8 Hot and Thriving Ideas On How To Become A YouTuber In India?

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8 Hot and Thriving Ideas On How To Become A YouTuber In India?

Table of Contents:

1. How To Become A YouTuber?

2. YouTube- Select Your Niche Channel

3. How To Become A YouTuber In India?

4. Tips On How To Start A YouTube Channel?

1. How To Become A YouTuber?

Founded in 2005, YouTube is the leading free online video-sharing platform in the world. Google took over the company in 2006, and currently, it is the second-largest search engine in the world, behind Google Search. In a short time, YouTube emerged to be the biggest content curator. It has video content on any and every question or concern that can come to the human mind. The popular among them include - music, entertainment, news, how to do tutorials, motivational, etc. Over 800 million users visit the site every month, watching over three billion hours of video.

Due to its wide reach, the YouTube platform has an unmatched potential for promoting content and monetising it. You will have to put in a lot of hard work and research before starting a YouTube channel. To create a YouTube account, you first have to have a Google account.

The next step is to decide what will be the purpose of your channel and the niche that you want to target. You must know who is your audience, and what is the right content for them.

How To Become A Youtuber In India?

2. YouTube- Select Your Niche Channel

Finding the right niche is very important because it will be the foundation for your business. Pick your niche around your best skill and your line of business. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, a natural idea will be to start a channel on entrepreneurship or leadership, where you can share your secrets of success with people.

3. How To Become A YouTuber In India?

The more your channel gets viewed by people, the more ad-revenues it will get that will get split between you and YouTube. Here, we will tell you which are the most profitable youtube channel ideas:

1- Gadget & Tech Reviews

Most people are interested to know about the latest gadgets and technologies available in India in 2020. It ranks high on the search queries, and channels that show them are one of the top-earning ones. By making one small investment, you can make the videos. At the end of the videos, you can give the links to the suppliers so that you may earn a small commission if someone purchases through that link.

Consumers are hungry for new information. Apart from the normal product reviews, you can also discuss the technology part. For example, if a new mobile phone comes into the market you can discuss some specific features like automatic call recording, how to hide apps and files, etc. If your channel is popular, it can get thousands, even millions of views that will eventually earn you an unbound reputation and success.

2- Gaming

Gaming content on Youtube has doubled its viewership since 2018, and in 2020 the watch records crossed 100 billion hours on 40 million active gaming channels. It is the most-watched genre in online entertainment, and games like Minecraft hits record views. PewDiePie was the best youtube channel for gaming with over 100 million subscribers. It posts mainly videos of action and horror video games.

Live gaming streams are also gaining popularity with a staggering watch record of around 10 billion hours. The time is apt to start a gaming channel to cash in on its popularity. One profitable niche area where you can focus on is reviews, tips and tricks, and tutorials on a game that is already a hit.

How To Become A Youtuber?

3- Social Experiments

Many people watch social experiment videos on YouTube to have a broader understanding of how humans act and think. Though these trending videos are not very expensive to make, they can be time-consuming. You have to make a short video clip that sends a social message. It can be on the problem of eve-teasing and how to sensitise people; or, it can be of a famous musician performing on the streets in disguise, and how the pedestrians are reacting to him. Through this media, you can allow viewers to get an in-depth look into humanity.

People like to know what is happening in society, and that is why these videos get thousands of clicks. You can find out how profitable is youtube channel by starting one of these.

4- Fashion

Fashion is one of the most discussed topics on social media. Fashion content generated more than a billion views on YouTube last year. If you are a fashionista, starting a fashion channel on YouTube is an excellent idea because you will find a ready audience who needs good fashion advice.

YouTube is the most diverse social media in the world. And, showcasing new designers who are throwing away preconceived notions about fashion can be a great idea to grab eyeballs. You can make various unique lifestyle videos and share tips on trending fashion and make-up. Or, you can explore a niche area like starting a fashion channel exclusively for men. Here you can provide men with the tools to build a wardrobe that suits their styles.

5- Fitness

Ever since the pandemic began, gyms and sports clubs are not operational as yet. Though some of them have reopened, people want to avoid going into a crowded gym or workout classes. So, people have been turning to YouTube in millions to get their daily motivation for fitness.

If you are a trainer, you can start a YouTube channel to get people up on their toes and give them home workouts. Live streaming your channel will be a potent way to reach out to people in real-time. Try to inject a little bit of fun and laughter in these classes to get your viewers to watch till the end.

How To Become A Youtuber In India?

6- Music Channel

If you are a musician or a singer, you can take the YouTube route to jack up your popularity. This kind of channel idea could be anything from teaching or singing songs or showing off your skills on the guitar. You have to find out your target audience among whom your kind of music is likely to resonate.

To promote yourself you can adopt a tent-pole strategy like identifying an event of national importance. It could be independence day or Holi, and you can make a music video around that theme. It might be a little expensive to shoot, but you will get back your money’s worth.

7- Comedy

If you have the knack to make people laugh, you can monetize it by creating a funny YouTube channel. A lot of comedy channels like that of Kapil Sharma, are very popular on YouTube. A clean, fun activity can help lift people’s spirits, and if are bang-on, you are sure to get a lot of subscribers.

The trick is to make any simple situation funny, but you have to be careful because fun is subjective. What might be rib-tickling to somebody, might not raise a smile in someone else. It doesn’t matter if your medium is English or any regional language, because you will find an audience in every genre.

8- Tutorials

If you are a domain expert and can help somebody to complete a task, opening a tutorial channel on YouTube could be just right for you. It can be a channel to educate kids on maths, or it can be a make-up tutorial. Choose a subject in which you are most comfortable, and make the content interesting. You are sure to find many subscribers.

You should tell your students, where to apply the skills that they are learning. For example, if it is a tutorial on how to make money in stock markets, you have to explain using real-life scenarios, the tricks of the trade. Another hack that you can use is to incorporate "how to" or descriptive type queries. So instead of a title like "skin make-up", you can use " how to make your skin look good using make-ups". This is bound to take your site to the top of search queries.

How To Become A Youtuber In India?

4. Tips On How To Start A YouTube Channel?

You need to create a YouTube channel to upload videos and it is a very easy process. You can use either a computer or the YouTube mobile app for this. Given below is a guide on how to start your very own YouTube channel:

  1. You should have a computer or a mobile with an internet connection. A Google account is also necessary.
  2. Open a YouTube account and select whether you are a business or an individual.
  3. To create a channel you might have to upload a video or create a playlist. You will then be prompted to create one.
  4. You will have to give your Google account name and a photo.
  5. A business or brand account will allow you to share the editing and other functioning of the channel with any other Gmail user, and also allow you to rename it.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have turned to YouTube for upskilling, or to learn about a hobby. You can also take leverage of this, by exploring these youtube channel ideas, we have curated for you. It can be a very profitable and satisfying business proposition.

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