Do's & Don'ts for a Mobile-DTH Recharge shop owner

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Do's & Don'ts for a Mobile-DTH Recharge shop owner

Are you thinking of starting a mobile-DTH recharge shop? Looking forward to earning good money and ways of expanding the small business?

The online mobile-DTH recharge is a new kind of service whose demand is high these days. People don’t want to miss the due dates, either mobile bill payments or making a recharge of DTH services. For the facilitation of DTH and mobile recharge, here is required to run successful mobile-DTH recharge services.

Do’S for a Mobile-DTH Recharge shop owner

1. Always start with small.

Always start with a small base, like opening a shop at one place and operate from there only. Once you make huge customers in one city, then go for another. When you start with a small business, it will help you become a large enterprise as you will grow to learn from the mistakes. You cannot answer how to grow my business in one day, and it requires time, patience, and hard work.

2. Create a single online portal to aid in all the services:

Make recharge options available for all the networks: With so many network operators in India, the demand for having a single portal is relatively high. Customers always prefer mobile-DTH recharge owners who offer easy mobile payment windows to recharge mobile quickly on any network, be it postpaid or prepaid.

3. Easily accessible DTH services:

Sometimes, the busy work schedules make people forget to make DTH bill payments. If you are looking forward to small business growth, create a portal that gives notifications to your customers of the due dates. It is like creating empathy with the customers by taking responsibility for making timely recharge and bill payments.

an utility bill with a magnifying glass on green background

4. Utility bill payments:

Apart from DTH or mobile services, also offer the option to make utility bill, landline bill, broadband bill payments through your gateway. It is one of the most crucial small business tips to be followed by the mobile-DTH recharge owner.

5. Easy accessibility and time saving:

These are two main requirements for all users looking forward to a platform to make bill payments. If you offer these, surely you will get the answer of how to expand my small business.

6. Create your customisable software for doing mobile or DTH recharge:

To earn good money on mobile and recharge business, customise the software. It will drive more traffic to your recharge software, be it mobile or DTH recharge business. The app makes business growth easier and is more responsive in comparison to recharges done using the website. Following this business tip will surely make your business stand above competitors.

7. Secured Payment Gateway:

Another small business tip for DTH-mobile recharge owners is the integration of a secured payment gateway. It is not only a tip but a need and necessity to run a smooth DTH-Mobile recharge business. Creating a secured payment gateway will make your business more credible. Secondly, less traffic will come to your site.

8. Easily accessible interface

Suppose the site or app created for offering mobile-DTH recharge services is hard to operate. It will be a big blow to your small business. The objective of making a site or app is to engage with more and more target audiences. Take the help of the professional developer as only a professional understands complex coding. Easy handling of the interface will result in higher revenue generation.  The best user interface is the correct answer to how to grow your business.

9. Creating of simple and easy to use online wallet system

After creating an interface, the next step is to work on creating an easy-to-use wallet system. Make sure using this interface one makes easy mobile recharges sitting from the comfort of your room. It will make the DTH and mobile shop owners enjoy massive traffic on their websites. It will result in getting handsome money and make your small business a successful one.

10. Enabling of single-sim multi recharge facility

The key to how to grow your business of mobile-DTH services you will get when you allow your customers to do a lot of things in one go. It is only possible to profile a single-sim multi recharge facility to the customer for using services more dynamically like mobile recharge, DTH services, data, cable, etc. It sure shot the best business tips for skyrocketing the small business.

11. Learn to use SEO techniques to make people aware of your mobile and DTH services

Make use of the pay-per-click to drive traffic to your newly created mobile and DTH service provider app. There are mainly two benefits associated with this strategy. The first one is that your app will start appearing on the top of search engines, and you can do testing of various keywords to find out the highest conversion keywords that work well on increasing the traffic on your app and get more user engagements. It is one of the most trusted business tips to expand the business.

12. Use email marketing to expand your small business

Many are running mobile and DTh services in India. To stand out in the competition, it is a must for a shop owner to build an opt-in list of your valuable target audiences and make them aware of the newly started business mobile and DTH recharge owner. Email marketing should cover the following tips:

  • Offering them exciting discounts and cashback on recharges
  • Welcome bonus points
  • With your services sustain a long relationship with the customer

The best part about this email marketing campaign is that its results are 100 percent measurable and cost-effective modes of advertisement.

Don'ts word coming out of a megaphone on green background

Don'ts for a Mobile-DTH Recharge shop owner

  • Never start a business without proper planning
  • Never ignore the feedback shared by the customer in terms of mobile and DTH recharge services.
  • Never compromise in the quality of mobile recharges and DTH services
  • Don't keep many expectations at the initial level of business
  • Never ignore or consider your competitors weak. Keep a track of their business strategies as it will help you to become better.
  • Don't be late or less responsive to the grievances and concerns of your customers.
  • Never forget to make customers feel that how much valued they are
  • Don't compromise on the quality and safety payment gateway servers. Make sure that they are secured and encrypted.


The DTH and mobile recharge business are some of the most profitable ventures. If you are implementing these business tips, you will get success for sure. This business does not demand huge investment and the best part is that it guarantees huge ROIs in return. The main requirement of running a successful business is a good business marketing strategy. A good DTH and mobile recharge owner must be well-versed with cash flow analysis, break-even analysis, and profit-loss forecast. You can also contact OKStaff as we have many expert teams to offer small business tips and advice to expand your business.

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Q. What is the full form of DTH?

Ans. The full form of DTH is the Direct-to-Home television. It acts as a recipient of the satellite programs by providing dish services in all the homes. Availability of DTH service eliminates the need for local cable services by making the broadcaster directly contact the consumer.

Q. How to start a small business without having sufficient funds?

Ans. Here are some ways in which you can start a small business with no money:

  • Ask yourself a few questions about what you can do, free of cost to start a business.
  • You can take financial assistance from your friends or family.
  • You can apply for a small business loan to start your new business. It is readily available at a low-interest rate.
  • Look for local funding and small business grant opportunities
  • You can search for investors also.

Q. Which business is easiest to start?

Ans. The business whose nature is selling mobile or DTH service providers is easy to start a business. This business is related to selling you expertise, skill, and knowledge.

Q. What are the different forms of business?

Ans. There are four forms of business:

  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability company
  • Corporation

Q. What are the benefits of online DTH recharge?

  • Usually, the online DTH service provider is offering free of cost services.
  • There is no transaction fee involved.
  • Avail of exciting deals and discounts.
  • Save more on making online bill payments.
  • Safe and secured payment gateways
  • Enabling of single-sim multi recharge facility be it  mobile recharges of DTH recharges
  • Proper seamless and simple process

Q. How to choose the right DTH service provider?

  • Check for channels being offered in a package plan.
  • Understand the process of installation
  • Check the cost of services offered
  • One who is giving the option of easy DTH portability