Best Chips Brands in India [Top Leading Brands]

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Best Chips Brands in India [Top Leading Brands]

Whether you like it or you don’t, people love munching on potato chips. From children to adults, chips have a huge fanbase in their corner thanks to their salty, crispy, and insatiable flavour. A bag of chips is one of the most popular snacks during parties, movies, outings, and even at home. They are reasonably priced and come in a wide variety of flavours. Today we are going to list down the best chips brands in India that have remained a favourite for decades and still going on.

1. Lays

Lays is a bestseller and is the king of all chips worldwide. This is an undeniable fact. It is hands down the favourite go-to snack for millions around the world. They have a lot of interesting flavours available and the packaging is very attractive with bright colours. They are made from fresh, shredded potatoes and cooked in edible vegetable oils.

2. Uncle Chipps

The irresistible flavours of our favourite Uncle Chipps just couldn’t keep us away even though we know how bad it is for our health! It was launched in 1992 and comes in a few fun flavours packed in bright, attractive colours. The flavours are really suitable for Indian taste, therefore it is a huge hit in India.

3. Bingo

Who doesn’t remember the bizarre Bingo Mad Angles advertisements? They were a huge hit among the younger generation. Plus, we all loved the neat triangular shapes. However, what we loved the most were the lip-smacking flavours and mouth-watering taste. The quantity was very generous and some of the most popular flavours are Chilli Dhamaka, Tomato Madness, and Achari Masti, among the rest. Bingo Mad Angles are definitely one of the most favourite chips to munch on in recent times.

4. Pringles

Pringles is an American brand and their stackable potato chips were the ultimate treat when it came to chips. The light, tangy flavours, and crispiness of the chips are irresistible for both children and adults alike. Did you know they are sold in over 140 countries and are available in 34 flavours? Such is the power of Pringles! The most popular Pringles flavours in India are Pringles Potato Chips, Sour Cream and Onion, Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce, and Pringles Potato Chips Pizza.

5. Doritos

Doritos chips are nacho chips that are produced by PepsiCo India. It is a popular premium brand that also endorses many other chips on this list. However, this brand has its very own signature flavour called Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla chips. Its ultimate crisp and crunch along with its intense taste make it one of the best chips brands in India.

6. Kurkure

If you love munching on crunchy, savoury, spicy chips then Kurkure is for you. Their flavour is very unique and special and we absolutely love the quantity. Their most popular flavours are Masala Munch and Green Chutney. It is very popular amongst the children and the youth of this country.

7. Cornitos

Similar to Doritos but not quite the same, Cornitos are definitely very addictive. The mellow flavours of Cornitos will make it extremely hard for you to stop munching. They’re super crunchy like nachos and eating it with a dip makes it finger-licking good.

8. Crax

If you eat Crax by sticking your finger in each chip individually, then you are eating it right! It is a favourite of children in India, especially after school or playtime.

9. Parle Wafers

These crunchy, light chips with delightful flavours are crafted from hand-picked potatoes and come in six unique flavours. They are Parle’s Wafers Piri Piri, Parle’s Wafers Aloo Chaat, Parle’s Wafers Tangy Tomato, Parle’s Wafers Classic Salted, Parle’s Wafers Masala Masti, Parle’s Wafers Cream n’ Onion. The taste along with the quality of these chips makes them one of the top chips brands in India.

10. Kettle Studio

If you are concerned about health factors but still wish to indulge in chips every once in a while, then Kettle Studio Chips are the perfect potato chips. They use healthy potatoes, fry in sunflower oil, and season with exotic spices. Their quality standard is quite high. They come in very interesting flavours such as jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, sea salt, paprika, and balsamic vinegar. The sweet aroma of sunflower oil along with the fresh ingredients will hit you the very moment you open a pack, making it simply irresistible.

11. RiteBite Max Protein

The house of Naturell India Private Limited offers a variety of healthy snacks such as protein bars, nutrition bars, breakfast cookies, etc, and of course the RiteBite Max Protein chips. These gluten-free chips are crafted from super grains such as ragi, oats, quinoa, and much more and have 35% less fat than other chips, making them a guilt-free snacking option.

12. Yellow Diamond

Popular for making both international and traditional snacks, Yellow Diamond manufactures many things such as Namkeen, chips, rings, fingers, etc. They supply in 28 states in India and have a huge annual turnover of 900 crores. Salman Khan has also aided their growth in popularity.

13. Haldiram’s Chips

Haldiram’s is a major, leading brand of potato chips in India. It is also one of the best food brands that specialise in Indian sweets and snack items among many other items. They have multiple outlets in every city and their potato chips come in many fun flavours including Halke Fulke, Chilli Shamaka, and more.

14. Jacker

Jacker is a Malaysian brand and is one of the best brands of chips. These chips are made from fresh potatoes of the finest quality which gives them a natural flavor. Multiple flavours are available such as potato chocolate, potato meat, cucumber cake, and many more.

15. Too Yumm

Too Yumm is an Indian snack brand and is quite the recent addition to the chips market. Too Yumm veggies stix chips are crafted with a combination of multigrain and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and protein. This makes them an extremely healthy choice when it comes to chips and snacks in general. As they are baked, not fried, they are also known to contain natural oxidants.

16. TBH or To Be Honest

Founded by Mayank Gupta, TBH or To Be Honest is an innovative Indian snacks brand. They package healthy chips that are made with real vegetables and fruits. The gluten-free TBH chips are a powerful powerhouse of high nutrients and fiber content. These tasty, high dietary fiber chips use 50% less oil than regular chips and are seasoned with delicious spices.


Chips are one of the most popular snacking options and also one of the favourites for both children and adults alike. India is one of the top countries for chips sales worldwide. Here is our list of the best chips brands in India, ranging all the way from tasty to healthy options.

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Q. What are the top 5 chips brands?

Ans. The top 5 chips brands in the market at present is Lays, Uncle Chipps, Bingo Mad Angles, Pringles, and Doritos.

Q. Which is the best-selling chips brand?

Ans. Pepsico-owned Lays is India’s number 1 bestselling chips brand at present.

Q. Which is the best chips brand?

Ans. Multiple chips brands make the best quality chips. However, the best brands in the market are Lays, Pringles, Doritos, Too Yumm, and more.

Q. What are the healthiest chips brands?

Ans. The healthiest chips brands available in the market presently are Too Yumm, TBH, RiteBite Max Protein, Kettle Studio, Cornitos, and more.

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