Top-10 Home Grown Unique Business Ideas During Pandemic

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Top-10 Home Grown Unique Business Ideas During Pandemic

The global pandemic has hit the economy hard by making many business owners clueless. However, panic is not the right way to deal with the current situation. To adapt to the new change, you can be creative by starting a business from home. After all, working from home has become the latest trend. Thus, we have listed down some home business ideas that might help you in the Covid-19 blues.

1. Online Tutor

One of the small business ideas from home is to become an online tutor. Every student is studying from home, and homeschooling has become difficult for parents as it becomes demanding for the parents to be part of assignments and sessions. Apart from this, you can become an online health instructor, music instructor or dance instructor. The online teaching business has been at its peak since the global pandemic. You can connect with people through social media because the role is to reach as many people as possible. After all, you’re somebody who is sharing their knowledge that will help them through life. The cost of starting this business is not so much because you would need a laptop and internet connection.

2. Grocery Delivery

People are choosing to stay at home because they have a fear of being affected by the virus. Thus, people are starting to order online groceries because it is safe to shop online. Creating a food or grocery delivery app is one of the main business ideas. The rise in food and grocery apps have become an on-demand ecosystem. This is because the applications ensure that people receive everything safely. Thus, don’t you think starting a grocery delivery app is a great business idea?

Paper parcel with a shopping cart logo and credit card on a laptop keyboard

3. Online Shopping Experience

There are many opportunities in e-commerce when you want to start a home-based business. There are ample opportunities for small startups. One of the creative home-based business ideas is to create a great shopping experience for the consumers. It could be anything like making a subscription model or generating a customer-friendly interface. The number of online shoppers has increased. Thus, companies can redefine the shopping experience with fantastic web design or safe online payment options.

4. Food Delivery Apps

After the mandatory lockdown by the government across many states, the restaurant business has shut down. It will take some time to return to normal, and many food businesses have turned to online distribution. Thus, as a restaurant or cafe business owner, you can start delivering food through apps. These days many food delivery services let the customer enjoy and have the option of contactless food delivery. So creating a food delivery app service is a good idea, right?

5. Contactless Dispenser

One thing that has changed and is very important in public health and hygiene is cleanliness. Every shop, supermarket, cafe, or restaurant has made it mandatory to get their temperature checked and use hand sanitiser. Thus, adapting to the new normal, you can enter the commercial market by providing them with sensor-based sanitisers. You can see these dispensers with the sanitiser and get your commercial clients regularly. After all, public health and hygiene would remain the top priority for a long time. This is one of the unique business ideas and would help you do social work by helping people in pandemic times. Plus, the contactless sanitiser dispenser idea will help you connect with the broader market like shopping malls, factories and cinema theatres for a long time.

6. Wellness & Fitness App/Channel

The global pandemic has let people stop going to gym and fitness studios. As a result, people have started considering doing ‘workout from home. However, the fitness industry has proven to receive a disguised blessing during the Covid-19 blues. The digital world has given them a platform to carry on their business from home. People have started subscribing to fitness and wellness apps because in the crucial time, staying fit is a necessity. One of the creative home-based business ideas is becoming a tutor in existing wellness and fitness apps. Plus, you can start your fitness channel and ask people to subscribe to it. There is an excellent scope of promoting your wellness and fitness channel through social media. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your fitness channel!

7. Cleaning Services

There has been an increase in demand for cleaning service in pandemic times. The fear of spreading the virus across the country has asked restaurants, offices and homes for professional cleaning services. This is because people are now more concerned about hygiene and have become picky regarding their surroundings. Thus, you can start an app-based cleaning service for customers and businesses. The app seems a convenient way to connect with customers who are looking for disinfection and cleaning services.

a guy baking cookies in bakery

8. Home Bakery

During the lockdown in the year 2020, many people have started showing interest in the kitchen. Remember the Dalgona Coffee trend or the banana bread obsession? Well, many people who found their creative interest in cooking have started with the home bakery. The covid-19 blues are still not over, and people are looking for new business ideas. Well, if you love baking, then home-based baking is a new opportunity that you can consider. This business requires low investment, and it is easy to promote it through digital media. For instance, you can create an Instagram page and upload a picture with a creative caption of every cake/pastry/cookie you bake. In the long run, you would be surprised by the responses that you receive in this business. Home bakery is a kickstart business that could be started with a low investment.

9. Drive-In Movie Theatres

The unusual business that got popularity during the covid-19 times is drive-in cinema. The regular film theatres have been closed and a bit less safe as compared to drive-in theatres. These drive-in theatres let people enjoy movies and shows inside their cars with the families. This trend started before the corona times. So, now when maintaining the distance is encouraged by people, companies have seen a revival of a drive-in theatre. So, if you’re interested in starting some business in the entertainment sector, then drive-in theatres could turn out to be a great idea.

10. Gaming Apps

In the Covid-19 times, people have started to stay home and find something to do in the four walls of the home. People have started playing more games and socialising with the friends digitally. Remember the Ludo King trend? You can also make some exciting video games or puzzles to keep people entertained. Design some interactive game that holds the attention of students and provides them with adequate knowledge. Starting a gaming business is one of the latest business ideas. It may help you earn by sitting in your home given the current situation.


There are many business ideas that you can think of while planning to start a startup. Our list of ideas might help you with an idea to start a business. Through these ideas, you could bring a little money that will help you grow. Visit OkCredit for more home-grown small startup ideas.

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Q. Are home-grown businesses profitable?

Ans. Yes, home-grown businesses are profitable. The main reason is the home-grown business requires less investment to start. Plus, you can promote your home-grown businesses digitally, and with the right set of customers, they will give you higher returns.

Q. What things to keep in mind for starting a home-grown business?

Ans. To start a small business from home, you need first to define your goal. Set a goal that is unique and creative plus will provide you with a competitive advantage. Also, ensure to make your home-grown business affordable. Set the price that will attract customers and will give you profits.

Q. Why is it necessary to promote home-grown business online?

Ans. During the pandemic times, people have started spending time more on the internet. Staying at home has led to frequent visits from people on social media. Promoting business online is a way to showcase your existence. Thus, promoting home-grown business online will attract more customers by giving you a wider reach.