Government GST portals and all their details

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Government GST portals and all their details

GST is the One tax that sought to unify the entire nation under a standard taxation system for goods and services. After the implementation of this uniform system, a lot of amendments were made. As business people and customers got more accustomed to it, GST registration was made more accessible and more manageable.The GSTN portal or this is the official website set up by the Government of India for GST. The robust technology has made navigating through and learning about GST services easy.

The functions of the GSTN Portal

Being the official portal for GST in India, this portal ensures that users and taxpayers can easily use services for multiple steps attached to the GST in India. It facilitates easy obtaining GST registration online, applications for refunds, filing of returns on GST or cancellation of the registration.

As much as the makers of GST aimed to simplify the tax regime of India, they also focused on it having a strong technological backing. Thus made it very easy for taxpayers to access GST services. The need to visit departments for taxation related assessments or transactions was reduced. The GST portal allows communications. Any queries or clarifications regarding the acceptance or rejection of applications can now be done online. Paying GST online via this portal is also very easy. Cancelling one and initialling a new GST registration has become hassle-free and easy.

How to Login to the GSTN portal?

There are three steps taxpayers or businessmen should follow to log into the GST portal. Then they can easily navigate and carry on with their transactions. The steps are:

Step1: The ‘Login’ option appears on the right-hand corner of the homepage of the portal. Click on that.

Step 2: Fill in the username, the password and enter the captcha as provided and click on ‘Log in’.

Step 3: On successful Login, a dashboard appears showing a summary of GST payable, GST credits or notices.

As this portal is very versatile, with proper understanding and navigation, a lot can be accomplished from the comfort of our homes. Looking into the contents of the page and their functions are very important.

What are the contents of the GSTN portal?

To understand and correctly use the services provided by the portal for the savvy transaction of the goods and service tax, it is essential to know that the taxpayers will be ushered to different pages before and after they register or login. Let us take separate looks what the portal looks like before and after one logs in:

Before the Login

1. Services

i) Registration: The first and foremost tab under services is the link for applying to a new GST registration under which people use various options as per the turnover of their businesses. People can also track the status of their registration.

ii) Payments: The next link is to direct taxpayers who have visited the portal to make payments.

iii) e-Way Bill System: This link leads users to an e-way Bill portal, as suggested by the name. This portal also allies accessing the FAQS on the user manual, file for clarifications, use services for the creation of GST challans.

2. GST Laws

This link ushers the users to a tab that consists of the links to go to the CBIC and other UT or State commercial websites for tax. It shows all the rules that are valid for all the components of GST. It has:

i) SGST acts and regulations.

ii) IGST regulations and acts.

iii) CGST acts and rules.

iv) UTGST acts and regulations.


The government has both offline and online methods for filing of returns on GST. This link allows users to access two tabs:

i) Offline tools

ii) GST statistics

4. Search Taxpayer

Available on the homage and even after logging in, this link allows users to search for a taxpayer’s PAN or GSTIN/UIN for detailed verifications for separate registration. A GSTIN registration and the schemes it was used to apply to can be searched for using Search Taxpayer.

5. Taxpayer Facilities and Help

The Help tab provides:

i) Various “how-to” steps. It also contains:

ii) System requirements for GST filing online.

iii) Links to usher users to a grievance redressal portals.

iv) User-manuals

v) Videos and FAQs

Advisories on new facilities, list of new resolutions, GST suvidha providers,

free billing and accounting software and errors are included.

A portal to resolve doubts in the GST filing has also been added.

6. News, updates and events

Further scrolling will help users find GST news, GSTIN updates and changes

in due dates or filing processes.

Post Login

1. The Dashboard

On login, the dashboard allies taxpayers access their profile, check for notices or notices with just one simple click. Taxpayers can initiate returns or create challans for tax payments using the dashboard.

2. GST Services

i) Post login, under the Registration tab, the facility to amend non-core fields of the GST registration are available.

ii) A ledgers tab.

iii) A Returns tab.

iv) A Payments tab.

v) A Refunds tab.

vi) A User Services tab.

Thus the online GSTN portal provides a lot of services like application for GST registrations, optimising one’s composition theme, filing GST returns, claim refunds, pay GST etc. However, people tend to have a lot of questions about the GST online portal.

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Q. Can the portal be used without registering?

A. No. Registering with the application is mandatory to use a wide range of features and services provided.

Q. Can one person register into multiple accounts?

A. No. One unique email id and unique GST number can be used for registering into one account. Many unique GST numbers, however, can be added under one tab.

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