Famous Street Food of Uttarakhand

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Famous Street Food of Uttarakhand

How You Can Start Its Business Anywhere?

Are you a foodie and love to explore different delectable food options? Do you know there is a catch in the local Uttarakhand’s cuisines? Apart from being tasty and delicious, they hold high nutrient value. Do you want to experience some authentic food cuisines of Deva Bhoomi or Uttarakhand? Well, we have got your back in hunting down the famous hilly region street food options. So, check out our well-researched collection of some of the most famous street food of Uttarakhand.

1. Chilli Momos

If you are a momos lover and like to have your momos as piping hot and spicy, you must have Uttarakhand’s chilli momos. Kalsang sells one of the most delicious and unique momos in Dehradun. The chilli momos are served hot with a thick spicy red gravy with bell peppers and shallots. Momos are one of the most loved and demanded street food dishes.

How to start its business?

You can even plan for momos food vans, stalls, or even restaurants in any cities by just carrying forward the authentic recipe of Garhwali momos. You can start this food business idea within a limited budget, and later on, you may broaden your momos business. The chilli momos business requires a lesser amount of investment and gives a decent profit. The demand and sale of varied momos dishes are high owing to its cut-rate price, venture capital and upkeep costs.

2. Butter Toffees (or Stick Jaws)

Butter toffees, aka stick jaws, are quite a famous street food item among the sweet-toothed locals and tourists. Uttarakhand has many ancient and authentic English bakeries known for their delicious baked cookies, toffees, cakes, and other sweet dishes.

How to start its business?

You can also start a business of butter toffees and sell them at decent rates. You can start the business of butter toffees from home and sell the products to customers. As per your butter toffees business esteem and requirements, you can manufacture and set up a toffee baking plant or factory. To produce a significant number of butter toffees and import and export them amid wide-ranging demographics and counties.

Navratri Upwas Thali or Fasting food platter

3. Poori Thali

When looking for a healthy street food meal option in Uttarakhand, poori thali is one of the most loved meals. Enjoy the meal of four to five whole-grain pooris with salad, pickle, and vegetable gravy cooked in Garhwali spices and cooking techniques. Cherish the wholesome meal at a nominal cost at any street stalls of Uttarakhand.

How to start its business?

To start a business of poori thali, you will require a lump sum amount of 10,000 INR. Initially, you can sell the poori thali in a food stall or a moveable food van. Later on, based on your budget and demand, you can expand the authentic Garhwali poori thali and launch your business on various food delivery online applications.

4. Aloo Ke Gutke

One of the most famous street food dishes of Uttarakhand is aloo ke gutke. You can enjoy these spicy and hot potato starters at a very nominal cost. The potato wedges are stir-fried inauthentic Garhwali spices – cumin, dry red chillies, jakhiya and enjoyed most in the winter season.

How to start its business?

If you want to start a Garhwali street food business of aloo ke gutke, you can set up a street food stall. You can initially plan out with a minimum budget of 5000 INR and sell these spicy Garhwali spicy potato dishes near crowded and busy areas such as nearby offices, colleges, railway stations, bus stations, and public places.

5. Kumaoni Dal Vada

If you are in Uttarakhand, don’t forget to try the best selling and demanded fritters – Kumaoni Dal Vada on the street stalls. They are made from Kumaoni dal with herbs and spices fried in edible oil until they turn golden brown and crispy. They have a high nutrient value, making them the most desired street food items in Uttarakhand.

How to start its business?

You can start the food stall of this delicious Uttarakhand cuisine, and without any doubt, it will be a great hit in any city. You can serve the Kumaoni Dal Vada with spicy mint and coriander chutney, jaggery and tamarind chutney and hot chai. Undoubtedly, this deadly combination of crispy and hot fritters with chai and lip-smacking sweet and spicy chutney will be a great hit. To start this food business, you can set up a street-side stall or mobile van. It will require an investment of around 6000 INR.

Piiyaji, gulgula, bara, aloo chop, mangso chop, etc, are being sold by cart pullers

6. Gulgula

Gulgula is one of the most prominent sweet street food options in Uttarakhand. When you visit Uttarakhand, you must try Gulgula. They are made up of whole wheat flour and jaggery and often served with spicy and sour mint and coriander chutney. While in some parts of Uttarakhand, people prefer to use cornflour to make these delicious gulgulas. Preparation and cooking time in this Garhwali dish is meagre and requires a minimum amount of ingredients too.

How to start its business?

You can start this Garhwali dish with a minimal amount of investment and with limited raw materials. The estimated investment amount required to set up this business on a street food stall is approx 2000 INR.

Final Thoughts

Mesmerised, right? All the mentioned places and markets are recognised for the delectable street food stall hopping experience. So, you might have got a quick understanding of where and when to eat when you are in Uttarakhand cities. Also, from the mentioned business ideas, you can open a Uttarakhand street food business from anywhere. So, why are you waiting? Pack your bags and delve into the charisma and distinctness of the mentioned Uttarakhand street food markets. You can plan out your financial plan, location, funds, and innovative viewpoints to make your Uttarakhand’s street food business a hit.

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Q. Does Uttarakhand have nutritious street food for locals and tourists?

Ans. Yes, Uttarakhand is well-known for its luscious spicy yet wholesome street food options. The street food items are mostly made from cereals, lentils, pulses, herbs, green vegetables, and authentic Garhwali spices that make the dish full of nutrients and flavourful.

Q. Is Uttarakhand street food budget-friendly?

Ans. Most of the Uttarakhand street food starts from 10INR per plate and can go on as per the quantity and the variety of street food you pick to munch on. Also, you can enjoy starters such as chaat, momos, Sev puri at a nominal rate of 20INR per plate, sweet dishes such as jalebi and rabri, Garhwali sweets, hot piping rasgullas starting from a nominal rate of 15 INR per plate, and the main course such as puffy kachoris, stuffed parathas at an affordable 50 INR per plate. So, you can enjoy a full plate meal at a pocket-friendly rate and low as 110 INR per meal.

Q. Are there any non-vegetarian street food options available in Uttarakhand?

Ans. No, you cannot have any kind of non-vegetarian street food option in Uttarakhand. The state is a holy place and known for its religious activities due to the beautiful amalgamation of the sacred river, the Ganges and hundreds of historical and holy temples.

Q. Are the street foods available in Uttarakhand spicy?

Ans. Indeed, you can enjoy various zests in a street food option in Uttarakhand. If you are a spicy food follower, you can try chilly momos of Dehradun, chaat, and stuffed kachoris. There are moderate to high spicy food options available as the street food option in Uttarakhand. If you try North Indian chaat options, they will be less to mildly spicy, while if you opt for Pahadi chaat options, they will be on the higher side in the spicy level.