FMCG Distributors in Hyderabad Detailed List [2022]

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FMCG Distributors in Hyderabad Detailed List [2022]

FMCG Distributors situated in Hyderabad have done exemplary work in their industrial space by keeping an adequate stock of regular foodstuffs throughout the city during the initial as well as subsequent lockdowns.

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business has been quite active during the last decade. Because the sector is so fluid, all companies strive to retain their clients by investing in new and better mechanisms to give a consistent experience.

The sector is thriving, thanks to rising demand in both urban and rural regions. But it was, and continues to be, reliant on the FMCG Distribution Network. This industry is responsible for delivering large amounts of products around the nation.

The network is led by large corporations that produce fast-moving consumer products, such as Dabur, Bikano, Jockey, and others. The businesses want to offer their wares to individuals in both urban and rural areas.  As a result, super stockists, or those who keep large amounts of commodities in order to distribute them to several distributors, buy them in bulk to sell their goods.

Best FMCG Distributors in Hyderabad

Hyderabad city has its share of top FMCG distributors who meet quality standards and consumer expectations. The list of top 10 FMCG distributors situated in Hyderabad include:

  1. Bhoi Sales Agency
  2. Parle Agro Pvt Ltd
  3. Ghanshyam Super Market
  4. Sara Cloth Merchants
  5. Latha Enterprises
  6. Geekays
  7. Pacy Imports & Exports
  8. Ehealth Pharmacy
  9. Shri Sai Associates
  10. Soul Handicraft

All these FMCG distributors are listed below, with further details:

1. Vedamsa Agro Food Products Pvt Ltd:

It is a wholesale business that was established in 2015. The CEO of this company is Kapil Reddy. They specialize in supply chain management of agricultural products. These agro-products include staples, cotton lint, pulses, and much more. The main goal of this FMCG distributor is to add value to the supply chain portfolios of the stakeholders. This is done by offering a catalogue of products to remote and rural areas.

2. Parle Agro Pvt Ltd:

They are one of the most recommended FMCG distributors in Hyderabad. Most of their customers issued positive reviews. Their store is located in a prime area. The nearest landmark is the Satya Sai Nigam. This establishment is open 24 hours.

3. Ghanshyam Super Market:

This is a famous retailer store that offers bulk groceries, kitchen appliances, and FMCG products. It is a partnership firm that runs throughout normal working hours. It has great reviews and recommendations. The prices are also affordable as compared to the other distributors.

4. Sara Cloth Merchants:

This enterprise is popularly known in Hyderabad for its retailing engine oil and FMCG products. It also sells rice and pulses. There is no partnership involved in this business. You can contact Gulam Dastageer Khan for any type of query or set price. All the details are illustrated in their brochure available online.

5. Latha Enterprises:

It is considered an institutional supplier for distributing baby care products. They are both traders and distributors. They have a total of 10 employees. This business was established in 2007 and has no partnership involved. Apart from the FMCG products, they also sell baby range goods and baby care products. Their store is open 24 hours. You can contact the manager, TV Rao, for further details of this company.

6. Geekays:

They are manufacturers and additionally also trade and supply goods. Established in 2001, they have highly positive reviews and ratings. They focus on satisfying their customers promptly and quickly. It is because of this reason that they have plenty of customers. Their other main goal is to supply products with the best quality and innovative collections. They also provide the best customer service. They offer a variety of items apart from FMCG products. These products include gift articles, cleaning chemicals, stationery, etc.

7. Pacy Imports & Exports:

This business was established in 2006. They are mainly famous for exporting goods. Apart from the export service, they import and supply goods as well. It is one of the popular businesses in Hyderabad. The CEO of this company is Mirza Kausar Baig. This company runs on a partnership. The FMCG products offered by this company include disposable baby diapers, flavoured milk powder, sanitary pads, and so forth.

8. Ehealth Pharmacy:

In any area, there must be at least one business to distribute medicines and pharmaceutical products. This FMCG distributor is one such business. They are retail traders who don't have any partnerships involved in their business. Their products and services include medicines and cosmetics.

9. Shri Sai Associates:

This is also a known FMCG distributor providing consistent services. Some of the difficult-to-find products that are offered by Shri Sai Associates include classic malt Horlicks, Horlicks Kesar badam, chocolate Horlicks, etc. They also don't have any partnerships involved in their business.

10. Soul Handicraft:

This company was established in 2000. Although they mainly offer manufacturing services, they also have wholesale and trading businesses. The CEO of this business is Bhim Fitkirwala, with 11 to 25 employees working under him. The products and services include home decor items.

Contact Information

FMCG Product Distributor


Phone Number

Vedamsa Agro Food Products Pvt Ltd

H No 8-2-293 K 38 Plot No. 38 Ground Floor Kamalpuri Colony, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad - 500073


Parle Agro Pvt Ltd

Plot No. 124, Door No 8-3-986-1, 3rd Floor, Sais Icon Building, Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad - 500073

040 48544526


Ghanshyam Super Market

3-43-161, Krishna Bhavan Colony, Survey No.5 to 8, 17 to 20 and 23 Wellington Road Aoc Gate, Hyderabad - 500026


Sara Cloth Merchants

17-1-47/1, Edi Bazar Bandh Naka, Hyderabad - 507115


Latha Enterprises

Plot No. 34, LIG, Huda Colony, Hyderabad - 500035



Plot No. 160 Sudarsam Colony Opposite Hcu Bus Depot, Hyderabad - 500045


Pacy Imports & Exports

Sheema Complex, Plot No. 8-1-21/168 Tolichowki, Hyderabad - 500008


Ehealth Pharmacy

7-1-68/1/1/A/1, Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500016


Shri Sai Associates

Door No. 12-10-182, Sitaphalmandi, Secunderabad, Hyderabad - 500061


Soul Handicraft

No. 138, Near Sri Kurpa Market, Old Malakpet, Hyderabad - 500036


(once connected, you have to dial ext 728)


The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business has been flourishing in the recent era. If you want to get comprehensive information regarding the top FMCG distributors that are situated in Hyderabad, you can go through the details mentioned in the above section.

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Q. How does FMCG distribution work in Hyderabad?

Ans. Significant consumer goods producers such as Dabur, Bikano, and Jockey are the network's leaders. Businesses aim to market to both urban and rural customers situated in Hyderabad. As a result, they distribute their goods in bulk to mega stockists or those that store commodities in large quantities in order to sell them to a large number of distributors.

Q. What are 4 types of distribution?

Ans. There are four distinct distribution channels: direct selling, indirect selling, dual distribution, and reverse logistics.

Q. How to contact FMCG distributors in Hyderabad?

Ans. You can contact FMCG distributors from the contact details given in the section above. They will clear all your doubts and will guide you through the business process.

Q. What profit percentage do distributors take?

Ans. The phrase "distributor markup" refers to the amount by which distributors increase the selling price of their products in order to cover their own expenditures and generate a profit. The distributor markup is normally 20%, but may vary between 5% and 40% depending on the industry.

Q. Is the FMCG business profitable in Hyderabad?

Ans. Generally, FMCGs have poor profit margins. They are, nevertheless, profitable in major cities like Hyderabad. FMCG distribution includes a broad range of products and every business has its different collection rates.