Jewellery Shops in Kolkata: [Top 10 Jewellery Stores]

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Jewellery Shops in Kolkata: [Top 10 Jewellery Stores]

Kolkata is a major manufacturing centre for gold, diamond, and other precious/semi-precious jewellery. It continues to have a century-old jewellery-making tradition. The city is known for its large population of skilled jewellery workers. Exquisite patterns and intricate designs highlight the delicate craftsmanship of the local workers.

Traditional Bengal jewellery is rich in design and style and is famous in Kolkata and across India. The jewellery business in Kolkata was customised and traditional design-oriented a few decades ago.

Most jewellery shops in Kolkata have many designs catering to every taste and preference.

Few Leading Jewellery Shops in Kolkata



Store Reference


Contact No.



PC Chandra


83 A, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Kolkata 700020

2223-8062 / 



MP Jewellers

Bidhan Sarani

99, Vivekananda Road, Kolkata 700006



Senco Gold & Diamond

Camac Street

22, Camac Street, Block A, Gr. Fl, Kolkata-




Anjali Jewellers

Gol Park

28 A Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700029



BC Sen Jewellers

Lee Road

4,Lee Road,Vaibhav, 2nd Fl, Kolkata 700020

2290-1125/ 1126


Satramdas Dhalamal Jewellers

Park Street

12 J Park St, Queens Mansion, Kolkata




Sawansukha Jewellers

Camac Street

9, Camac St,2nd Fl,

Kolkata 700017

2289-5281 / 82


Kalyan Jewellers


3 B, Mandeville Gardens, Kolkata 700019

08071 967 802


Tribhovandas Bhimji Jhaveri

Camac Street

5, Camac St ,Gr.Fl,

Kolkata 700017





9/3 B,Leela Roy sarani, Mukti World complex,

Kolkata 700019


We now look at some of the top jewellery shops in Kolkata.

1. PC Chandra Jewellers

P .C. Chandra jewellers (PCJ) established their first shop in 1939. Right from the beginning, PCJ focussed on creating unique designs so that customers could differentiate from other jewellers.

Over the years, the number of shops multiplied with the business growth. The operations expanded to several cities beyond Kolkata; P C Chandra jewellers as a brand started getting recognition in places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Agartala, and many more.

At PC Chandra, exquisite meenakari, filigree, and innovative use of precious stones gave each piece of jewellery a unique look and made the wearer proud. Moreover, understanding the fashion trends made P.C. Chandra jewellers innovate new styles, creating a separate identity for the brand.

PCJ offers every possible variety of jewellery, from bangles to chains, necklaces, rings, and mangalsutra. The collections come in gold, diamond, silver and gemstones. In addition, a unique range of lightweight ornaments for regular use is marketed under the popular sub-brand Goldline collection.

PC Chandra jewellers Is a leading brand in Kolkata with over fifteen stores. The brand also has a significant presence in West Bengal and most metro cities in India.

2. MP Jewellers

The story of MP jewellers (MPJ) began in 1945 when a freedom fighter's zeal for starting a successful jewellery business line led to the setting up of the first shop. The focus on quality and perfection soon made MPJ a household name in Kolkata and West Bengal.

MPJ was among the pioneers in the jewellery business in Kolkata to adopt modern business practises. They (MPJ) were among the first recipients of the BIS-hallmark licence, guaranteeing pure gold. The closely held family enterprise is a strong advocate of professionalism. All the MPJ shops sell the entire range of gold and diamond jewellery along with astral gemstones like coral, topaz, ruby amethyst and many more.

3. Senco Gold and Diamonds

Senco Gold and Diamonds have been in the jewellery business in Kolkata since 1938. Affordability and design is the core business strategy for Senco Gold. With 19 outlets (out of 128) in Kolkata, Senco is among the top jewellery brands. Senco is also present in several major cities in India and has made a mark as a top-class jewellery maker.

4. Anjali Jewellers

A relatively new entrant to the jewellery scene in Kolkata, Anjali jewellers (AJ) made its mark from the beginning as a forward-looking, dynamic jeweller.

Targeting primarily middle-class buyers, AJ adopted innovative marketing tactics and brought in several customer-friendly schemes to increase sales. As a result, they made online jewellery sales famous. The out-of-the-box design creations and excellent craftsmanship helped AJ quickly become one of the most frequented jewellery shops in Kolkata.

The Anjali jeweller collection includes an entire range of gold, silver and diamond items and gemstones.

5. BC Sen Jewellers

BC Sen Jewellers (BCS) started its journey in 1888. A humble start but a clear strategy of producing quality and exquisite items helped BC Sen to force its way into the league of the best jewellers of Kolkata. Their (BCS) elegant range of diamond solitaire items for men and women is a best seller at all their six outlets in Kolkata.

6. Satramdas Dhalamal

Satramdas  Dhalamal jewellers (SDJ), founded in 1880, is one of the oldest jewellery businesses in India. Known for offering traditional designs sourced from various parts of India, SDJ has built up a reputation as an exclusive jeweller, catering to the rich and famous.

7. Sawansukha Jewellers

Sawansukha is a jeweller with a history of over 200 years. Besides the regular gold items, Sawansukha Jewellers are known for their diamond and Polki collection. They mainly cater to the top segment of consumers and focus on custom-built pieces.

8. Kalyan Jewellers

Founded in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, Kalyan Jewellers is a new brand of Indian jewellers and has 137 stores across the country. A high level of promotion and quickly adapting local designs led to the success of their Kolkata store. In addition, the store has a collection of several innovative items aimed at younger consumers.

9. Tribhovandas Bhimji Jhaveri (TBJ)

TBJ, established in 1864, is from Mumbai. However, TBJ has spread all over India as part of business expansion. Their Kolkata store, set up some years back, is already among the top jewellery stores in Kolkata. TBJ offers a collection of some of the finest Indian and international styles.

10. Tanishq

Tanishq from Titan Watches is a modern jewellery retail brand (started in 1994) with over 150 stores across India. The Tanishq branded jewellery is already a favourite with many customers in Kolkata, especially the younger generation.

With several leading jewellery shops in Kolkata, buying jewellery of your choice is not always easy. There is so much on offer, from traditional Bengali to pan-Indian styles, you are sure to lose your decision making unless, of course, you have strong willpower!

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Q. How to judge the quality (purity) of gold in an ornament?

Ans. All the reputed stores sell only hallmark-gold jewellery, a guarantee certificate. In addition, most leading shops (brands) use unique markings while making a particular piece of jewellery which allows traceability.

However, in case of doubt or dispute, one can always get a specific piece (of jewellery) tested at several gold testing laboratories located in the main cities of India.

Q. Can I exchange old gold for new at one of the listed jewellery shops in Kolkata?

Ans. Exchange of old jewellery is usually done as part of some specific schemes. Therefore, you have to check with the concerned store to avail any exchange offer.

Q. Which jewellery brand is the best in Kolkata?

Ans. Jewellery is not a standardised product, and the choice and preference are personal issues. Moreover, perception plays a significant role in choosing a particular brand. Therefore, the selection of the best brand varies from individual to individual.

Q. What is a solitaire diamond?

Ans. A single-piece diamond item is referred to as a solitaire. Usually, the engagement ring is made of solitaire diamond.

Q. Why is the cut of a diamond considered essential to the value of a diamond?

Ans. The cut of a diamond decides the optical properties. The dazzle of a polished diamond is due to the reflection of light rays from the angles at different depths inside the diamond structure.