Zero Investment Home-Based Business Ideas

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Zero Investment Home-Based Business Ideas

In these unprecedented times when the world is facing a pandemic, employment problems are rising, and people are losing their jobs. Instead of waiting for the next opportunity, why not create one for yourself? Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), under which the home-based business comes, contribute nearly 6.11% of the Indian GDP. With around 63.4 million businesses throughout the country, home-based businesses prove that they are here to stay. But the question is, how to start a business without money?

If you are wondering how to start a business with no money this article will help you with ample ideas to start a business with zero investment from the comfort of your home!

1. Freelance Writer

Content marketing is the next big thing. You can offer your services as a writer to different organisations. Payment is made usually on either an hourly basis or a word tally basis. Being a writer has consistently been an evergreen opportunity to make money online. Here are some master keys to making the most from freelance writing.

  • It's crucial never to stop selling your content as a freelance writer.
  • When a proposal comes in, don't get complacent.
  • Consistently keep an eye out for the next project.
  • Many writer meet-ups and seminars are held virtually (due to the pandemic). Try to attend as many as possible and learn how to evolve as a freelancer.

There are many job openings for freelancers on major career boards, and you can still advertise your services on various platforms. Don't be shy to approach former clients and request further work as the jobs start rolling in. For freelancers, stable and consistent work is the best. Freelance writing is the best answer to the question, how to start an online business with no money as the only investment it requires is that of your time.

2. Podcaster

There are many podcasts out there, and if you think just creating a few podcasts are enough to make enough money to survive, you're slightly off track. It's not that easy, but yes, it's possible. There are several revenue-generating opportunities accessible via podcasting that go far beyond mere sponsorship. The trick to a good podcast isn't just accumulating a large audience. Here are some tips to make the most out of podcasting.

  • It's about getting people to pay attention to what you're doing.
  • A small but active audience is more important than a large but uninterested audience.
  • Concentrate on one area of expertise.
  • Remind listeners to engage in your podcast via social media or your website regularly.

Making money as a podcaster is slightly tricky, but it is possible. It requires time and patience, and a continuous flow of content. The platform on which you record and publish your podcast takes a small share out of your income, which hardly counts as an 'investment'.

3. Blogging

Asking yourself how to start an online business with no money? Well, the answer is blogging. You can set up an online blog free of charge on a Content Management System like WordPress and generate content. Income will come through supported posts, promotions, and item deals. The only thing you need to be a successful blogger is passion, creativity and a flair for writing, but not a single penny.

4. YouTuber

Set up your channel on YouTube and start vlogging. You can acquire a segment of the promotion shares and develop your profit with more subscribers, shares and views. It doesn't require money to start your youtube channel; consistency, passion and conviction towards what you are doing are more than sufficient. However, do not be deluded into believing it to be quick money; persistent efforts and a steady flow of content will gradually get you the desired profits.

5. Used Book Seller

You can buy old used books from the graduated students and sell them on Amazon or eBay by keeping a decent profit margin for you. This works best with old versions, rare/ limited editions, and signed/marked books.

Walking the pack of dogs, most dachshunds, being walked by single person on city sidewalk

6. Dog Walker

If you are a dog lover who plans to start a business with zero investment, you can always consider becoming a dog walker or a dog sitter. It will benefit you in two ways - you will make money and also get a fair share of a day's exercise to keep you fit while walking the dog. Needless to say, spending time with dogs is an added incentive as it is a stress buster.

7. Craft Designing

How to start a business without money? Go DIY! Since more and more people are interested in DIY products, handmade products are one of the fast catching business ideas in these times. There's a lot of competition in this area, so one has to have a proper plan. Define a unique product line and a sales system, and stick to it. You can endorse your products online through social media marketing.

8. Public Speaking and Corporate Trainer

When it comes to communication, the biggest fear that people have to date is public speaking. With some professional training and certification, you can easily become a public speaking coach. The package will be complete if you couple public speaking with corporate communication. The target clients will be budding entrepreneurs, high school students, college students, business people, and corporate houses. As part of the training program, invest in camera equipment or use a smartphone to film students. Leveraging on the 'new normal, you can start corporate communication training sessions online. It is a zero investment business; the only thing you have to invest in is your image building, as sometimes it is easier to sell a good book if it has a glossy cover.

9. Mentor/ Tutor

Fine arts or academics, if you have mastered any skills, you can always make money from training others in it. Mentoring/ Tutoring is a zero investment business. It may be the flute, maybe Tabla, guitar or piano or any other instruments. Not only instruments but you can also try hands-on academics, on subjects like Maths, Science or any other subjects. There's always a steady demand for language trainers. In a country like India, people are ready to pay you decently for training them in the English language, be it spoken English or a full-fledged LSRW model of language training. If you have mastered any foreign languages and are looking to start a business with zero investment, you can become a foreign language trainer. You can carry on with whatever suits you, either on a monthly payment basis or on a weekly payment basis.

Yoga instructor helps beginner to make Stretching exercises

10. Yoga Trainer

During the pandemic, people got a lot of time with themselves and have started to appreciate the worth of a healthy lifestyle. The sedentary stay at home life during the pandemic has given them the necessary push towards incorporating exercise as a part of their everyday routine. So if you have specialised yoga training, you can become a personal yoga trainer. You can have batches of students coming for yoga sessions at your place, or you can provide online sessions. This form of fitness training is a highly in-demand zero investment business idea.

Starting a home-based business has become a possibility for millions of people worldwide due to smartphones, technologies, and shifting views about the essence of work. In these times, home-based businesses are becoming as normal as office jobs; all you need is a zero investment business idea. All you need to invest is your time, enough will power and hard work to start a business with zero investment from the comfort of your home.

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Q. What are the best home-based businesses with no money?

Ans. Most online-based businesses like freelance writing, editing, author, mentor, social media influencer, etc., are the best zero investment business ideas.

Q. What is freelance writing? Does it require any money to start?

Ans. No, freelance writing doesn't require any money to start. There are many job openings for freelancers, and you can still advertise your services on Craigslist or LinkedIn. Don't be shy to approach former clients and request further work as the jobs start rolling in.

Q. How can one start Public speaking from the comfort of their home?

Ans. In this modern world, nearly every person has their social media accounts. Once you start your public speaking business, you can promote it on your social media accounts and through word of mouth. The more you will share about your business, the more people will approach you and the more your business will grow.

Q. What is the most important factor to get the online/ home-based business rolling?

Ans. The prime mover in such zero investment businesses is promotion. You should promote it as much as possible, and you should also identify your target audience so that you can have a clearly defined promotional strategy.