Handmade Business Ideas In 2022 [Handmade Products Business]

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Handmade Business Ideas In 2022 [Handmade Products Business]

Work from home has become the new normal. While some people continue to work for an institution, others have started their businesses from home since many lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. A variety of unique businesses have come into existence and helped people earn a living; the business of handmade items is one of them. Handmade business ideas have not only helped people to make a living but also nurtured their talent, skill, and passion. So, here are 14 handmade business ideas that require the bare minimum to start.

1. Scrunchie Making Business

Ever since Jason Momoa wore a pink scrunchie to the Oscars along with a pink suit, scrunchies have taken the fashion industry by storm. Believed to be worn first by a lounge singer to keep her hair pulled back, this hair accessory has risen to fame again like a phoenix. Scrunchies are easy to make and are a blessing for curly-haired girls. Recently, when its superiority over thin hair ties started making news on the internet, the sale of hair scrunchies saw massive growth.  Scrunchies can be made from different materials - silk, cotton, organza, satin, you name it.

If you are proficient in stitching, it's the perfect, low-cost business to start as you can buy materials in bulk or source short, unused pieces from nearby tailors. It's a versatile business that can be started with an investment as low as 500 INR or less, and the yield can be triple the money spent.

2. Scented Candle Business

Since hand wash and sanitisers became the hero of every household, another home product came into the limelight, the scented candle. During the lockdown periods, when people stayed inside their houses, they focused on body hygiene and the hygiene of their surroundings. Not only did they want their homes to look clean, but also smell refreshing. This whole scenario brought scented candles into focus.

Scented candles, especially handmade soy candles, have been in demand since then. This is also a low-cost handmade business idea that only requires glass jars, wax, and essential oils to start with. This needs a minimum of 120 INR for big soy wax blocks and 200 INR for essential oils. This amount is enough to get the business started. Each candle can be sold for a minimum amount of 200 INR.

3. Hand-written Greeting Card Business

Made famous by teens who are into aesthetics nowadays, the hand-written greeting card business has also been popular recently on the internet. If you are blessed with gorgeous handwriting and have some calligraphy practice, this business is perfect for you. It doesn't need heavy investment either; some calligraphy pens, papers of different textures, and envelopes are enough to start this low-cost handmade business.

You can start an Instagram page and publish your works there to spread the word about your handmade business. If you are already into writing, you may not need anything extra to start the business, while the profit for each card may reach up to 300-400 INR, depending on your skills.

4. Handmade soaps and toiletries

People have become aware of natural skincare lately. Since they are looking for more organic and chemical-free alternatives to commercially mass-produced body soaps and other bath products, handmade soaps, bath salts, and body scrubs have emerged as a boon.

Since handmade soaps are not made in the factories, the processing differs completely.

More fat and glycerine are used in handmade soaps, making them extraordinarily nourishing and gentle on the skin than commercial soaps. Apart from this, handmade soaps don't contain any preservatives, making them even better. The same holds true for other body products like scrubs, exfoliators, and bath salts. Again, you may need minimal investment for the business while the profit may be up to 100-200 INR per product.

Luxury black women's handbag placed on table with the tools

5. Handbag business

Due to the recent awareness about pollution linked to the fast fashion industry, people are looking for better-quality, environment-friendly bags. To cater to these needs, many small businesses came into existence that sell bags made of environment-friendly materials like jute cotton, canvas, etc. If you are skilled at designing bags, this is a fantastic handmade business idea for you. The profit for the handbag business is one of the highest, and you may earn a profit of almost 1000-1500 INR per bag while the investment may be 10000-20000 INR.

6. Custom Portrait Making Business

If making paintings and art pieces is your talent, this handmade business idea is perfect for nurturing your talent and skill. You can start by publishing your artworks on the internet by creating a website or making an  Instagram or a Facebook page. This will help people know your talent and place an order. If you are already into painting, then the cost to start the business is already negligible for you.

However, if you want to start the business from scratch, the minimum costs are 2000 INR, and you can earn a profit of almost 4000 INR for each of your pieces if your artworks are enticing enough.

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7. Tie-dye T-shirt and Clothing Business

Apart from scrunchies, another trend that has made a comeback in the fashion industry is tie-dye clothing. Tie-dye T-shirts are a big hit nowadays, and there is a surge in its demand. Tie-dye t-shirts and other clothing pieces such as track pants are very easy to make. All you need to start this handmade business is white clothing items and permanent clothing dyes.

You can also start a website to sell tie-dye products; else, you can make an Instagram page and post images of the products. You need an approximate amount of 2000-3000 INR to sell your first tie-dye T-shirts. You'll receive a minimum profit of 200 INR per piece.

8. Crochet Making Business

Crochet items always give a sense of nostalgia, as almost every Indian kid has grown up seeing their grandma knitting woolen items. Well, the good news is that crochet pieces have also made a comeback in the fashion industry. Instagram is filled with women wearing crochet tops which is not only aesthetic but also nostalgic. So if your grandma has passed on the technique to you, you are in luck as you can sell trendy pieces on the internet and make good money from this business. Basic yarn and crochet needles are enough to start this business. The minimum investment to begin is approximately 500 INR.

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9. Handmade Earrings

Another business that came into existence due to internet trends is the handmade earrings business. Many people have started their own line of earrings and have been making profits. Resin earrings and clay earrings are the most trending types right now.

If you research resin art, you will know that you can preserve anything with the help of resin, and this has given birth to preserved flower earrings. Another type of earrings is clay earrings which can be made from readymade clay that needs no kiln. The approximate amount to start a handmade earrings business is 1000 INR, and profit can be up to 200 INR per piece.

10. Gift Boxes and Basket Customisation

The gifting season is just around the corner; hence, it is the perfect time to launch a gift box and basket business. Apart from the festive season, there are many other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries for which gift boxes and baskets are in demand. If you are skilled at designing gift boxes and baskets, you can offer customised gift boxes. This is also a low-cost handmade business idea. The minimum investment needed for the gifting business is 5000-8000 INR, and the profit can be almost 700-800 INR per gift box.

11. Handmade Macrame Business

Macrame business is another handmade business that can be started using basic macrame threads. Many items such as macrame mats and macrame wall hangings can be sold at a profitable margin online or from home. Macrame threads are available at various rates starting from 200 INR, and each piece can be sold with a minimum profit of 300 INR.

12. Dreamcatcher Making

Similar to macrame, a dreamcatcher is an item that will add to the aesthetics of a house. Making a dreamcatcher requires skill and patience. It is also a low-cost handmade business that requires the bare minimum, such as threads, feathers, etc. The investment for the dreamcatcher business is almost similar to that for the macrame business.

Pastry chef decorating a cake in kitchen

13. Handmade Confectionery Business

Handmade chocolates and candies are in great demand, as they have almost zero preservatives. This is probably the most profitable of all the handmade small businesses as chocolates and candies are in demand all around the year. The investment for a handmade confectionery business is a minimum of 1000 INR, and you can easily earn a profit of 100-200 INR per piece or per pack.

So, these are some of the profitable handmade business ideas that will help you start your own business from home. Handmade businesses are pretty profitable these days, and people are choosing them over their 9-5 jobs. Before you start, make sure that you build an impactful social media or website presence.

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Q. Which handmade craft business makes the most money?

Ans. Jewellery, art, sewing, photography are some of the best handmade craft businesses that will help you earn a good amount.

Q. How can I create my own product?

Ans. To develop a product, you have first to create the designs, test the market by providing samples, find customers and make a platform to sell the products.

Q. What are some handmade food business ideas apart from confectionery?

Ans. The most basic handmade food products that can be sold to make money apart from confectioneries are pickles, fryums, sauces, and spices.

Q. How can I choose a handmade business?

Ans. To choose a handmade business, you have to make sure that you are either familiar with the business or skilled at making the products. Secondly, you must have the minimum investment amount that will be enough to start the business.

Q. Does digital art come under handmade business?

Ans. Yes, digital art does come under handmade business as you design and sell your art from home.