Best Cold Drink Brands in India [6 Leading Brands]

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Best Cold Drink Brands in India [6 Leading Brands]

Indians' diets now include a variety of cold beverages. The demand for cold drinks has increased dramatically in only a few years. This could be due to the various food joints that have opened, or it could be due to the hot and humid climate. It is safe to assume that the cold drink business has profited handsomely from the Indian market.

Some top cold drink brands in India are :

1. Pepsi

Pepsi is without a doubt one of India's most popular cold drinks. It originally appeared on the Indian market in 1990. The name of the brand has been changed from Brad's drink Pepsi Cola to Pepsi. The flavour of the cold drink, on the other hand, has stayed unchanged across time. Since then, it has become so well-known in the country that it has begun to co-sponsor other major sporting events.

The Indian Premier League is one example of this. The renowned red-blue-white logo may be seen on the shirts of various Indian sports teams. Using appealing commercial concepts, the corporation has been popularising its brand on various sporting events. Pepsi is also offered in a low-calorie form known as Diet Pepsi to cater to diverse markets. Instead of sugar, artificial sweeteners are utilised in this drink. There is also an affluent variation called Pepsi Black, which is offered in certain urban areas around the country. Pepsi is also a key competitor of Coca Cola, another well-known cold drink brand in India. According to studies, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have a market share of 30% and 40%, respectively. These stats demonstrate that everyone appreciates Pepsico's beverage.

2. Coca Cola

Since antiquity, Coca-Cola has been the global leader in the cold drink business. To acquire its particular flavour, the firm has depended on a closely guarded recipe since its establishment in 1888 by John Pemberton.

Until recently, the firm relied on the same formula, which was only known to a few anonymous employees. In India, Coca Cola was the first cola-based beverage to be released. However, due to government regulations and other considerations, it was forced to withdraw from the Indian market in the mid-1970s. The chilly beverage made a reappearance in the country a decade later. It is now used as a mixer with rum-based cocktails or just pure rum. Coca Cola Zero is a low-calorie version of Coca-Cola that is popular among the country's weight watchers. Kinsley, the mineral water, is another Coca-Cola offering.

Coca-Cola is the undisputed market leader in coal-based beverages. In India, it competes with other cola-based beverages such as Pepsi. When it comes to soft drinks, though, almost everyone can agree that nothing tastes better than Coca-Cola. It goes nicely with pizza and samosas, among other junk foods.

3. Sprite

Many Indians have fallen in love with this lemony-flavoured, sparkling cool drink. The drink is ideal for drinking after a large meal. You can satisfy your thirst with a cool glass of sprite at any time of day. Despite competition from other lemon-based drinks such as 7 Up and Limca, Sprite has maintained its supremacy in the soft drink market.

It is unquestionably the unchallenged leader in the lime and lemony carbonated cold beverages sector in the country. Sprite, which is owned by Coca-Cola India, first appeared in the Indian market around two decades ago. Since then, it has been able to maintain its market leadership by gaining a sizable part of the cold drinks market. Sprite is a transparent cold drink with a clean and crisp flavour of lime and lemon. This is why it is popular among people of all ages. Sprite Zero, a sugar-free drink, was introduced a few years ago for those who like them.

Sprite surpassed Pepsi to become India's second most popular beverage in 2009. Sprite has the potential to dominate the country's soft drink market in the next few years.

4. Thums Up

The colour of this chilled drink is comparable to that of Coca Cola and Pepsi. It does, however, have a slightly different flavour. This is a home-grown brand introduced by an Indian Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. This was the company that produced food and beverages for Parle goods. This brand was launched in the Indian market in 1977 and was later purchased by Coca Cola, another prominent cold drinks brand.

You might be surprised to find that Thums Up was first created in India to remove Coca Cola from the country. Coca-Cola, on the other hand, purchased the company to compete with Pepsi, it is number one opponent. Thums Up's most notable attribute has to be its powerful and effervescent carbonated flavour. Until 2013, cold drinks dominated the Indian market. This was the year in which the Sprite took its place.

Thums Up, on the other hand, remains a popular brand among the country's youth. The company has a catchy advertising campaign called 'Taste the Thunder.' This has piqued the interest of the youthful, adventure-seeking generation. Thums Up comes in a variety of flavours, including Thums Up Charged and Thums Up Charged — No Sugar. However, they are only available in a few markets.

5. Limca

This is lime and lemony cold drink with a specific target market. It contains no fruit because it is artificially flavoured. Drinking this will offer you immediate pleasure from the first swallow. It is also known to be used to help digestion after a heavy meal.

In the mid-1970s, Parle Beverages produced this white, somewhat opaque, lime and a lemony flavoured cold drink. Bisleri, a portion of the Italian food and mineral water company, owned the trademark. It was, however, purchased by an Indian company. Coca-Cola now owns this popular chilled beverage.

Limca is without a doubt one of the most popular cold drinks available. Despite the fact that there is no actual juice in it, the flavour is identical to lemonade. Parle resident Ramesh Chauhan is alleged to have visited Duke's Lemonade. He was intrigued by their formula. He declined, despite his assurances that he would not use it. He later created the formula on his own and marketed Limca. Limca is now used as a mixer in vodka and gin-based beverages. The trademark is also listed in the Limca Book of World Records. This is an Indian encyclopaedia that has a wealth of general knowledge and information.

6. Fanta

This is another well-known cold beverage from the Coca-Cola company. This cold drink has grown in popularity in the Indian market since its introduction in 1993. The carbonated water, along with the delicious orange flavour, makes it ideal for consuming any junk food at any time.

Other flavours of the cold drink include Fanta Apple and Fanta Grape. A sugar-free variant was recently introduced for health-conscious consumers. Mirinda and other powdered soft drinks such as Tang and Rasna are currently posing a significant threat to the brand.

Fanta is derived from the German word Fantasie, which means "fantasy." As a result of German inventiveness and trade battles, we have grown to adore the orange flavour. The Third Reich established a restriction on importing cola syrup from the United States during World War II.


Apart from the cold drinks mentioned above, there are a variety of other soft drinks available in the Indian market. Traditional carbonated water with sugar, flavour, and caffeine is available.

We also have fruity, exotic, and energy drinks. All of these beverages fulfil international food safety requirements. Manufacturers such as Coca-Cola India, Pepsico India, and Parle Agro ensure that their goods are free of carcinogens that could affect your health. As a result, you can safely enjoy these cold beverages.

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Q. Which is the best brand of cold drink in India?

Ans. The list of top-selling cold drinks brands are Pepsi, Coca-cola, Thums Up, Limca, Sprite etc.

Ans. Coca-cola is the most popular brand of cold drink in India followed by Thums Up and Pepsi.

Q. Which brand manufactures sprite?

Ans. Coca-cola manufacturers Sprite.

Q. Which was the first cold drink in India?

Ans. Lemon Lime soda was the first cold drink in India which was made by the coca-cola company, it was introduced in the year 1977.

Q. Why is it called 7up?

Ans. 7Up has been created using 7 ingredients. These are carbonated water, sugar, the essence of lime and lemon oils, sodium citrate, citric acid and lithium citrate. The “UP” part of the name referred to the lithium mood lift. The beverages were originally sold in 7-ounce bottles.

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