Courier Franchise Business Ideas [Top Courier Franchises]

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Courier Franchise Business Ideas [Top Courier Franchises]

Courier services transport information, parcels, and packages from one location to another for a fee. Such enterprises play a very important role when it comes to enabling connectivity for goods and services over long distances. Businesses that provide courier services get their revenue based on parameters such as speed, security, tracking service level, and specialisation. Starting your own courier franchise business can be quick and easy; it can also be a long and frustrating process! Below we have compiled nine steps to help ease the process:

How to Start a Courier Franchise Business?

While starting a courier franchise business is great at the onset, securing couriers, arranging insurance policies for your employees, and ensuring that they are delivering to the correct addresses in customer-friendly ways are all important factors that you need to consider when starting out.

1. Solid Courier Franchise Business Idea

When starting your courier franchise business in India, it’s important to make solid plans and make sure you select an established courier company. You should ideally begin by defining whether you will be delivering local or long distance, and if you will offer services like packing and unpacking of small parcels or bulky boxes, which involve a lot more space and time. You can also decide on what type of vehicle you will be used to transport these goods.

2. Transportation Planning

The next factor to evaluate is considering if you will be conducting courier franchise business throughout various states or just in your home state. Perhaps you want to maintain a storefront and organise local deliveries around town. If so, do you also have any other alternative plans? Perhaps relying exclusively on traditional ground transportation methods like automobiles may not be the ideal choice. It’s generally a good idea to come up with multiple backup plans at all times and consider whether the transportation methods will include the use of special equipment such as planes, trains, and boats.

3. Get Expert Consultation

Unless you have a lot of courier franchise business-related knowledge, it is unlikely that you will be able to put together everything related to your courier business all by yourself. It’s recommended that a good mix of consultants be used to finalise the finer nuances related to your endeavour. Discuss the venture with an attorney who is knowledgeable about matters pertaining to courier services and will caution you about issues regarding regional zoning laws, especially if your company operates out of your house.

4. Complete Formalities

To start your Courier Franchise Business, you need to register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and fill out the necessary paperwork.

5. License

The next step in the process is to get the business license. You need to get a license from the government to start your courier franchise business.

6. Employee on Board

After that, do a little research into the different types of people that you will need on board, such as customer service representatives, package pickers, logistics managers, and accountants. Another thing that is important when getting started with your delivery business is determining if you will handle packages that require certain certifications such as sensitive materials. This includes, for example, food ingredients and chemicals for laboratories.

7. Assemble all Essential Resources

As a courier franchise business owner, you will want to determine which resources and tools will be most essential to your success. Deciding on the best transportation is very important if you wish to maintain delivery efficiency. If you carry small packages you can opt for motorcycles or small cars. When it comes to huge deliveries that require large trucks, it becomes important to have enough money for a business loan to access the resources needed to continue servicing clients.

8. Set your Charge

Before you set a price, think about your monthly expenses and other factors to ascertain how much you will need to charge. Think about the size of your region. You will have to charge more in a huge metropolis to make enough money. Also, research your market.

9. Provide the Best Service

As a small business proprietor, customers can be your most valuable asset or your biggest nightmare. Go the extra mile for your customers to show them just how much you care for them. For example, aim to deliver your services within 90 minutes instead of two hours. This will delight your customers and they are sure to tell others about it, in turn bringing you more business in no time!

10. Taxes

It is important to be aware of the many forms of taxes that you may have to pay in the future. The breadth of taxation is greater, from GST to custom tax, therefore it's critical to grasp the tiers and plan properly.

The 5 top e-commerce delivery franchise businesses in India are listed below:


Founded in


Franchise units



INR 50 Thousand

An old courier service company with a history of more than two decades, DTDC is one of the oldest courier services in India. It was established in 1990 as an express delivery company and has now expanded to handle over 12 million deliveries every month from its headquarters in Bangalore.

2. Ship n' Fly

Founded in


Franchise Units



INR 0.1 lakhs

Ship n' Fly is India's first-ever online courier franchise that has established an easy, transparent, cooperative environment for customers. This makes it easier for businesses to reach their most important clients in various regions of the country who can buy their products with confidence.

Woman hand accepting a delivery of boxes from deliveryman

3. InXpress

Founded in


Franchise Units



INR 5 lakhs

InXpress is a global courier franchise business that will allow you to build a flexible business around the shipping and delivery aspect of your company. It uses technology and industry-leading tools to make the process easier to manage and allows you to provide your customers with great service through all their shipping needs.

4. Delhivery

Founded in


Franchise Units



INR 0.5 lakh

Delhivery has become a significant player in the Indian logistics industry. It has made a name for itself as a company that is able to provide services with cutting-edge technology and excellent services. As India’s one of the largest B2B & B2C logistic courier service providers, Delhivery had shifted their entire focus to only deliver the utmost quality services to both domestic and international logistical partners, giving them access to an unmatched level of flexibility and control over their logistical needs.

5. Day Xpress Courier and Cargo Services

Founded in


Franchise units



INR 0.1 lakh

Day Xpress Courier and Cargo Services is one of the leading courier companies in South India today. They're devoted to providing efficient delivery solutions at affordable industry rates. They offer door-to-door services for customers across India with highly reliable delivery times.


A courier franchise business is a fast-paced enterprise that requires a lot of practice to perfect. Setting up a courier franchise business is not an easy task. You must be ready to face all types of challenges and will have to take risks and make decisions within a very short time. Getting into the courier franchise business can be exciting and fun. If you have ever wondered about courier franchise business ideas, this blog is all that you need to get started.

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Q. How can you obtain a courier license in India?

Ans. Begin by choosing a name for your courier business to obtain a license. Next, contact the local municipal government office and fill out the application form accurately.

Q. Is it profitable to run a courier franchise business in India?

Ans. In today’s world, the courier franchise is a fantastic business concept. It’s a low-risk, high-reward business opportunity.

Q. What are some courier business ideas?

Ans. A few courier business ideas include food and grocery delivery, and furniture delivery and assembly, among others.

Q. Which courier franchise is profitable?

Ans. DTDC Express Franchise

Q. How does a courier franchise make money?

Ans. In exchange for a share of the profits, a franchisee effectively buys a licence from a courier company, to use their logo, goods, and operational structure, and then runs the courier service as their own business.