What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Gurgaon?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Gurgaon?

Every enterprising woman harbours the dream of one day leaving her cubicle to launch her own company. Owing to the high risk involved, only a few females succeed in taking the plunge. Many women in the millennium community, on the other hand, have left high-flying corporate jobs to pursue passion projects. In addition to the zeal, one of the primary motivations for many women to quit corporate jobs to start their own businesses is the need to sustain a work-life balance. So let’s discuss the business idea for women in Gurgaon.

Why Should You Choose Gurgaon For Starting a Business For Women?

According to most businesswomen, Gurgaon has excellent prospects for aspiring entrepreneurs because there is a ready demand for something new, innovative, and of high quality. The location is ideal for creative projects. With a lot of high-paying business workers finding their way into Millennium City, citizens from all around the world who have made it their home have a liberal ideology to understand and test out innovative ideas, as well as the financial ability to pay for services.

Women entrepreneurs claim that Gurgaon's cosmopolitan environment, high concentration of businesses, and professional culture allow an entrepreneur to start small, learn quickly, and then scale up. This advantage might not be available in other cities. With the third-highest per capita income in the nation, after Chandigarh and Mumbai, Gurgaon definitely has everything a new enterprise requires.

Enterprising Business Idea for Woman

Wondering what you can do to be the next best woman entrepreneur in the country? Here are some ideas that shall help you achieve the goal.

1. Eatery

The city is home to high-income earners and is one of India's richest cities. It is important to set up the business based on the population distribution of the surroundings. Restaurants, pubs, ice cream parlours, and other eateries offer a wide window for performance.

Something that tastes good is well-paid. If you want to make money from these businesses for housewife ideas in Gurgaon, your emphasis should be on a lively, appealing ambience and good-quality food that satisfies their taste buds. Since the profit margins are so large, these are incredibly profitable small scale concepts in Gurgaon.

2. Consultancy Services

Managers and practitioners from a variety of industries seek lucrative consultancy market prospects. The consultancy trend is continuing to grow as businesses strive to remain as lean as possible throughout these difficult economic times. Haryana is an excellent location for establishing a consultancy firm.

As for more business ideas in Gurgaon, you may start a company from home as well. The secret to the effective operation of this industry is domain awareness and strong interpersonal abilities in knowing the straight cut target of the company firms. Once you've built and effectively run your company, networking will take care of your potential path to make big money.

3. Beauty and Self-care

Beauty services is an industry that women excel in. Women enjoy pampering themselves with beauty products and can be successful entrepreneurs in this area. It is one of the fantastic small business ideas in Gurgaon because women understand what their customers want and will have the best service. The below are some of the most profitable beauty care businesses for women to own:

  • Salons and wellness centres: Women should have their own salons and wellness centres. Women are naturals when it comes to hair and makeup. It is one of the most promising entrepreneurial business ideas for women.
  • Nail art salons: Nail art has become common among women, but not everybody is skilled at it. If you are, why not turn it into one of the low investment business opportunities in Gurgaon?
  • Bridal make-up studios: In recent years, bridal make-up has grown. Women could keep up with current developments and excel in their fields.
Handwriting text Virtual Assistant with equipments and computer stuffs above coloured table

4. Virtual Assistant

Haryana has seen steady development since its conception. However, in line with the global pattern, it has also resulted in accelerated urbanisation. Since its inception as a sovereign entity, the state's growth and development trend have been progressive.

It has set a model for planned economic growth and has emerged as one of India's leading states in terms of per capita income. Providing virtual assistant services from home is one of the best business ideas in Gurgaon for women who want to supplement their profits. It is the perfect idea for starting a home business for ladies.

5. Paper Shredding

Each and every legal document has an expiration date after which it must be properly disposed of. There are classified records that must be disposed of in a secure manner. You may launch this small scale best business in Gurgaon by providing services at the doorsteps of law firms, large corporations, clinics, and colleges, among others.

To operate this business for ladies sitting at home successfully, paper shredders, equipment, and transport to deliver those services are purchased. This company necessitates promotion in the form of advertisements in newspapers or on internet platforms.

6. Freelance Content Writing/Copywriting Services

If you're fluent in a language and enjoy blogging, freelance content writing is for you. It is one of the most sought after side business ideas for ladies.

  • Technical Writing: Most IT businesses are searching for authors to create different kinds of content these days. You should work as a freelance writer if you are fluent in another language and can produce high-quality content.
  • Advertising companies and other institutions search for authors that will come up with new concepts for advertisers, jingles, and other stuff. You should contact these companies with your proposals to function as a freelancer with them.
  • Blogging: You should start a blog to discuss a topic that is important to you. You should voice your opinion and strive to make your blog a success.

7. Handyman Services Supplier

A metropolitan and developed city region is thought to be ideal for the handyman business venture. The handyman services industry covers a broad range of services. Maintenance, renovation, remodelling, heating, refurbishing, and electrical work are also examples of this style of work. Aside from full-time operations, you may also start this company part-time.

8. Event Planning and Management

This best business in Gurgaon is gaining traction as a result of the opportunities provided, especially by cities such as Gurgaon, the state's cyber hub. You can offer hassle-free facilities to businesses and business firms by organising every gathering, market meeting, conventions, annual meetings by offering culinary and entertainment services, arranging overseas tours, booking flights, lodging, and so on for staff, partners, clients, and everyone else involved.

9. Healthcare Services

People throughout the world are increasingly adopting a healthier diet and regular exercise. As part of their regular workout routine, people engage in a range of practices such as dance, aerobics, and yoga. Women can become certified trainers and operate and run health clubs.  The most common and successful market concepts in the health care sector include:

  • Yoga and meditation centres: Women may be certified in yoga techniques and work professionally as yoga instructors and meditation gurus.
  • Zumba instructors: Zumba is a common dance style that many people use as a daily form of exercise. It is the best business in Gurgaon. Women should launch Zumba classes for citizens in their neighbourhood.
Doctor working on a digital tablet on texture background


Gurgaon proves that, with a demand eager to embrace something new, innovative, and of high quality, it is flourishing as a start-up centre for India's aspiring female entrepreneurs. Furthermore, since it is a corporate centre where many people flock to look for work, it has a professional culture and a crowd with a liberal outlook, which encourages an entrepreneur to flourish and scale up the company. Even so, Gurgaon is expected to receive a United Nations (UN) technology innovation laboratory that will function to promote women entrepreneurship in the city.

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Q. Which types of businesses will be able to flourish in a city like Gurgaon?

Ans. Some small business ideas for women that are sure to flourish are:

  • Healthcare
  • Beauty salons
  • Consultancy services
  • Training setups
  • Services such as providing virtual assistance
  • Pet-related business
  • Security Agency
  • E-Commerce dealing in lifestyle

Q. Is Gurgaon a good place to start a business as a woman entrepreneur?

Ans. Surely, yes! The city has proved to be a paradise for female entrepreneurs. Women organise meet-ups and information sessions to encourage and mentor females who have left their careers for certain reasons but are redefining themselves and starting their own companies.

Q. What are the benefits of starting a business in Gurgaon?

Ans. Some prime benefits include:

  • People welcome innovative and new homemade business ideas for women. If you have a unique concept, people will readily accept and promote your business.
  • Since Gurgaon is a city of millennials and well-established colonies, if you provide quality services, people will not think twice to pay you extensively.
  • The support provided by already established businesses to newcomers is a massive hit.