What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Kerala?

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What Are Some Business Ideas for Women in Kerala?

Women are no less than men in any way. Women have been at par with men, whether it is corporate sectors or business. Eight out of ten women are more and more career-minded. They are more likely to keep their career first in every situation. This change in mentality is leading our society to massive progress.

However, the number of women entrepreneurs is quite less in India than in any other country. But, in this article, you will come across some of the best business ideas for a woman who is staying in Kerala. Some amazing business ideas are best for any woman to start with.

Many women entrepreneurs are making a positive impact on the Indian economy. They have shown their brilliance and excelled in multiple fields, from journalism to textile. If you are looking for the right ideas to start a business, you are just at the right place. Here are some of the best business ideas for women in Kerala.

1. Day Care Services

It is not a trend of recent times, but it has been here all along. From daycare to creche, it can be an amazing business idea for women all over Kerala. Through your business, you will be helping out other working mothers and make their lives way easier. There are way too many working mothers in Kerala hence this can stand as the best business in Kerala.

You need to ensure that the babies are getting the right amount of care and feeling at home at your daycare or creche. You will not require a huge space for this business, you can start with a small space and gradually move on to a bigger venture. Start sticking up space with toys and wallpapers that kids love.

Pastries in a bakery window

2. Bakery Business

Not to mention this is a dream of many. If you dream of having your bakery, you should not waste any more time working towards it. The demand for cakes or bakery goods will always be on the rise. Given the quality of your food, you can enjoy the taste of success without much investment and a short time.

You can start with taking small steps like baking cupcakes or bread and then gradually moving forward to cakes. You can use social media platforms for marketing your products initially. It is the best business for ladies sitting at home. As said earlier, this business can be started with limited capital.

3. Image Consultant

Several women love the way they are and are confident in their skin, but some are not. Your job can be helping the former group of women. With this, you can lift other women and help them become confident and earn money. Your role will be helping other women choose the right outfit for themselves and style it the right way.

You will be passing on ideas to help them present themselves in a better way. Your customers will be picking up outfits according to their body type, structure and taste. This counts among the best business ideas in Kerala.

4. Fashion or Textile Business

Whether or not you have a degree in fashion or textile, you can easily start your fashion designing business in Kerala. Other than that, women have excelled in the fashion and textile industry for their immense knowledge and knack in the subject. You can easily start with your business and get paid a good amount of money for doing that.

The fashion or textile business falls under the best small business ideas for women living in Kerala. You can design or manufacture the clothes keeping in mind the cultural setting of Kerala. This can be a great idea to start with, it will not require much space or capital.

5. Establish an e-commerce website

With the advent of the internet, you can almost sell anything on the internet, all you need is a little creativity, effort to create a good landing page, and you are good to go. You can easily establish your online store and sell your products for women who like making jewellery, necklaces, and other handcrafted products.

Starting your own business now does not require you to go out, and rent a factory or a warehouse. Create gift boxes or little showpieces at your place and start selling them right away from the comfort of your home. There are a bunch of e-commerce platforms that allow you to get started on your journey.

Do not forget the power of social media when you are trying to sell something online. Use social media for free promotion and to increase your clientele base, and you will see your business grow step by step!

6. Photography

Do you have a knack for photography? Do you like taking pictures, and have people praised you often for your photography skills? If you have the creativity and the passion for photography, you can start a photography business.

When you are starting your career as a photographer, you need to be prepared to invest money in good photography equipment and know the leading photography apps in the market like Photoshop, Illustrator etc. To get noticed, you need to work on creating a good portfolio. Use your social media account or use one of the websites that allow you to showcase your portfolio.

7. Extracurricular activities

Millennial parents are all working parents. The parents either work a 9-5 job or run their own business, which takes away so much of their time and energy they do not get to spend enough time with their kids to do something fun. This is where you come in and engage in some fun activities with the kids.

You can encourage the kids to do some painting, maybe drawing, dancing, singing, or even DIY classes. Storytelling is also something that you can do. What is best is that you can start this business right from your home. Take the classes at your home and tell your friends and family to spread the word about what you are doing.

8. Tuitions

Students often need help with their studies. You can always offer tuition at your place or online, or at their homes. If you excel at a particular subject or have special training to deal with special kids or elementary school kids, you have a chance of getting higher pay.

There are many platforms online that let you get started with tuition and get some experience. You need to have patience and good knowledge about the subject to start tutoring.

9. Cooking

Cooking comes naturally to Indian women. If you are someone who loves cooking and experimenting with different foods, you can start your very own cooking classes! If you have a bunch of new recipes, it is time that you start sharing them.

Do you not know where to start? Start right from your community. Offer home delivery services within your community. Start your youtube channel or IGTV content. Once you keep gaining followers and your channel becomes big enough, you can monetise it, you can start earning right away.

people rehearsing in the dance class

10. Dancing or singing classes

Have you had training in dancing or singing or were you just born talented? Whatever is it, you can start your dancing or singing academy by offering dancing and singing classes. Start slowly by offering online classes or classes at your place.

Create a YouTube channel and post your choreography or composition videos. You can also post content on your Insta and get followers. Also, consider doing covers of popular songs to gain more traffic. Show your charisma and talent and earn money by doing what you do best.

11. Urban landscape artist

Sounds sophisticated, right? There is great demand for urban landscaping, especially in urban areas. The role of an urban landscape artist is to elevate the aesthetic of a place by using plants and flowers. You need to have a solid understanding of gardening, pesticides and fertilisers, though! This is one of the best side business ideas for women.

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Q. Can I start my business from home?

Ans. Of course, you can start your business from home. You just have to select the right business idea for ladies. For example, a handicrafts business or a custom made Jewellery business is something that can be right from your home.

Q. Do I need to have a specific degree to start my own business?

Ans. No, a majority of the business ideas that have been mentioned here do not need you to have a degree or a diploma. Although it will be nice to have a certain diploma because it adds to your credibility what matters is your passion and experience.

Q. Can I have more than one business?

Ans. Sure! If you can manage it, then you can start multiple businesses! Just make sure you are not taking too much on your plate!

Q. How much capital do I need to start my own business?

Ans. You need capital for a bakery business, textile business, e-commerce and daycare. You need to invest money in buying the important equipment and software for photography.