How to Withdraw PF Online with UAN?[Hassle-free Process]

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How to Withdraw PF Online with UAN?[Hassle-free Process]

How to Withdraw PF Online with UAN?

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique number issued to an individual by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation when they start contributing to their Employee Provident Fund (EPF or PF). Sometimes, it may be necessary to withdraw money from the EPF. If you are wondering how to withdraw PF online with UAN, read this article till the end.

The PF can be withdrawn online partially or completely, depending on the individual’s preference. Normally, it is withdrawn when at the time of retirement or if an individual is unemployed for more than two months. This process requires an attestation from a Gazetted Officer. The employees are also entitled to a partial withdrawal of funds for planned and unplanned family financial needs such as children's education or marriage, buying properties, or expensive medical treatment.

The table below elucidates the circumstances under which PF can be withdrawn:

Serial No.


Withdrawal Limit

Years of service required

Other clauses



Whichever is lower: six times the monthly salary or the employee's whole share plus interest.

Not applicable

Medical treatment of self, parents, children or spouse.



50 percent of the contribution to EPF made using employee’s share. 

Marriage of self, sibling, son/daughter



50 percent of employee’s share of contribution to EPF

Either for child’s education of account holder’s education


Land Purchase or Construction of House

For land purchase, you'll need 24 times your monthly earnings plus a dearness allowance.

For the house – 36 times the monthly earnings plus a stipend.

The land must be in the name of the employee or jointly owned with the spouse.


Repayment of Home Loan

About 36 times the salary with dearness allowance. Also, the outstanding principal interest on the house loan.



Renovation of House

12 times the monthly wages and dearness allowance or total cost

5 years

The property must be registered in the employee's name or jointly with his or her spouse.

The facilities could be used after 5 or 10 years after the house construction is completed.


Partial Withdrawal before Retirement

90% of accumulated balance with interest.

54 years of age for the employee and withdrawal to be done a year before retirement.


Impact of Information Technology on Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)

(i) UAN: Unique Identification Number (UAN) is allocated to every employee and employer member which is also linked to their Aadhar number and mobile number.

(ii) Bank branches: It enabled the linking of bank branches with local EPF offices. It gave members the option to choose from various branches and banks based on their preferences to open EPF accounts. The entire process became hassle-free, and the monitoring of remittances was made quicker. This led to employers remitting the due accounts within a set period.

(iii) Web enablement: Often working with banks created locational and time constraints associated with transactions. Web-based transactions have helped EPF officers, employers and employees to overcome such challenges.

(iv) Simplification of forms: A single page form to deal with all sorts of claims was created by the EPFO. It saved attestation by employers by verifying credentials through online KYC and Aadhar documents.

Offline Withdrawal of PF

This requires downloading the Composite Claim Form, either Aadhar or Non-Aadhar. Mostly in Aadhar based composite claim form, the bank account details and Aadhar number are linked  on the UAN portal. The form can be submitted to the respective jurisdictional EPFO office without getting it attested. Non-Aadhar Composite Claim Form is used when the Aadhar number is not linked with the UAN portal. It requires attestation before final submission.

PPF word design with Indian five rupee coin

Online Withdrawal of PF with UAN

The online procedure for withdrawing PF is way more streamlined and hassle-free for employees. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Make sure that the Universal Account Number (UAN) is linked with a registered mobile number and is active. It must also be linked with your KYC, including bank details, IFSC and Aadhar. This saves paperwork and does not require attestation from the employer.

Step 2: Log in to the UAN portal with your UAN and password. Sign in using the Captcha code.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Online Services’ tab on the top of the drop-down menu and select ‘Claim (Form-31, 10C & 19)’ option.

Step 4: This will open up a new page with all the member details and KYC information. After filling up bank details, click on ‘verify’. In the next step, the reason for leaving the services of PF will have to be mentioned.

Step 5: A pop up named ‘Certificate of Undertaking’ will appear. Click on ‘Yes’.

Step 6: Select ‘Proceed for Online Claim.’

Step 7: In the claim form, mention the claim amount, i.e., full EPF settlement, pension withdrawal or partial withdrawal, under the tab ‘I Want To Apply For’. It conducts an eligibility check of services like pension withdrawal or PF withdrawal and if ineligible, it will not show you the drop-down menu.

Step 8: To withdraw funds, select ‘PF Advance (Form 31)’ and provide the reason for an advance, the amount required, and the address of the employee.

Step 9: Click on the certificate and submit the application. It may ask to submit scanned documents for filling up the form. Once the withdrawal request is approved by the employer, the money is credited in your account in about 15-20 days.

Steps to Enter Exit Date and Withdraw PF

Steps explaining ‘How to withdraw PF online with UAN’ must also cover the process of entering the exit date as it is a crucial part of the overall process. Withdrawal of PF can get delayed under many circumstances. It may occur due to missing the exit date. Hence, there is a provision for the employee to enter the date of exit from the previous employer through the Unified Portal. Before this service was launched, only the employer was allowed to enter the date of exit.

The date can be changed by logging onto the UAN portal using the UAN and password. However, it is necessary to check if the exit date is mentioned by clicking on ‘Service History’ under the ‘View’ tab.

How to register a grievance for PF Withdrawal?

There is an online grievance portal that can be used to register a complaint. The EPF grievance management system allows users to file a complaint, send reminders and check the status of the complaint. Moreover, it allows you to change the password and upload grievance related documents. The following steps can be adopted for the same –

1. Go to the EPFO Grievance Management System and click on ‘Register Grievance’.

2. This will open a registration form. Fill up all the necessary information.

3. Select the status from the drop-down menu.

4. Insert your PF number, address, address of the establishment, complainant’s name, contact information and submit the form.

As per the updated guidelines, certain changes have been made to the EPF rules. These include death insurance benefits, the limit on withdrawals, change in threshold limit, employer contribution towards EPS, insurance coverage and changes to pension amount.

Provident Fund word on card hold by man


The EPFO has undergone an unprecedented transformation in a short span of 3 years. Anyone who wants to know how to withdraw PF online with UAN can do so by following the process above. The conventional processes have been radically simplified and replaced by online systems with an interface to mobile‐ and portal‐based applications. The centralised accounting and online challan cum receipts system to support UAN have changed the EPFO subscriptions processing. The linkages among the subscribers, employee organisation, regional EPFO, and the designated bank branches hold no more relevance. EPFO has truly become a centralised organisation with regional offices to support branding, increase subscriptions, manage disputes rapidly, and monitor compliance efficiently in real time.

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Q. Is it necessary to provide Form 15G/H while submitting the EPF withdrawal form?

Ans. EPF becomes tax free if it is withdrawn after complete service for 5 years. If the withdrawal is made before that, it is taxed. Form 15G/H saves TDS deduction from the EPF withdrawal amount.

Q. Is it possible to withdraw EPF without logging onto the portal?

Ans. It is possible to claim the EPF amount without logging onto the portal. This can be done offline by filling up the Composite Claim Form and completing the necessary formalities.

Q. Is it compulsory to share PAN details during EPF withdrawal?

Ans. It is mandatory to provide PAN details for those wanting to withdraw partial amounts, failing which about 30% TDS may get deducted.