Steps In Starting A Childcare Business In India!

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Steps In Starting A Childcare Business In India!

Table of Contents:

1. Day Care Business Plan In India

2. Starting A Childcare Business

3. Types Of Day Care Business Plan In India

4. Cost Of Starting A Daycare Center In India

5. Day Care Business Plan In India- Licenses

1. Day Care Business Plan In India

People who want to open a daycare centre should contact child care providers to learn more about the criteria before going public with their services. This business field has grown in popularity and demand as the number of working couples has increased. Daycare providers have been subjected to stringent rules and regulations, as caring for children is not a simple job. Okcredit is a service that eases the financial end of these tasks for you. It offers various features that can tackle various aspects of a childcare business plan.

2. Starting A Childcare Business

Indian households have changed dramatically over time, with nuclear families, married couples, and single working mothers all on the rise. In reality, one in every three Indians lives in a nuclear family. Though inviting grandparents and hiring a nanny to look after children is traditional in India, parents are increasingly turning to daycare centres, which provide a variety of developmental benefits to the infant.

Daycare centres help parents balance work and family life while also contributing to a child's overall educational growth. Children become more self-reliant as a result of this, and they are better equipped for school environments. So, if you want to start your own daycare company, there's no better time than now because the market is ripe for low-cost business ideas with high profit. This opening-a-daycare checklist will save you a lot of time and money by getting you off on the right foot right away.

3. Types Of Day Care Business Plan In India

Before starting a daycare company, you must first determine what type of daycare you want to open. In this category, there are two types of models: in-home and freestanding centres. A freestanding daycare centre operates in a separate, dedicated space, while in-home daycare is a facility you have in your own home. Each choice, as you would expect, has advantages and disadvantages.

1- Mother's Helpers

While a parent is still at home, a mother's helper is a child care provider who watches and entertains a child. These assistants are generally younger than the parents (around junior high age) and so they cannot be termed as professional babysitters. Since they aren't normally alone with an infant, rates can vary from free (if the helper is just looking for babysitting experience) to a few hundred Rs per hour.

Cute little girl with young nanny at table, indoors
Cost Of Starting A Daycare Center In India

2- Babysitter

A babysitter is someone who looks after children. They can work at any time of day or night. A babysitter's primary responsibility is to take care of your child, which may include meal preparation, putting children for naps and bedtime, assisting them with homework, and looking after your child’s wellbeing.

3- Daycare Centers

A daycare centre is a nonresidential, drop-off facility that offers child care. Although some daycare centres provide hourly care, the majority offer half or full-day programmes that include games, meals, naps, and likely outings. Centres should provide more organised learning experiences as well as good social development opportunities with other children. It is one of the best small business ideas from home as you can turn a few rooms of your house into a daycare centre. And as you expand, you can set up or rent a centre.

4- Conduct Research

Taking care of children is a difficult task that the government fully comprehends. As a result, different licencing regulations regulate the child care industry. Before you can start a daycare company, you will usually need approval from a local child care provider as well as your state's child care licencing office. The next move is to figure out who your possible rivals are. If there are already a lot of businesses in your city, you can differentiate yourself by offering something special and creative through your daycare, which will draw customers in. Identifying the age range of students and the working hours of other daycare businesses will assist you in developing a successful strategy.

4. Cost Of Starting A Daycare Center In India

Government agencies and private institutions understand the value of high-quality childcare, and you might be able to receive grants from them. As a result, it's critical to conduct research as soon as possible and apply for available funds as soon as possible. Another alternative is to apply for grants through the Small Business Administration. They also provide counselling and support to help you stay on solid ground in your company.

When starting a daycare company, having a background in early childhood care or child development is a plus. This will give the licensing authorities and parents faith in you because your qualifications will show that you are qualified to start a business and care for the children entrusted to your care. To complement your experience and skills, you can enrol in a diploma or a crash course. Additionally, ensure that the staff has the necessary expertise to care for the children's well-being.

Look for a suitable place to set up shop as you train your team with the requisite skill sets. If you have a large enough room, you might open a home daycare centre or rent a commercial space if the location is suitable. Keep the children's protection and hygiene in mind when choosing a site. To that end, choose a location that is free of noise, pollution and is also easily available. Additionally, choose a location with low rent to reduce your overall costs.

5. Day Care Business Plan In India- Licenses

A licence is required to operate a daycare company, whether it is run from your home or from a commercial location. To open a daycare centre, you must meet specific criteria such as the minimum and the maximum number of students and workers and sanitation standards. When you're finished, submit an application for a licence to the appropriate authority. They will request to see your daycare proposal before proceeding, so be prepared with your daycare business plan. Alternatively, you should apply for a franchise with a well-known brand to capitalise on the parent company's reputation.

Diverse children enjoying playing with toys
Day Care Business Plan In India


Opening a childcare business in India is a major responsibility. It is a herculean task to get everything right. OkCredit and OkStaff are great platforms that help you in getting everything going and keep it running. Once you build everything up and create a good reputation, the childcare business is not only profitable but also helps in making our modern social dynamics stronger.

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Q. Is a childcare business profitable in India?

Ans. One can say the childcare business is profitable. Hence, the scope is high to establish your own childcare in India. Business-wise, it is easy to establish a childcare business. It involves seeking limited legal permissions, and investment costs are very low.

Q. What certifications are required for a daycare business?

Ans. A nationally recognised Level 3 qualification in childcare, as well as two years' post-qualifying experience working with children, are required to obtain a Childcare licence. Supervisory experience would be advantageous as well.

Q. Should a childcare business be an LLC or a Non-Profit?

Ans. The primary purpose of any nonprofit is to provide a service to the general public whereas the purpose of forming an LLC is to earn profit for its members. Nonprofits are not permitted to operate as LLCs in all states. Nonprofits must reinvest any profits back into the organisation or donate them to another charity.