What is GST Suvidha Kendra? How to start a GST Suvidha Kendra?

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What is GST Suvidha Kendra? How to start a GST Suvidha Kendra?

GST Suvidha Kendra: All you need to know

GST or Goods and Service Tax is a single indirect tax that has replaced multiple taxations observed in India. On 1st July 2017, the Government of India first introduced the GST Bill. It was a significant decision, and it reformed the taxation structure of the nation significantly.

Though it is a single comprehensive tax, business owners find it confusing and difficult to understand. Large enterprises maintain an in-house team of tax professionals, but SMEs find it a bit financially stressful. For them, GST Suvidha Kendra can be of immense help.

GST Suvidha Kendra is a one-stop gateway for small and medium entrepreneurs, retailers, and individuals for filing their GST returns timely and cost-effectively. For availing this benefit, the business people need to have a turnover of more than 20 lakhs.

Understanding GST Suvidha Kendra in Detail

GST Suvidha Kendras are the GST Facilitation Centers approved and appointed by GSPs. These centres function in adherence to GST compliances in a hassle-free and affordable way.

GST Suvidha Kendra is the best opportunity for the small and medium business owners, and retailers have to file their GST returns. The return filing is done successfully at a much lower rate than what is charged by tax professionals generally. They will help you do GST return filing on time following the process approved by the Government of India.

The primary motto behind establishing such centres is to fuel the growth of SMEs and individuals in their respective business fields.

Seasonal business people and casual GST taxpayers find these centres much helpful for staying in compliance with the GST.

We are mentioning here GST returns several times. Do you know what it is? Let us describe it in brief here.

What is GST Return?

We already know what GST is. What about GST Return?- Well, these are the tax returns forms that the taxpayers (registered under the GST) require to fill. They input all necessary details regarding the tax collected and paid, sales and purchases, etc. made during the timeframe.

We have two categories of GST Returns-

  1. Periodic Returns that are filed every month or for the quarter
  2. Annual Returns denote the summary of all the regular returns filed.

There are ten types of GST Return, from GSTR-1 to GSTR-10. GSTR-3B replaced GSTR-2 and GSTR-3.

Penalties on Failing to File GST Return on Time

If for some reason a GST registered taxpayer fails to fill up the GST return form within a stipulated timeframe,

  • The person needs to pay a late fee of Rs 100 under CGST, and Rs 100 under SGST.


  • One hundred/day of delay per the Act (maximum amount will be the taxpayer’s turnover’s 0.25%) in the relevant state or union territory.

There will be no penalty on IGST is as per the Act.

Do not fret as it is not mandatory to file GST return on your own. You can assign the task to a tax return preparer approved by the Central/State Tax administration. GST Suvidha Kendra comes to your rescue at this juncture.

Importance of GST Suvidha Kendra

The Indian Government lays much emphasis on such GST facilitation centres because these help them simplify the process of GST return filing for SMEs, traders, and individuals. It stands for reducing the complications and costs involved in GST return filing. It encourages people to venture into the commerce and trade world without having to fear the GST compliances.

Goods and Services Tax is the most significant single indirect tax, levied at each stage of value addition in India. The Comprehensive Dual GST debuted on 1st July 2017, which introduced several Indirect Tax Returns. All these are complicated to understand thoroughly, and tax professionals charge abnormally higher for managing these tasks. It discourages businesses to adhere to GST guidelines and compliances.

Who can start a GST Suvidha Kendra?

Anyone can start a GST Suvidha Kendra on satisfying the following standard eligibility criterion

  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • Must be a college graduate
  • Must have computer and internet surfing skill
  • Must possess basic knowledge of Accountancy
  • 1 Photo ID Card (PAN or Aadhar card)
  • Your company needs to have the necessary IT infrastructure (at least 100 sq ft commercial space and 2 Computers, 1 Printer/Scanner, 2 Mbps Broadband connection)
  • The company must be registered under Banking, IT, Insurance Service, etc.

From tax professionals and business owners to graduates looking for a steady income source, all can apply or open a GST Suvidha Kendra. Remember, it is the most attractive earning opportunity you have in India.

How to Start a GST Suvidha Kendra?

  • Before applying for the GSK, please ensure you match the eligibility criteria.
  • Visit an appropriate website that offers a portal to GST Suvidha Kendra services.
  • Navigate to GST Suvidha Kendra page
  • Click on Become a Partner or 'apply now.'
  • You need to fill up the GST Suvidha Kendra Availability Application.
  • The application form will require you to provide your name, email id, mobile number, area, city pincode, preferred language, etc.
  • Once the registration stage is over, the GST expert (associated with the website you register with) will check your GST Kendra availability.
  • In case there is no GST Kendra nearby, you will receive a call asking for your ID proof copies.

These are the standard GSK registration process:

  • You need to collect essential training material and undergo proper training. The GST Suvidha Kendra (GSK) registration provider might give you the necessary training.
  • After the training, you have to contact businesses for delivering GSK services.
  • Start searching out for a place to establish your GSK.
  • Start delivering services

Summing Up

These are the procedures one has to undergo generally for successfully starting a GST Suvidha Kendra or GSK. These centres indeed simplify and make the GST tax return less expensive besides creating attractive income opportunities for several people.

Hopefully, the readers find the information given here in a nutshell on GST, GST Return. and GSK helpful!

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Q. What services can I access at GST Suvidha Kendra?

Ans: Different types of GST taxation services are available at a GST Suvidha Kendra. From GST registration to tax and company auditing, GSTR1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4, GSTR 6, GSTR 9, and E-way bill generation you can access at a GSK. Besides these, a GSK also offers Accounting & Compliance services like FSSAI License, Trademark Registration, PSARA license, Digital Signature, Patent Filing, ISO Certification, etc. Also, expect to avail of an array of legal services and digital services at a much pocket-friendly rate here. You can do property registration, company incorporation, and many other highly specialised services at a GSK.

Q. Who is GSP? Do they have proper income scope?

Ans: GSP or GST Suvidha Providers help the taxpayers registered under the GST to stay in compliance with the GST law via its online platform. The Goods and Service Tax Network receives the GST returns filed by companies and or business people through a government-approved GSP. They simplify the GST return filing process and do all the formalities necessary on behalf of the business or its clients. A GSP can earn handsomely by expanding its clientele base, and it is not a very stringent process to become one. The number and types of business they deal with decides how well they earn.