Jewellery Shops in Madurai - Detailed List [2022]

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Jewellery Shops in Madurai - Detailed List [2022]

Humans have been wearing jewellery for ages due to various reasons. Hence, it is not surprising that people still love jewellery as it enables them to express themselves better. These days, one can go to different jewellery shops in Madurai and find all sorts of fantastic silver, gold, diamond, pearls and even other distinct stones.

Jewellery enhances the beauty and appeal of an individual. As long as you are wearing your jewellery appropriately, it can say a lot about you and your personality. This makes it imperative to ensure you wear the finest jewellery that brings out the best in you. Jewellery shops in Madurai are known for offering the ideal jewellery that features unrivalled quality and design.    

However, with so many jewellery shops in Madurai, it can be challenging to find the best collections. Therefore, here is a list of some well-known jewellery shops in Madurai that offer the best to their customers.        

Premium Jewellery Shops in Madurai

Jewellery Shop


Contact Number 


Jos Alukkas 

Door No, 405, W Masi Rd, Valaiyal Kadai, Madurai Main, Madurai, TN 625001

0452 233 0222 / 0442 814 1177


Lalithaa Jewellery   

180, 182, S Masi Street, opposite Vasanth & Co, Periyar, Madurai Main, Madurai, TN 625001

0452 233 0222 / 0442 814 1177


GRT Jewellers   

Door No, 108 & 109, Netaji Rd, near Raja Barlae Bakery, Madurai Main, Madurai, TN 625001

0452 434 1516 / 0452 434 1515


Srikrishna Nagai Maligai

20, West Masi Street, Near old Aryabhavan, Madurai.

82200 44453


Malabar Gold And Diamonds

No. 31, Vishaal - De - Mall, Gokule Road, Chinnachokkikulam, Madurai - 625002 Tamil Nadu

0452-2555110, 0452 2539917

1. Jos Alukkas  

Ask anyone about prominent jewellery shops in Madurai, and they will all tell you about Jos Alukkas. They have been providing customers with high-end top quality jewellery for over a decade. The craftsmanship offered by Jos Alukkas is certainly worth appreciating, considering the unmatched detailing and finishing featured in their products.

Qualities like these have made Jos Alukkas one of the most trusted jewellery shops in Madurai. The return policies offered by this jewellery shop are also flexible compared to other jewellery shops in the region. Moreover, the extensive collection offered by Jos Alukkas includes top-notch jewellery for almost any occasion.

Some of the well-known specialities of Jos Alukkas include toe rings, necklace sets, jhumka palakka, rubies, sapphires, bracelets, and much more. Hence, if you are looking for jewellery in Madurai, this is the shop that you need to visit to get the ideal jewellery that will enhance your beauty like no other.

2. Lalithaa Jewellery        

Lalithaa Jewellery, established in 2009, is among the most prominent jewellery shops one can find in Madurai. This jewellery merchant’s gold and diamond jewellery is certified in accordance with international standards. This ensures no matter what, the quality offered by Lalithaa Jewellery will always be of the optimum standards.

The best thing about Lalithaa Jewellery is that they treat their customers with great care and unrivalled commitment to ensure you get the best jewellery that ideally complements your personality. You can also place orders for jewellery based on your preferences in terms of the design you prefer the most.

Some of the most well-known specialities of Lalithaa Jewellery include emerald and ruby jewellery; BIS hallmarked gold, ottiyanam, bracelets, collections from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, gold jadai, and much more. This varied collection has enabled them to open eighteen different showrooms across different regions in South India.

3. GRT Jewellers  

GRT Jewellers have many jewellery shops in Madurai. Their stores are spread across varied locations across the city, making it convenient no matter where you are in Madurai. The most distinct quality of the jewellery offered by GRT Jewellers is their unfettered attention to detail and an enormous range of collections.  

Their flexible policies, such as buyback guarantees and lifetime exchange policies, set them apart from every jewellery shop in the city. The overall ambience of their stores is also great, further ensuring you have the ideal jewellery shopping experience without any rush.

The most well-known collections offered by GRT Jewellers include pendants, necklaces, leaf gold rings, navaratna, platinum chains, teardrop aura gold earrings, and much more. Therefore, if you are looking for a jewellery shop that offers a great discount with great quality products, you must check out the offerings of GRT Jewellers.

4. Srikrishna Nagai Maligai

With over three decades of legacy, Srikrishna Nagai Maligai is another foremost jewellery shop in Madurai. They are best known for their craftsmanship and varied collection of diamond and gold jewellery. People love Srikrishna Nagai Maligai because of the personalised experience delivered by the jewellery vendor.

Every piece of jewellery offered by Srikrishna Nagai Maligai conforms to the national quality standards: the Indian Standards of gold 916 BIS HALLMARK. Moreover, the service quality is one of the primary reasons for reaching the peak of jewellery shops in Madurai.

The extensive collection of jewellery in Srikrishna Nagai Maligai is ideal for everyone, no matter their age or gender. Some of their well-known collections include gold bangles, earrings, chains, diamond and sapphire rings, bracelets, necklaces and much more.

5. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar and Gold Diamonds is probably the most well-known name in the entire list, as Malabar Gold And Diamonds has its jewellery shops spread across different locations throughout the country. Over the years, they have gained a lot of reputation in Madurai with the unmatched quality of their products and flexible buyback policies that enables customers to trust them.

Every single diamond sold by Malabar Gold And Diamonds is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). All the gold jewellery in Malabar Gold And Diamonds is also certified as the national standards of the BIS Hallmark, guaranteeing the quality of every piece of jewellery sold by the brand.

They offer a wide range of gold mangalsutra, pendants, bangles, rings, chains, and more. Similarly, their diamond collection also features bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and much more. Therefore, make sure to get your jewellery from a trusted brand such as Malabar Gold And Diamonds.

You will not purchase jewellery very frequently, so make sure you get the best anytime you buy one. Choose jewellery that will enhance your beauty and appeal and reflect your personality.

These jewellery shops in Madurai will serve you well and ensure your jewellery never fails to complement your attire even after years.                

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Q. How do I know if I am getting the best deal?

Ans. It is always recommended to enquire about the prices of jewellery in different stores and compare the same to get the best deal.

Q. Does low price in jewellery mean compromised quality?

Ans. No, that is not true because the jewellery sold by the above-mentioned jewellery shops is certified in compliance with national or international standards.

Q. How should I preserve my gold jewellery?

Ans. Keeping your jewellery covered with clothes, cleaning them regularly, not spraying perfume on the jewellery is enough to preserve your gold jewellery.        

Q. Is it alright to buy jewellery not compliant with quality standards?

Ans. No severe adversity will befall you if you do not buy jewellery compliant with quality standards. However, it is always better to go with quality jewellery even if they cost more.

Q. Can I customise the design of my jewellery?

Ans. Yes, you can customise your jewellery designs to suit your preferences and taste.