How to update Address & Mobile number in Aadhar Card?

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How to update Address & Mobile number in Aadhar Card?

Process to Update Details on Aadhar Card

One of the latest reforms in the Indian economy, Aadhar cards has changed the ways India used to work around with documents. Introduced as a concept to simplify the entire documentation procedure in the internal framework of the constitution, it has undoubtedly been the next significant change in the country.

The essence of the Aadhar card makes it an important document that comprises 12 digits, containing details around the cardholder. Maintained and managed by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), the database also holds records such as the address lines, phone numbers, and the finger imprints and retinal scans of the people enrolled under the same.

Coming to the present day, it is estimated that residents of the country have already used their cards for over 1,216.8 crore times to authenticate transactions. Besides that, stats also represent that around 95% of people of the total population in the country are registered Aadhar card users and also use it at least once a month.

Now that we know what Aadhar is and how it came into being, let's have a look at why this document was pushed with such pace and its benefits.

Benefits of Aadhar card:

  • An Aadhar card is an essential tool when you have to file your income tax returns without much fuss. Besides that, the introduction of the Aadhar card introduced a new upper ceiling for tax reforms.
  • You can also speed up the overall process of passport verification as the presence of Aadhar cards help the officials confirm the permanent address of the applicant in no time.
  • Besides helping you get passports at a much-accelerated pace, you can also get documents and bank accounts in a recorded time.
  • Your Aadhar card also acts as a digital life insurance certificate. You can use the unique 12 digit codes to get yourself life insurance without much lag in the overall procedure.
  • Besides the above benefits, it is also profitable for the use of pensioners as the documentation is now solved in just one card.

While there are many benefits on the same, listed above were the most significant ones.

It is no hidden fact that the largest democracy in the world is home to the middle class at large, and most of them hold no permanent address due to the hiring and other conditions. Besides that, the government workers are also known to change their addresses in periodic intervals due to transfers.

Considering the above factors, the Government took into consideration the two major problems that could arrive after the distribution of Aadhar cards, change of address, and mobile numbers.

Since the Aadhar card system was also introduced as a step to push digitisation in the country, every effort to update or change information on the card is made in two ways, online and offline. Let’s have a look at the same.

How to Change/Update your Mobile Number in Aadhaar Online?

Previously, the Government of India allowed the cardholders to update/change their mobile numbers online and at their convenience. However, the UIDAI abolished the online methods of updating/changing because of the threat that it posed. To avoid the leak of personal details, the charges were amended to only ‘offline’/OTP mode where the individuals would have to visit the designated centres to have it changed.

Listed below are the two methods to change your mobile numbers that are linked to your Aadhar card. Namely, updating your new number with the help of OTP or updating your mobile number without OTP.

OTP mode:

The OTP mode requires the users to log in to the official Aadhar portal from where they can easily place an appointment and get their changes done via OTP verification that is sent across the registered mobile number to get it changed.

However, note that the OTP mode is no longer functional and requires the applicant to visit the offline centres to update their numbers.

Offline mode:

Listed below are the steps that you will have to follow to get your mobile number updated in the linked Aadhaar card through the offline method:

Step 1: Visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment/Update Centre.

Step 2: Enquire for the Aadhaar Update Form and fill up the same.

Step 3: Fill-up the form with the present mobile number that you want to link.

Step 4: Get your request registered with the executive and receive an acknowledgment slip around the URN (Update Request Number).

Step 5: Pay the suggested fee of ₹ 25/- to get you new number linked to the Aadhar card

Steps to update your address in Aadhar card

To revise the contents of your address linked to your Aadhaar Card, you should follow the steps as mentioned below:

Step 1:Visit Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal

Step 2: In case you already have a valid address proof, go under the option of ‘Proceed to Update Address’. You will be taken to Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal on UIDAI’s website.

Step 3: On the other hand, if you don’t possess a valid proof of address, you’ll have to click the “Request for Address Validation Letter” option.

Step 4: In the new box that pops up, you need to fill it up with the 12-digit number that is present in your card, or you can also avail the option of giving your Virtual ID that comprises 16-digit numbers.

Step 5: Once done with the process of adding the details as mentioned, you need to enter the Captcha Verification code to proceed.

Step 6: Now, you need to choose the ‘Send OTP’ option, following which, you will receive an OTP in your registered mobile number.

Step 7: Users also get the option to choose the TOTP feature to authenticate.

Step 8: Once logged in, click the ‘Update Address via Address Proof’ option and submit the required details correctly.

Remember, different portals help you visit further queries and also solve the same. You need to select your options correctly before you confirm the address. Besides filling the address correctly, you should again go with the correct PoA and C/o details.

Step 9: Now, following the addition of address, you need to upload the scanned initially POA documents.

Step 10: Once the entire filling and uploading process is done, it is always advisable to preview the entered data in English and local language format.

Step 11: Lastly, you can finally process the submission of your request. You should also keep track of the Update Request Number (URN), it comes in handy in tracking the entire process.


Besides changing/updating their mobile numbers and addresses, applicants can also avail of several other services like name, gender, date of birth, and e-mail ID on their Aadhaar Card.

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Q. What are the other pieces of information in my Aadhar card that can be changed?

Ans: Everything that you see on your Aadhar card can be updated/corrected but not changed. Ranging from your mobile number to address, name, gender, date of birth, and e-mail ID, everything can be corrected and edited. However, the 12 digit number stays the same.

Q. Is it safe to open websites other than UIDAI for changing my information on Aadhar?

Ans: No, it is strictly advised that you don’t trust any third-party website for changing/updating your Aadhar information.