Best Mayonnaise Brands in India [Top 8 Brands]

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Best Mayonnaise Brands in India [Top 8 Brands]

You must use the finest mayonnaise in India to make your sandwiches even more tasty! Mayonnaise is one of those toppings that we occasionally want on our spaghetti and pizzas, and it adds a flavour to foods that will delight you all the way to your soul. As a result, choosing the finest mayonnaise in India is a vital choice for foodies. But even a hardcore foodie may find it tough to select the best mayonnaise in India. Don't worry! We've put in countless hours of study time for you. We will discuss the top 12 mayonnaise options in India in this post. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Best Mayonnaise Brands in India

Name of the Brand



Frapito Eggless Mayonnaise

  • This is entirely vegetarian.

  • It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  • This mayonnaise has no dairy and trans fats.

  • There are no artificial flavours or colours in it.

  • It has a thick, rich, and creamy consistency.

  • This mayonnaise contains antioxidant E-319.

  • This mayonnaise has no palm oil.

  • Enhances digestion and water retention. 

  • This is a low-cholesterol spread.

  • It is a gluten-free item.

  • It offers a delicious blend of sweet and sour flavours.

  • It has been recommended for safe consumption by Fssai.

  • It comes in a convenient squeeze bottle for travel.

  • This is a low-cost mayonnaise.


Veeba Classic Mayonnaise

  • This isn't a veggie mayonnaise.

  • The gluten-free variant contains milk solids.

  • It is made from refined soybean oil.

  • Refined sugar is used to sweeten the mayonnaise.

  • This item contains artificial flavouring.

  • This product is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

  • It contains INS319 antioxidants.

  • Preservatives INS211 and INS202 are present in the mayonnaise.

  • It comes in a 250-g plastic container.

  • This mayonnaise has a maximum shelf life of 9 months. from the date of production.



  • It is completely vegetarian.

  • There is no milk in the mayonnaise.

  • This mayonnaise has no cholesterol or trans fats.

  • It has no palm oil.

  • Dr. Oetker's veg mayonnaise is available in seven different flavours.

  • This company also makes non-vegetarian traditional mayonnaise.

  • There are two sizes available: a 250-g plastic bottle and an 875-g squeezy pack.

  • This mayonnaise has a 7-month shelf life.


Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise

  • It's a vegan mayonnaise that's free of eggs.

  • Milk solids are present in the product.

  • It has no cholesterol or trans fats.

  • This product has no artificial flavours.

  • Mayonnaise contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • It's prepared using food-grade soybean oil.

  • This mayonnaise contains thickeners INS 1442 and INS 415, acidity regulators INS 260, 270, and 330, and a sequestrant, INS 386.

  • It is available in 900-g squeezy pouches and 1-kilogramme plastic sacks.

  • This product has a maximum shelf life of four months.


American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise

  • This mayonnaise has no eggs.

  • It's manufactured from soybean and canola oil, both of which are edible.

  • The product contains no milk solids.

  • There are no artificial flavours in the mayonnaise.

  • This product has no gluten.

  • It has high-fructose corn syrup in it.

  • The mayonnaise has an 18-month shelf life.

  • It comes in a plastic jar - 473-mL size.


Urban Platter Vegan Premium Mayo

  • It's a vegetarian mayonnaise that doesn't include eggs.

  • This is a dairy-free mayonnaise.

  • This vegan mayonnaise has no trans fats or palm oil.

  • It is made from sunflower oil.

  • The product has no artificial flavours.

  • It comes in a glass jar with a 300-g volume.

  • The maximum shelf life of this mayonnaise is 12 months.


Wingreens Farms

  • This veg mayonnaise has no eggs.

  • Milk solids are present in this mayonnaise.

  • It's prepared using food-grade soybean oil.

  • This mayonnaise contains thickeners INS 1442 and INS 415 as well as acidity regulators INS 260 and INS 330 and class II preservatives (INS202 & INS211).


Best Foods

  • It's a vegetarian mayonnaise that doesn't include eggs.

  • This mayonnaise has no milk solids.

  • It has glucose syrup in it.

  • It makes use of edible soybean oil.

  • This mayonnaise has no artificial colours.

1. Frapito Eggless Mayonnaise

Want to add more nutrients to your wraps, sandwiches, and salads? Frapito mayonnaise is made with fresh and authentic ingredients to increase the flavour, delight, and mouthwatering quality of your cuisine. This gluten-free and dairy-free vegan mayo is great for creating an endless snack heaven. This rich and creamy mayo is rich in minerals and vitamins and is a fantastic way to have your daily nutritional requirements met. It has no artificial flavours, trans fats or colours and is heart-healthy. This mayonnaise aids digestion, prevents water retention, and, in the perfect world, keeps the body warm in cold weather.

2. Veeba Classic Mayonnaise

The French popularised Veeba Classic Mayonnaise, invented by Spain. This vegan mayonnaise is created with eggs and soybean oil. This gluten-free mayonnaise is loaded with refined sugar and artificial flavourings. On our list of the best mayonnaise in India, this mayonnaise ranks second.


Because many individuals are vegetarians, this brand has developed an eggless, veg mayonnaise. It is free of cholesterol and trans fats and is prepared from refined soybean oil. On our list of the best mayonnaise in India, this comes in third place.

4. Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise

On our list of the best mayonnaise in India, Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise comes in fourth place. It has a moderate flavour and a creamy texture. Soybean oil, iodised salt, and milk solids are used to make this vegan mayo. It contains spice extracts as well as sequestrants.

Delicious mayonnaise in bowl and spoon on kitchen table

5. American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise

American Garden U.S. Mayonnaise ranks sixth on our list of India's best mayonnaise brands. This eggless veg mayonnaise has no cholesterol or trans fat. This gluten-free product is prepared with soybean oil and contains antioxidants such as EDTA.

6. Urban Platter Vegan Premium Mayo

Urban Platter's Vegan Premium Mayo is India's first vegan and non-dairy product. It has no artificial flavours and is suitable for use as a burger spread or a dip for fries. Because it contains sugar, we ranked Urban Platter Vegan Premium Mayo sixth on our list of the finest mayonnaise items in India.

7. Wingreens Farms

Wingreens Farms Premium Veg Mayo comes in seventh place on our list of the finest mayonnaise in India. This eggless veg mayo in a can is smooth and tasty, and it goes well with nearly any cuisine. It is composed of refined soybean oil and milk solids. Iodised salt and spices are used in the mayonnaise.

8. Best Foods

Finest Foods Real Vegetarian Eggless Mayonnaise is ranked eighth in India's top mayonnaise. This vegan mayonnaise is created with premium edible soya bean oil. It has a lower cholesterol content than the other brands - lower by 25%. Diabetics should avoid this mayo since it includes glucose syrup.


Mayonnaise brands in India are a delicious addition to any burger, sandwich or pasta. The flavour of your food is enhanced by a delightful mayonnaise. A variety of firms manufacture mayonnaise. Personalisation has also been ensured by these firms through the introduction of new flavours.

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Q. What is mayonnaise made of?

Ans. Mayonnaise is made by combining eggs, oil, and an acid, most often vinegar or lemon juice. The process of combining two or more normally incompatible liquids is known as emulsification.

Q. Is mayonnaise good for health?

Ans. There's no doubt that mayonnaise contains a lot of fat. That does not imply that it should be made illegal permanently! It may be a component of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. If you want to save calories while still enjoying your mayonnaise, there is a range of light and reduced-fat mayonnaise options in the market.

Q. Is mayonnaise vegan?

Ans. Traditional mayonnaise is not vegan, despite the fact that it is completely dairy-free. Eggs are not vegan since typical mayonnaise is produced by emulsifying a raw egg with oil.

Q. Does mayonnaise have raw eggs?

Ans. Mayonnaise is made from raw eggs that aren't boiled. Homemade mayonnaise, on the other hand, may be made safely using raw, in-shell pasteurised eggs or pasteurised egg products.

Q. Is eggless mayonnaise healthy?

Ans. Because it is made from scratch, eggless mayonnaise is lower in fat and cholesterol content than standard mayonnaise, and it has no artificial additives or preservatives.

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