How to Make Online Business More Eco-Friendly?

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How to Make Online Business More Eco-Friendly?

All business organisations have a primary aim to make money but they also have the responsibility to keep the environment clean. Global Warming leading to climate change is a prominent phenomenon that indicates rapidly increasing environmental hazards globally. There are several ways of how business entities can enhance eco-friendliness and here is a brief note about it.

Even if you have just started an online business, the activities given below can ensure a greener environment around your organisation. This way you can fulfil your responsibility to keep the earth cleaner and greener while making money. Moreover, you can expect more customers as the credibility of your business will dramatically improve.

As per the stats found from some studies, the e-commerce customers are ready to welcome the business practices that enhance eco-friendliness.

The survey of Neilsen shows that more than 73% of e-commerce customers are ready to change their habits of consumption (e-commerce shopping) for the sake of environmental betterment.

Another study by Stren’s School of Business shows that sustainable business means has been followed in the case of e-commerce business from 2013-2018 at a hike of 50%.

Here are the ways you can enhance sustainability in your online business and enhance a prolonged market presence.

Recycle electronic products

Most of the electronic products you use for business are recyclable. You should always recycle electronics rather than discarding them as all discarded products lead to landfills and increase environmental hazards.

Check for the recycle programs and do the needful to earn some money while you recycle the existing electronic products. At times, the retailer can approach you for retailing electronic devices on special offers if they are not much older. In most cases, recycled electronics are moved to schools, colleges, and charities.

Always delete all data related to your e-Commerce business from every device before sending it to recycle. So, you should take time to backup all the data in storage devices.

Start practising sustainable shipping

You can cut down the carbon footprint by choosing sustainable means of shipping like hiring the shipping companies to deliver your products. Try collaborating with companies like FedEx and USPS to deliver the products to your clients.

Having your exclusive delivery system can only increase your costs and environmental hazards. You can give way to more emissions by delivering parcels to your clients’ place with the help of ships, cars, or flights.

The other way to cut down the cost and carbon footprint is by reducing the instances of product returns. Proper product descriptions on your e-commerce site can help you execute this. Make sure you publish enlarged pictures of the product.

Take steps for water conservation

If you have an aim to save environmental resources while running a business entity, take every possible step to conserve water. Water wastage can not only lead to scarcity but increase the chances of pollution.

Make sure you repair all types of leaks with immediate effect and install smart taps rather than the normal ones to ensure minimum wastage of water in your e-commerce business headquarter. An efficient plumber can be the best person to take suggestions in this matter. Smart approaches can help you reduce water wastage both for toilet and drinking purposes.

Use natural resources for power

You can cut down electricity consumption while running an e-commerce business and choose alternative measures as they are eco-friendly. There are renewable natural resources like wind energy and solar energy that can allow you to generate the necessary amount of electricity.

This not only helps to reduce the cost but restricts the release of toxins in the air making the environment favourable. Consult with a dealer who can provide you with the solar or wind energy packages and install all necessary gadgets and installations.

Choose a green web hosting alternative

At present, no business organisations can execute any work without a proper internet connection and you can use renewable resources in this case too. All you have to do is search regarding this matter on the internet and check if you have the convenience.

You can reduce your company’s carbon footprint by taking the alternative measures of web hosting. The green web hosting measures can effectively keep up the position of your website and you run your business while being friendly to the environment.

Maintain cleanliness

Any organisation can primarily put in the effort to maintain cleanliness and restrict environmental hazards. As a business person, you should always request your employees to keep the workspace clean. Install dustbins and recycle bins on the premises as people can throw wastes.

If you have a headquarter for your online business, consider it your responsibility to maintain proper eco-friendliness in the organisation.

Use eco-friendly goods and packages

You can start using eco-friendly goods and packages to manufacture your products and deliver them to your clients. Expect more suppliers showing interest to collaborate with you as you take the above step. Using eco-friendly packaging items can be another effective means to reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

Look for the ways you can reduce product packaging as it can help to restrict pollution. Large packages lead to the generation of solid wastes so you can make them smaller according to the size of the product.

This can lead to a minimized consumption of both paper and plastic. The data of Bigcommerce states that only 75% of energy is needed to make packages with recycled cardboard rather than making new.

Make new recycling policies

New recycling policies can help your e-commerce business be more environmentally friendly. You can approach your customers to recycle different kinds of products if they are planning to discard it.

Send the concerned people to the customer’s place and pick the product that is to be recycled. Picking up the cardboard boxes and recycling them can both restrict the formation of solid waste and save your packaging cost.

Sell Eco-Friendly products

One of the best ways to make your online business eco-friendly is to deal with products that are environment-friendly in nature. If you observe a constant sales growth in these kinds of products, consider yourself serving for the betterment of the earth.

You can also display messages on your website that would make your customers aware of the importance of using eco-friendly products. Moreover, you can educate them about Global Warming and the dangers of increasing carbon footprint.

As you start earning profits from the sales of eco-friendly products, try to contribute to multiple funds that can utilise your money for making this earth a greener place to live in.

Final Words

Any business can only sustain properly if the environment is favourable. If you are into an online business, consider it to be high time to follow the measures that can practically make the world greener and spread awareness among the common people as they can show their part of the responsibility for the same.

As a business person, you can be one of the soldiers who can fight for a better future for the earth. Moreover, you can set an example for fellow business owners to follow your path. As a millennial, you can consider the data published on Bigcommerce which says that 75% of the youth are eager to change their e-commerce purchasing habits for making the earth a greener place.

Remember that the leading e-commerce business organisations have already started to walk on the path of sustainability and got a warm response from the customers. Furthermore, it has only put a positive mark on their supply can.

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