How to Start Selling Home Decor Products Online?

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How to Start Selling Home Decor Products Online?

Home decor has always been important for everyone. The way you decorate your personal space speaks volumes about your lifestyle, attitude towards life, and interest in decorating your place. We will kick off this thread by understanding what is home décor, why home décor brands need to sell online, and how they can sell their products online. If you are looking for the best business idea or looking forward to starting a business? If yes, then you have landed at the right place.

Home décor includes aesthetic-looking products that add elegance to the overall environment of the house. Products under primary home decor business include frames, paintings, furniture, wall mirrors, posters, vases, stickers, etc. You can imagine any and everything to decorate your house to make it look appealing and elegant.

A common myth prevails that only elders are more inclined towards home décor products, but this doesn't seem right. As per various researches conducted, it has been claimed that both youngsters and elders are inclined towards home décor products. Who does not like to have a beautiful look at home décor at their house, right?

It is important to note there is a huge competition for selling products online. We can surely say that one of the most reliable online business ideas in today’s world is to sell home decor products. There is cut-throat competition in this industry, with immense entrants regularly. Once you are convinced about this new business idea, about selling your home décor products, then the next is to think of how you can start selling home products online.

Why is the Online Home Decor Market Better?

Traditionally, the home décor products were sold offline as that was the only option. However, with digitalisation kicking in and online sources expanding, it has become essential for businesses to spread their wings throughout the different online platforms. One thing to note is that it is not a cake-walk to set up an online base. This has also allowed businesses to serve not just customers in different cities but in different nations altogether.

There has been a swift change from offline to online platforms. Just ask yourself, in the past few months or years, when you had to buy a home décor product for your house, did you search it online or go to the shop to buy it?

90% of the people end up searching online for the products and do end up buying them. It is also interesting to note what the online market offers is not available offline in the store. Customers delight in different products, unique designs, flexibility to browse stores across the country. All these have made the lives of customers very easy.

Just by sitting in their comfort zones and with raining offers and discounts, they can offer anything and get it shipped at their doorstep. Hence, it has become really important for businesses to transform themselves and sustain themselves in the market with growing statistics.

Guide to Start Home Decor Products Online

Here is a guide on how you can start selling home décor products online:

1. Media Ads

You know your products are of excellent quality, your team knows, your friends know, your family members know, but how will the others come to know? Your target audience will need to be communicated about the products and reach out to a larger audience; paid ads work the best.

Build attractive-looking ads that can resonate with your brand. You always think of higher ROIs. For instance, do thorough research about the statistics of the different social media and online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and accordingly, decide. In whichever platform you spot your target audience, it is better to invest in ads there.

There are times when we notice businesses trying to save on their cost and don't spend on ads, but that is the biggest blunder they do. Initially, businesses require a kickstart which is only possible through ads. Also, make sure that there is a landing page that is easy to navigate and search. This is because when someone swipes up or clicks on the ad, they will directly be taken to the landing page to buy the home décor product.

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2. Social Media Handles

You will be surprised to know, but you easily increase your sale by 40-45% if you have a strong social media presence. Here there is a catch; a home décor brand cannot post any and everything on their social media handles. The businesses will be required to post relevant and genuine stuff. One needs first to start posting high-quality professional pictures of their products. Only when the target audience starts to find these pictures appealing will they get attracted to the page and send in their queries.

Also, businesses' major mistakes are to post the same content on every social media channel, which is wrong. For instance, Facebook is now mostly treated as a business platform, so on this platform, you can create your content to get connected to the audience and accordingly get more leads.

Instagram has transformed itself into a mini-shop. Hence it is the best place to increase your sales or direct your target audience to the buying page. On the other hand, LinkedIn caters to the business-to-business audience. Hence it would help if you targeted to get big clients on LinkedIn.

3. eCommerce Websites

One of the original and most used ways of selling home décor products online is selling on eCommerce websites. There are plenty of eCommerce websites and mediums, such as Amazon, extremely popular and doing well. One of the biggest advantages of selling products on eCommerce stores is that these are very reliable and enjoy a huge share of traffic. Hence, you won't have to struggle to do your marketing and get customers to buy your home décor products when directly shown on the eCommerce websites.

eCommerce platforms such as Amazon only charge a small per cent of the amount of the total sale. Hence this makes it profitable for the seller. This is like a win-win situation for the seller when they do not have to give a huge fee to the platform and, at the same time, get customers to buy their products.

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Start using the above three stated methods for your home decor. Run ads on a daily basis and be consistent online. Then, you can easily ace through the competition and be distinct.

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Q. What are the steps included in selling the home décor products on a third-party eCommerce store?

Ans. If you are a manufacturer or a supplier, selling on eCommerce websites is important. All that you are required to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register as a seller: Register yourself on any eCommerce website as a seller. Fill in your formalities like GST and PAN information and an active bank account, where the payments will be credited.

Step 2: Listing of the products: Once the registration process is over, the next step is to list all the products. Businesses will be required to list from their seller central account by creating a new listing. Keep adding products to your store as and when possible.

Step 3: Customer Delivery: Once your product will receive the order, the next step will be to deliver it to the final customer. There are multiple options through which a business needs to make a choice. For example, either they can let the eCommerce website do the storing, packing, delivering, or your store and deliver your products. As per the business model that suits you, go for that.

Q. Is it very expensive to sell products online?

Ans. Selling products online has become the need of the hour, and businesses such as those of home décor have no other choice but to sell their products online. However, it is not at all expensive to sell the products online. Rather on the online front, everything works on a commission basis. For instance, if there is a sale of a product, then only the per cent amount of the sale will be charged by Amazon.

Q. Is it time-consuming to track the online records of the products?

Ans. No, it is very simple to track records when you are selling your products online. There are multiple software's available in the market, through which businesses can manage their inventory very easily. Also, there are reduced chances of errors or mishap in case of using a robust online technology to manage and sort inventories out.