How to Get Your Business Verified on Instagram? [Detailed Guide]

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How to Get Your Business Verified on Instagram? [Detailed Guide]

In 2021, Instagram is the most happening social media platform by far. Gone are the days of Facebook and Snapchat peaking. Instagram has taken over the internet and is the hub of all kinds of content. From a business perspective, Instagram is one of the best platforms to promote your business.

Local, small businesses are well-respected and loved. Many people are opting to buy from small local businesses instead of giants like Amazon and Flipkart. Local businesses have the advantage of having a home base of customers, and they deliver good quality products that are ethically produced and sustainable.

One simply needs to scroll through Instagram, and you will be flooded with ads that promote small beauty brands, clothing brands, and home and lifestyle brands that are homegrown and promise sustainable products. There is a general aversion towards big brands and corporate giants because they do not pay their employees well and engage in all sorts of unethical practices. Those who can afford to shell out a few extra bucks opt for local and sustainable options.

The pandemic has certainly taken its toll on many small businesses, but people are at home and on social media for long periods of time. Trends have shown that many people have shopped more than they would have expected while quarantining at home. This is enough to prove that businesses that can reach potential customers through platforms like Instagram can gain success and greater reach.

People are always on the lookout for new brands and better options. Innovation is very welcome in the Indian market, and if your business is offering a product that is unique or of good quality, then certainly you should use Instagram to reach potential customers.

What is Verification on Instagram?

There are several accounts on Instagram that are verified. Earlier, Instagram gave verified badges to only a few celebrities and popular accounts. No one knew who could get it and who couldn’t. But the policy changed in August 2018; users could then request verification by filling out a simple form.

While at present, Instagram only provides the verified badge to some public figures and popular celebrities and brands, but you can always try to get your business verified. Submitting a request for verification, however, does not guarantee that that you will get the verified badge.

Why Does One Need the Verified Badge?

The verified badge is usually obtained to show that the account is legitimate and authentic. There are several accounts on Instagram that plagiarise content and pretend to be famous celebrities or brands. These pages are fan pages, and therefore, only the accrual celebrity or brand gets a verified badge to show that they are who they claim to be.

The verified badge is therefore viewed as a sign that a brand is popular and authentic. The badge is a sign of authenticity and grants legitimacy and enhances people’s trust in the brand. Having a verified badge can greatly attract potential customers and assure them that your brand is legitimate and credible.

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Steps to Request Verification

1. Open your profile and click on the three lines symbolising more on the top right-hand corner.

2. Then, open Settings from the menu.

3. In Settings, choose Account.

4. Under Account, you will find the option to Request Verification.

5. There is a form that needs to be filled out. After filling in the details correctly, click Send.

6. The request will be reviewed by Instagram. It can take several weeks to hear back from Instagram. If the request is denied, you can submit another one after 30 days.

What are the Criteria Required for a Verified Badge?

Being verified on Instagram is a big deal for many. Since August 2018, Instagram has released several criteria that help it decide whom to grant the blue badge to. Their requirements can be found in the Help Center. While you may think that only pages with high follower counts get the verified badge, this isn’t true. Most accounts that get verified are the ones that have a high chance of getting impersonated.

Here are some simple steps that are recommended to help get your business the blue badge:

1. Your account must be public. Private accounts cannot get verification.

2. Do not list your pages on other social media sites on your Instagram profile. Keep the platforms separate.

3. You cannot have multiple verified accounts for your business. Only request verification for one account at a time. Instagram states in its policies that the business account you have requested verification for needs to be “the unique presence of the person or business it represents.”

4. For your business account, make sure that the business is registered and has all necessary licenses.

5. Finish setting up the profile: Try to have some posts on the profile before requesting verification. Make sure your bio describes the business well. Do not let it be vague and generic.

6. Try not to break any rules. If you violate any Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, then chances are, you will not be granted the blue badge.

7. In order to be verified, you need to have some recognition. Encourage your customers to like your posts and engage on Instagram by liking or commenting. Having a certain number of followers is a requisite.

8. To boost chances of getting verified, try to get articles about your business published in some local newspaper or magazine.

What Happens If You Do Not Get a Verified Badge?

There are thousands of requests for verification badges every day, and Instagram does not grant the badge to every brand requesting it. However, not getting a verified badge is not the end of the world. If your brand page doesn’t have a verified badge, this doesn’t indicate that your brand is not authentic or genuine. If you do not get verified, you can link your other social media pages with your Instagram page and have people follow you across multiple platforms.

You can still promote your brand and attract customers. Here are a few steps to help you do that:

1. Write a good description in the bio

Try to explain precisely what your business is and what it stands for. If there are any core values or beliefs that your business is based on, highlight those. For instance, words like “sustainable,” “recycled,” “ethically sourced,” “enhance legitimacy,” and “instantly” attract customers.

2. Make your product page vibrant and interesting

Hire social media managers to maximise views on your page.

3. Try to post something every day

This will increase engagement and help you reach new customers.

4. Use Stories to interact with customers

Show some behind-the-scenes of your business or workplace, conduct polls, and giveaways, etc. The more the people who come across your Stories and posts and like, share, and comment, the more Instagram promotes your page.

5. Post customer testimonials on your brand page

Encourage customers to tag your page if they post about your products. This will spread the word and attract more potential customers.

6. Instagram has a feature called Insights, which lets you assess your reach, how many people like your posts, how many people see your stories, etc. This information can be used by a social media manager to grow the page and understand what kind of content will increase reach.

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Instagram offers a host of opportunities to businesses. Several influencers are willing to collaborate with small local businesses. This is mutually beneficial for both parties and often doesn’t even require an exchange of payment. Getting verified can certainly be a big deal for any business. However, it just doesn’t mean much other than the fact that people want to impersonate your page, which is less likely for business pages. It is mostly big brands that are given the blue badge. For small businesses to get the blue badge, they would have to be well-searched on Instagram and be featured in some news articles. For a small business, this isn’t always possible.

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Q. Is it necessary to have a large number of followers to get verified?

Ans. Having a large number of followers is not a prerequisite for getting verified.

Q. If a business page does not have verification, then does it mean it loses credibility?

Ans. The blue tick does not affect the credibility or legitimacy of a business.

Q. Who is most likely to get verified?

Ans. Celebrities and big brands are most likely to get verified. Anyone who is likely to be impersonated is going to get the verified badge easily.

Q. Can a third party help get verification on Instagram?

Ans. No third-party app or website can help you get the verified badge. In fact, trying to get this done may result in a violation of the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Avoid using any third-party sources that promise to get your account verified.

Q. After how long can I try to get my business page verified again?

Ans. If your verification request has been reviewed and rejected, you have to wait for 30 days before being able to request again.