative bent of mind.

What are the good reasons for starting this business?

  • The internet is bringing communities together. There are several occasions for exchanging gifts as life has become a bigger celebration like never before. The gesture of gifting is no more limited to just birthdays, anniversaries and a few other life events.
  • Showing a level of creativity can easily increase the sales in your gift shop manifold.

The initial investment required for initiating this business

The budget for his business would depend mostly on the kind of gift articles that you sell in your gift shop. If you are planning to target common people, then an investment of INR 30,000 would be good enough in the beginning.


Q. Which particular business is considered to be the best, most feasible and profitable for women in Chennai?

Ans. There are several business ideas that can be started in Chennai. The best ones are already discussed in this writeup. A few other businesses that can be equally profitable are export and import business, wedding planning, clothing stores, being an SEO expert or maybe opening a fancy store.

Q. Which particular businesses are more profitable in Chennai?

Ans. When we talk about the profitable businesses in Chennai of today’s age, then there are countless business ideas that you can think of but the ones which deserve special mention are online clothing stores, blogging, online stores for trendy and traditional accessories, travel & tour agencies as well as agencies that provide domestic help.

Q. What are the businesses that can be easily started with low investment in Chennai?

Ans. Many business ideas can be started with low investment in the city of Chennai. All you need to do is to choose the best business ideas and then strategically implement the chosen idea. Some of the low investment businesses with high returns in Chennai are:

  • Courier shop
  • Fast food cafe
  • Candle-making factory
  • Laundry shop

The above-discussed are the best business ideas for a woman that can be easily initiated with a low investment. You should ideally choose a business idea as per your choice, investment capital available, the time you can dedicate to the business and also how much you want to earn.

So, ladies, best of luck with your new business endeavour!