An Entrepreneur's Guide to Renting Your First Office Space

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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Renting Your First Office Space

Renting office space can be quite an exciting affair! Ideal working space can give wings to a great business idea. A space that doesn't make you or your team comfortable isn't the best thing to have. You need to invest time and resources to find the best possible office space to carry out your business.

A working space for your new business should cater to your teammates’ needs and be aesthetically pleasing as well. Dealing with the office space business is no less than searching for your dream home. You need to think about specific points like location, connectivity, population density, type of vicinity, etc.  You also need excellent networking skills with an efficient broker who understands your needs and isn't exploitative in terms of money. You need to crack the best deal concerning Renting office space.

Here are some suggestions on how you can rent your first office and kickstart your new business operations:

Suggestions to lease new office space:

1. Decide on what facilities you require around you:

Another factor when leasing your first commercial office space that could affect your area choice is the close-by conveniences. Your group will probably see the value in an office at any rate relatively near cafés and coffeehouses. What's more, if there are certain places you need to visit consistently for business purposes, such as meeting spaces or banks, you'll need those to be close by also.

2. Size and Design

For a developing business, this might be the most troublesome inquiry to reply to. What amount of office space do you require? You would need ample space to for in your entire team comfortably. A food heating space/small kitchen, open bathroom space, smoking zones, pantry, etc., are other considerations.  On the off chance that space begins getting tight and you're secured in a long rent, you do have choices today. To expand a more modest space, think about adaptable timetables and telecommuters, which are attractive alternatives, and might help you draw in.

budget written on notepad with pen, coffee mug, phone on table

3. Prioritise a budget dedicated to the office

The cost of a place is likely your next huge concern. Try not to pick an office that will put your business excessively far into obligation and hinder its development. Do all the math that you require so that you have an estimate of how much you can spend.

Do not choose options that could get costly for you.

4. Picking the Correct location

Discovering space in country territories can be testing. In urban areas, it tends to be costly. On the off chance that you have a staff, you need a focal area that is not difficult to get to. Bigger cities in India will, in general, be lofty, upscale, and have benefits of advantageous transportation, neighbourhood eateries, shopping, recreation centers, and bars for loosening up and associating after work. At the same time, these areas have a lot of traffic and nightmarish noise issues. A good alternative could be renting office space in the suburbs or a little towards the city’s outskirts. Like Hinjewadi in Pune, Navi Mumbai, Noida around Delhi, etc. Consult an expert from the property renting business to guide you in the process

5. Find out about building maintenance, security, and tenant support systems

Maintenance and security ought to be the primary need for any of your colleagues. Regardless of where you wind up working, you and your colleagues should feel secure.

Get some information about the safety efforts set up. Usually, these will include keycard access, surveillance cameras, and different wellbeing techniques in case of a crisis. You should likewise get some information about how the structure is kept up; it's a decent sign if specialised or mechanical issues are tended to quickly so as not to meddle with your everyday work.

6. Consider all the options that you have

There are different kinds of spaces with regards to an office. From open collaborating spaces to customary private workplaces, business people can browse an assortment of office formats.

  • Virtual Office Space – Not an office space, but rather exceptionally valuable for those functioning distantly that need admittance to an esteemed work locale.
  • Office/work suite – An excellent alternative for business people that need different, interconnected spaces for a developing business.
  • Dedicated Desks – Just like an exclusive office chamber, dedicated work areas offer adaptability and moderateness, just as the security of a locking file organiser and a saved work area.
  • Private/personal Office – Fit for groups somewhere in the range of 1 and 20 individuals. A private office is best for business visionaries who plan to develop their group and need a selective space for joint effort. This also a good option if you're involved in the office space business.

7. Search for owners who are ready to give out flexible rent agreements

While dealing with office space business, you must scan through your office rent agreement thoroughly. Notwithstanding the rules you set for your optimal office space, you'll need to look out for any adaptability in the renting cycle. For instance, the workplace space organisation may offer a markdown on your lease for consenting to a drawn-out arrangement. This degree of adaptability can be pivotal for guaranteeing the practicality of a creating organisation.

man signing the lease agreement with pen

8. Examine your rent agreement lease papers cautiously before sealing the deal

Only if you're an expert in the office space business, you'll smoothly understand the agreement terms. Otherwise, you're probably going to face some confounding expressions in your rent deed.

In a lease arrangement, the vast majority of the required data concerning the workplace search is imparted in industry terms rather than regular language that inhabitants can comprehend. Ensure you go over your rent agreement with extreme attention to detail. Uncertainty can be regular concerning the wording in leases. The matters around who is answerable for instalments and maintenance can get confusing. Try not to be reluctant to pose inquiries to get what you need – nobody often thinks about your business more than you do. Recruit a specialist to deal with arrangement methodology.

9. Make a systematic list

In the end, as you visit different spaces, you may see that your needs and wants for an office space change. Make a rundown of spots you need to visit, and cautiously investigate every property before settling on your ultimate conclusion. be clear with what you want and shortlist the good ones. Make a table of pros and cons for each space that you visit and then compare. These ideas can be convenient.


Finding a suitable office space for your new business can be a daunting task if you don't take the right approach or seek help from the right people. Don't head out alone without a plan in your head.

If you have a great new business idea, you better invest in a suitable office space to make it work wonderfully. Shifting into a new office can be overwhelming after the initial work-from-home experience.

But you need to take the leap of faith and set it right and make your teammates comfortable. Follow the steps we've mentioned above and witness your new business reach soaring heights!

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Q. Is renting office space for a new business difficult?

Ans. No, if you take up the task systematically, the task isn't that tough. But yes, it takes time and patience.

Q. Is renting office space for my business compulsory?

Ans. It isn't compulsory. However, your business would function better if carried out from an office, especially if you have a team. Coordinating with co-workers is easier in an office. Can I rent a new office space without a broker?

Q. How should I go about renting office space?

Ans. There are many aspects involved in this process. You need to look around and shortlist properties that suit your needs. If required, hire a broker to make things simpler. At the end of it, you need to invest time, energy, and resources.

Q. How much is the rent for a new office?

Ans. This again depends on a lot of things like the type of your business, size of your team, location of the office, size, and property design.