Top 10 Hair Colour Brands in India

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Top 10 Hair Colour Brands in India

Indian hair is known for its beauty and dark, rich colour, and depth. However, in the globalised world, with many influences, trends, and monotonous restrictions on movement, hair colouring has seen a big jump in sales in the past few years. The Indian hair colour market was valued at $477 million in 2020. Further, it is estimated that the market will grow up to 17% by 2026.

It is tough to choose from the plethora of hair colour brands in India. Hair colours could do severe damage if not selected wisely. The chemicals in them can leave hair extremely dry and damaged. It might cost a lot for a salon treatment to get the gorgeous tresses back. Therefore, some hair colour brands are now focusing on creating a blend of healthy, affordable, and flawless colouring experiences. Hence, here’s a list of the best hair colour brands in India and everything you need to know about them.

1. L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris’s Excellence Creme speaks about its triple care formula and colour. It promises complete colouring from the root to the tips with 85% more resistance, ensuring less breakage. Coming from one of the best hair colour brands in India, this product has an ammonia-free formula, retaining moisture to protect hair from frizz, dryness, and brittleness. Additionally, it contains ceramide, pro-keratin and collagen, which protect, strengthen, and replenish the hair. The cream-based formula makes it easy to apply and lasts up to 28 shampoo cycles.

Where to buy: You can buy it from Amazon, BigBasket, Nykaa, or Flipkart after comparing the prices, which range from ₹500–700.

Colours available: 3 Dark Brown, 4.25 Aishwarya’s Brown, 3.16 Burgundy, 4.2 Plum Brown, 4 Natural Brown, 5 Natural Brown, 6.13 Golden Brown, 1 Black, 5.32 Caramel Brown

2. BBlunt

BBlunt’s permanent, no-ammonia silk protein formula lasts up to 8 weeks. The colour’s enriched three-system formula with Shine Tonic protects the hair and locks in moisture, ensuring soft tresses with gorgeous colour.

Where to buy: You can buy them from the official website or eCommerce websites for ₹170–200.

Colours available: Cherry Red, Chocolate, Mahogany Red, Honey Light Golden Brown, Black, Wine, Deep Burgundy, Dark Brown, Coffee Natural Brown

3. Revlon

Revlon presents 41 shade options for permanent hair colour for those looking for another premium hair colour brand in India. The new 3D gel technology gives a clean and drip-free colouring experience ensuring gorgeous and healthy hair. The gel formula makes it easy to get simple highlights at home.

Where to buy: Buy it from any eCommerce website with prices ranging from ₹150–400.

Colours available: Multiple shades of black, blonde, brown, red, burgundy, and auburn

4. Crazy Colour by Renbow

Crazy Colour’s intensely pigmented semi-permanent hues give a vibrant finish to your hair. The easy-to-apply formula can colour your hair in just under 30 minutes. It stays up to 8 shampoo washes and stays beautiful even while fading. Crazy Colour is the most suitable hair colour brand in India if you are looking to give sharp changes to your hair without bleaching.

Where to buy: You can get the colour from any eCommerce website at a minimal cost of ₹500–800.

Colours available: Platinum, Ruby Rouge Graphite, Bubblegum Blue, Peppermint, Capri Blue, Ice Mauve, Lime Twist, Burgundy, Fire Red, Lavender, Sapphire, Pine Green, Hot Purple, Rose Gold, Orange, Vermillion Red, Silver, Sky Blue

5. Garnier Colour Naturals

The no-ammonia hair colour formula enriched with three essential oils – olive, avocado, and almond – nourishes hair and lasts up to 8 weeks. It reduces the typical dryness that comes after colouring hair. The best part is that it comes in sachets and bottles, making it easier for first-timers to try at a very minimal cost.

Where to buy: You can buy it from the official website or any other eCommerce website at a price range of ₹49–300, depending on the size.

Colours available: Multiple shades of brown, black, and red

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6. Streax

The product contains walnut and almond oils to nourish and strengthen your hair. The ammonia-free hair colour provides full-grey coverage and gives long-lasting results. Streax is among the top hair colour brands in India as its products range from natural colours for traditionalists to funky colours for those looking to experiment with more vibrant, bolder shades.

Where to buy: It costs from ₹130–400 depending on the size and colour on eCommerce websites like Amazon, Nykaa, or Flipkart.

Colours available: Shades of red, brown, black, blonde, blue, green, and violet

7. Colour Mate

If you are looking for henna-based herbal hair colour, Colour Mate could be an answer to you. It ensures 100% grey coverage and is ammonia-free to nourish your hair and leave it smooth, soft and shiny. The drip-free formula makes for a smoother colouring experience.

Where to buy: Available on Amazon, Flipkart, or Nykaa at the cost of ₹150–200

Colours available: Brown, Black, Burgundy, Blonde, Copper Red

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8. Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox is an ideal hair colour brand if you wish to change your hair colour often or just for a vacation. The semi-permanent, vegan, and cruelty-free colour comes in vibrant shades from basic to neon. It stays for around 9 shampoo washes and contains zero harsh chemicals, ensuring zero harm to your hair. You can choose from 118 ml to 236 ml depending on your requirement.

Where to buy: You can order all shades from the official website or the select options available on other e-shopping websites at ₹800–2000, depending on the size.

Colours available: Purple Rain, Violet Dream, Phantom Green, Poseidon, Aquamarine, Virgin Pink, Ritual, Wrath, Frose, Electric Paradise, Poison, Sunset Orange, Cosmic Sunshine, Neon Moon, Iris Green, Neverland, Blue Jean Baby, Periwinkle, Purple Af, Girl’s Night, Transylvania, Sterling, etc.

9. Kama Ayurveda Natural Organic Hair Colour

If you are looking for hair colour brands in India with herbal and healthy ingredients, Kama Ayurveda Natural Organic Hair Colour is one of your best options. The completely herbal formula means that natural ingredients will be nourishing your hair, ruling out the dryness that happens with chemical-based products. It suits people looking for grey hair coverage and ensures 100% coverage.

Where to buy: Buy it from the official website or eCommerce websites at a price range of ₹775–1500.

Colours available: Different shades of brown, depending on the usage and products used with it

10. Herbatint

Herbatint’s permanent hair colour is one of the best herbal options you can choose among the hair colour brands in India. The permanent ammonia-free colour contains 8 organic herbal extracts covering the hair from the root to the tips. The gel formula makes it easy to apply and even create customised highlights.

Where to buy: Buy it from Amazon or Nykaa at prices ranging from ₹1500–3000.

Colours available: Black, Chestnut, Brown, Blonde, Mahogany, Crimson

Here’s a handy list of the pros and cons of all the brands mentioned above to ease your selection process.





L'Oréal Paris Excellence Creme

Chemical, permanent 

Ammonia-free, triple-care formula, considered among the best hair colours 

Fewer colour options for those looking for daring colours 


Chemical, permanent 

No ammonia, silk protein formula, long-lasting

Fades fast


Chemical, permanent 

Easy-to-apply gel formula, ammonia-free 

Fades fast

Crazy Color by Renbow

Chemical, semi-permanent

Colours for everyone, harmless for hair

Takes longer to colour completely

Garnier Color Naturals 

Chemical, permanent 

Ammonia-free, long-lasting, contains essential oils, available in trial sachets



Chemical, permanent 

Ammonia-free contains natural oils, easy to use at home 

Works better on dry hair

Colour Mate 

Herbal, permanent 

No ammonia, drip-free application 

Lack of colour options

Arctic Fox 

Chemical, semi-permanent

No ammonia, no animal byproduct, gentle for frequent use

Needs to be applied carefully because of its spray technique 

Kama Ayurveda Natural Organic Hair Color

Herbal, permanent 

No ammonia, herbal ingredients

Fewer colour options 


Herbal, permanent 

No ammonia, gel-based, herbal ingredients, easy to use at home 

More expensive

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Q. What should I look out for when choosing a good hair colour?

Ans. It is always important to look at the composition – research to ensure that the product has fewer chemicals and has no ingredients you are allergic to. Ammonia-free is one of the most critical factors to look out for healthy hair.

Q. How to choose the best hair colour?

Ans. You can go with whichever colour you wish to change into. However, if you are sceptical, look for colours that best suit your skin tone before using them for the first time. Researching your options is also critical. You can also use various filters on apps or the retail websites themselves to see which colour suits you the best.

Q. Will colouring damage your hair?

Ans. The chances of hair colour damaging your hair depend on the chosen product and after-care. Choosing a hair colour with an optimum level of hydrogen peroxide is a must to ensure the least damage to hair. You may also choose herbal hair colours for a natural hair colouring process, adequately nourishing your hair.

Q. What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent hair colours?

Ans. Permanent hair colours contain hydrogen peroxide and last until the hair strands grow out. On the other hand, semi-permanent colours do not contain hydrogen peroxide and remain on the hair’s outer layer.

Q. Should I colour my hair myself or take a trip down to the salon?

Ans. It depends on your comfort level. You may choose a professional service which costs a lot with the complete procedure but ensures good results. You may also choose to colour your hair at home by following the instructions on the pack. This gives you the freedom to experiment often with a wide range of colours from the best hair colour brands in India.

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