Tips & Tricks to optimise the Google Maps Listing for Your Business

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Tips & Tricks to optimise the Google Maps Listing for Your Business

How to Make the Best of Google Maps for Your Business?

Google Maps marketing is one of the most accessible and intuitive local marketing strategies, which helps customers get quick information by searching on Google Maps. It stands as the best online marketing techniques for all those business owners who are willing to improve their business ranking on the Google search engine. It is only possible when your business details are visible on Google Maps.

Using this marketing strategy, you can make your brick-and-mortar business easily visible and reachable to your target audience. It makes you stand above your business competitors. If your ranking is higher on Google Maps, you can avail several benefits in terms of sales and business reach.

Why is it essential to have a good ranking for your business on Google Maps?

According to recent research, Google Maps is counted as one of the best navigation apps. Almost 67% of consumers use Google Maps to improve their business visibility. It helps them display their business on the first few pages for the relevant searches made related to their business.

The other reason to have a better ranking on Google Maps is that the three Google Maps listings display the standard form of Google Play results, if applicable. On Google Maps, there is a technique named "Local 3-Pack" content which plays a major role in improving business visibility. It displays the list of the three top businesses on typing the keywords like 'near' or 'near me' when you are searching for a local business.

The process to get your business on Google Maps:

  • Create a Google My Business account.
  • If you are new to Google Maps, make sure you select the right category and fill in the relevant information.
  • Selecting a category is essential, as it is the only way to distinguish from others. If the customer has any query related to that specific category, it will display the answer of that query accordingly.
  • While selecting the category, you need to check that your business category is a part of the Google Maps business listings. In case your category is not part of the business listings, "Add your business" category on the space mentioned and connect with your customers.
  • Google already has some pre-set categories and keywords. At the time of category selection, you need to choose the right keywords which match with your business.
  • After selecting the category, Google will verify your business. They will check your business location, which will take about 1-2 weeks. Google will send a postcard at your mentioned address for PIN verification. The other way to verify your business is by requesting a PIN by text message or via phone call. It is a much easier and faster process.
  • After the business verification gets completed, the person sets up Google My Business Page. It's the first and foremost step to start with local search optimisation.
  • If you already have an account on Google Maps, you need to keep updating your business information on a timely basis.

How to get a higher ranking on Google Maps?

Always maintain consistency in your business name and address

If you want to improve your business ranking on Google Maps, make sure the information shared by you on Google Maps is the same as mentioned on other social media platforms.

In short, your business name reflected in your Google My Business Dashboard should be the same without any variations on any of the online platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Yelp, and others.

Choose local phone numbers

Avoid adding a toll-free number when you are doing business listings on Google Maps. The reason is that toll-free numbers are considered spam. If you want your targeted customers to trust you, add a local telephone number along with the mention of a proper area code.

Make use of 'Tracked' and the main number

If you are making use of 'call tracking', always set the 'tracked' number as your primary number and your main number as your alternative number. It will help in getting calls through the way of a tracked line. It proves helpful in knowing the efficacy of your business listings. But your main number should always be part of your listings as Google may cross-verify your contact details either from your website or other listings.

Always keep your business hours updated

Good business owners always keep hours updated and inform you about the timings of their business. It is one of the most important SEO techniques to list your business at the top in online search engines. It makes you more trustworthy in front of your target audience.

Write a good business description

If you want to leave a positive impact on your business and improve its ranking, make sure that your Google Maps business listings reflect a better picture of the nature of your business. The description of your business should be written in a way that aligns well with your business. Make use of the keywords that improve the ranking of your business on Google Maps. You can also take the help of Google Keyword Planner to choose the right keywords.

Do proper categorisation

To achieve a top rank in Google Maps, always make sure that your business details are accurate and in the right format. In the primary category selection, always select the option that has a direct relation to your business.

Make use of photos to improve your business ranking on Google Maps

Google Maps is equipped with Google's photo recognition technology. Research shows that consumers love photographs; it can be your business logo, or pictures reflecting the nature of your business, or your cover picture, which leaves the first impression of your business. It is a must to add some photographs as searches that perform better. For all those who are not making use of photos, they show a generic image representing their business.

Always read and reply to reviews

Google Maps always shares positive reviews to improve your business ranking on Google. You get to read all those reviews when you create a business account on Google Maps. With the help of reviews, you get to know what the customer loves about your product and services and what improvements are required to increase business visibility. It is known as the word-of-mouth marketing technique. It is the best way to increase the credibility of your business in the mind of your target audiences.

Consolidate Google Maps listings

If you have added multiple phone numbers or locations in your Google Maps business listing, Google will discredit your business. To improve the ranking, avoid duplicate business listings and inaccurate information.

Post regularly on your Google Maps listings

Make use of social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to share a post that appears right away on your Google Maps business account. By doing regular posts on social media platforms, you are sending signals to Google for better management of your listings. Whenever your targeted audience is using these search engines, they will get recent updates about your business.

Add local keywords to your website content

If you want to improve your business ranking on Google at a faster pace, follow local search strategy. It proves to be of great help for your website to improve its ranking. Incorporate location-based keywords on your website's main page like the About Us section, homepage, Contact Us page, or products and services page. You can also make use of keywords in your blog posts. You can also add those keywords in your headings, URL, captions, image tags, or body text. It helps in bringing real-time traffic.

Linking your Google Maps listing to your official business website

By practising this technique, you can improve your business ranking on Google Maps. You can embed Google Maps on your Contact Us page. It is another way to gain Google's confidence and trust in your business location. Make them believe that it is the same location as specified in the business listing. It makes you more trustworthy. You need to copy and paste the link of your Google Maps listing on the Contact Us business page.


Google Maps business listings are becoming more advanced nowadays, and these listings are essential to improve your business ranking and for better business growth. With the help of Google Maps, consumers can get quick information which they need to make the right purchasing decision. If you are following the above techniques, your business will achieve better visibility, customer engagement, and generate better revenue.

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