Rural Marketing in the Post-COVID Era: A Lucrative Space

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Rural Marketing in the Post-COVID Era: A Lucrative Space

No doubt, many companies are suffering from the COVID-19 situation. Mainly many companies suffer from loss and shutting down problems. In the rural area, over half the population of India lives in rural areas and concentrates on agricultural activities. Because of rapid development in rural areas, many big companies make the best rural marketing strategy to grab more attention to enhance products and services—digitalisation and telecommunication facilities play a significant role in staying connected with every rural area.

The need for rural marketing

Rural and urban populations both need to be attracted towards products and services. There are many options for the urban population as many new brands launch every week, quickly getting them. In rural areas, many people don't even know the name of the brand before purchase.

Rural marketing is also essential to enhance connectivity with a significant population and improve their quality of life. Many people thought that rural marketing is all about agriculture marketing, but the actual thing is that rural marketing is a carrier among big business, urban and rural populations.

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Some rural marketing ways

For ten years, the rural market has been expanding because of demand and awareness of the product. Digitalisation and physical appearance play a vital role in every village via rural marketing. There are lots of methods that can help to promote products and services in rural areas. These include –

  • Melas – Melas are the symbol of culture all over India. There are lots of occasions in every state where people celebrate different festivals. It is also helpful for a new brand to enter rural areas. In such melas, new entrepreneurs can promote their product, get feedback and expand connectivity with the target audience.
  • Village Hatts – Hatts is the village's weekly market where every type of product is sold. In this place, villagers purchase daily needed products. Many people interact with each other every week. So, it is the best place for rural marketing to attract a vast audience towards the product. Companies can promote their products via visual advertisement, famous folk dance, or music.
  • Inflatables – Best rural marketing strategy is to keep showing the brand. Inflatable balloons are the best option to keep fluctuating product names and descriptions in the sky. In this way, companies can spread their brand name to a few kilometres. Attractive visualisation can make it more attractive and reach nearby villages.
  • Roadshows – Throughout roadshows, rural marketing is a great idea that engages many people for the product. Companies use vehicles for marketing activity with banners and holdings. Apart from marketing, companies can practically show the quality of products. If a washing machine company offers how the machine works in front of people, many people can influence it and purchase a washing machine.
  • Shop shutter painting – It is not only the best rural marketing strategy, but it is also the best low-cost method. Companies can paint their logo and name in local shop shutters with attractive colours. When traffic passes to such an advertisement area, they will come to know about the product. In some cases, people contact dealers and discuss the product.
  • Wall Paintings and stickers – It is a 24*7 advertisement method. When the population comes across the wall, they will notice the advertisement. Illiterate people can understand products throughout the painting. This rural marketing method needs less investment.

Post-COVID effect on rural marketing

However, the COVID-19 pandemic affected every sector and changed human life completely, but rural areas recovered more vastly than urban areas. Such a thing is only possible because of communication channels, reliable transport, and better connections. Many companies understand the importance of the rural market and are changing their strategy to get many customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone's health and financial condition. But it is a great thing that everybody is recovering from the pandemic slowly. However, in the post-lockdown period, the rural population has recovered better than urban areas. During the lockdown, many in Kharif season big industries wished to enter the rural market, but they restrained due to government safety reasons.

Every new or old or big or small company uses the best rural marketing strategy to involve in rapid growth post-COVID-19 situation. However, physical interaction has been prohibited because of COVID-19 pandemic government regulations, but companies can promote with executive campaigns.

Advertising mediums such as merchandise, building wraps, and visual signages are also increasing. It is an innovative way to work post-covid. In this pandemic, the companies promote their product by distributing masks and hand sanitisers with their company logo.

As compared to the urban market, the rural market has become strong enough. The rural market is full of pesticides, seeds, and fertilisers brands that make the agriculture sector high in the COVID-19 situation. FMCG products are also gaining colossal capital.

The automobile industry is also growing due to tractors' sales. The company that promotes its tractor in rural areas gained huge income as compared to the previous year. During lockdown and closed theatres, online platforms get a hike. Most likely, people who do not even think about cinema halls can watch movies and web series at their homes. Rural marketing plays a significant role in promoting the entertainment industry.

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Digital enhancement in the rural market

Rural market is expanding as time passes. Due to digital enhancement, the rural population comes to know about the recent arrival of new things in the market. Different brands take the help of digital platforms for rural marketing. Due to smartphone and internet access, many brands make the best rural marketing strategy, like to make exciting videos and good content to attract rural people.

Rural peoples are interested to learn about different new brands and services through social media platforms. Many big or small businesses try to reach every village through rural marketing and digital enhancement in the recent phenomenon. However, digital media succeeds in getting every town, but it is not the only solution. Businesses should use an integral strategy to connect with rural people physically.


Rural markets are an integral part of the Indian economy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, rural markets recovered well. Such a type of recovery from the COVID-19 situation attracts many businesses to establish their market and invest in rural marketing. Due to endless sources and customer interest, many entrepreneurs turn their focus on rural markets.

The different companies prepare for the rural market and make the best rural marketing strategy to connect with the rural population. The digital revolution makes businesses work so easy they can upload their videos or posters to keep rural people aware of products and services.

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Q. What is rural marketing?

Ans. Rural marketing is a procedure that enhances brand value by different methods in the rural market. It helps to develop and promote product specifications and uses among the rural population. Companies have the prime responsibility to give the best quality and fulfil customer's needs.

Q. What are the threads of rural marketing?

Ans. Most rural areas are full of bad roads, fewer facilities, inadequate warehouses, different languages, low income, and illiterate people. Sometimes big companies need vital preparation physically, strategically, mentally, and financially. The sales team for rural marketing should have excellent knowledge of the local market.

Q. What are the roles of hatts for rural marketing in villages?

Ans. The roles of hats for rural marketing in villages are:

1. Hatts are means of sales and purchase of local products and services.

2. All villagers visit regularly, so it is the best place to increase the contacts.

3. Hatts are the best place for cultural, political, and social connections.

4. Chance to promote the product via poster, wall painting, and shop shutter painting.

5. Companies can collaborate with shopkeepers to introduce a new product.

Q. What problems do companies have to face during rural marketing?

Ans. Problems do companies have to face during rural marketing are:

1. Communication problems

2. Expenditure for reach the place

3. Distribution channel

4. Hard to understand the thought of villagers

5. Lack of knowledge

6. Make sure to understand the quality of the product.

Q. What is the best rural marketing strategy to attract rural populations towards products and services?

Ans. Rural marketing strategies to attract rural populations towards products and services are:

1. Hire a salesperson who knows the local market and local languages.

2. Distribution of free product sample

3. Fix an incentive for dealers.

4. Distribute gifts

5. Money refund policies

6. Attractive discounts