Best Milk Brands in India [7 Best Brands]

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Best Milk Brands in India [7 Best Brands]

Milk brands in India are one of the most competitive sectors in India, and each country has its own list of the top brands. Milk is the most commonly used element in our meals. We are all aware of the importance of milk and the various types of milk available on the market. Milk is essential in one's diet since it includes calcium, protein, and vitamins A & D. As children grow, they are given milk.

Milk is a huge business in India. With over 7 lakh cows producing around 1.1 crore liters of milk per day, the average milk availability in the country is 209 lakh liters per day (Source: NITI Ayog and Food Processors Association of India). Apart from dairy products, there is an option for non-dairy milk for those who do not want to eat dairy milk. We have listed down the best dairy and non-dairy milk brands in India with the highest quality product.

Here is a list of India's top milk brands:

  • Amul
  • Mother Dairy
  • Nestle
  • Nandini
  • Parag Milk Foods Pvt Ltd.
  • Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation
  • Vijaya Milk

This article discusses each brand in detail.

1. Amul Milk

"Amul" is a symbol of "Anand Milk Union Limited", which was set up in 1946. Amul Milk is the best milk brand in India. It is a brand of Gujarat Co-operative milk marketing Federation (GCMMF) society, which was founded by Tribhuvandas Patel. It is the largest dairy product brand in the country, with a market share of about 44%. Originally, it was only available in Gujarat state, but now it is available all over India. It has entered into many other areas like edible oils, ice creams, and frozen desserts.

Amul products are dairy-based, and they have a wide range of products to offer. They have milk that comes in different forms: fresh milk, flavoured milk, and skimmed milk. Their butter is made from cow's milk, and they also make cheese from cow's milk. Their ghee, too, is made from cow's milk.

2. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is also a major milk brand in India. It's a corporation that was entirely controlled by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1974. More than 1200 unique milk and dairy stores, it was to sell dairy items around the country. Mother dairy booths are located all over India, and they sell milk, flavoured milk, paneer, curd, packed chaas, lassi, butter, ice creams, and other products.

In addition to its dairy business, Mother Dairy was one of the first firms to enter the fruits and vegetable market in 1988 under the name Safal. Safal sees a yearly growth of 10% in the present market, with annual revenue of Rs. 550 crore. Mother Dairy also owns the Dhara brand. Dhara is well-known for its vegetable and mustard oil.

3. Nestle

At number three, we have a name that most people are acquainted with and have utilised its products in some capacity. Being one of the world's largest dairy producers, Nestle had no choice but to enter the Indian milk industry. Nestle is now the only multinational corporation that has been able to join India's dairy sector. Nestle offers a large range of milk products in India, including curd, raitas, milk, and milk powder. Nestle India places a special emphasis on producing milk for health-conscious consumers. Nestle a+ Nourish and Nestle a+ slim long-life are two enriched milk products that have been developed.

Furthermore, excellent quality yogurt manufactured with unique probiotics from the Nestle a+ brand is now available in India. Similarly, Nestlé's condensed milk is one of the company's best-selling goods in India.

fresh milk and spring time

4. Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (Nandini)

The Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (KCMPFL) sells the Nandini brand of milk and milk products. Even though Nandini began as a modest brand, KMF (Karnataka Co-operative Federation) is now India's second-largest milk cooperative after AMUL. The brand's renown gradually aided the company's expansion into neighbouring states like Goa and Maharashtra. It is regarded as one of Maharashtra's leading milk brands. In 2020, KMF will have 14 milk unions encompassing all of Karnataka's districts to gather milk from local farmers in the state's rural areas.

It is a major producer of milk and milk products in India. The Nandini brand sells milk, ghee, dahi, butter, ice cream, cheese, paneer, chocolates, and other dairy goods.

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5. Parag milk food Pvt ltd

Parag milk food Pvt Ltd, founded in 2014, has established itself as one of the leading suppliers in India. Gowardhan, Go, Pride of Cows, and Top Up are some of the company's brands. The Go brand debuted in 2009, followed by Pride of Cows in 2012 and Topp Up in 2013. The Gowardhan brand distributes milk, ghee, dahi, and paneer, whereas the Go brand sells cheese, milk, chaas, lassi, and yogurt. Under its brand Go, the company is India's second-biggest manufacturer of cheese and the country's major supplier of cow ghee under its brand Gowardhan.

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6. Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF)

PCDF (Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation) is one of the best milk brands in India. It was established in 1962 to deliver the dairy product in Uttar Pradesh in a more organised manner. It was a collaborative effort that succeeded in eliminating middlemen who exploited milk producers. Parag is a PCDF brand, offers a diverse selection of milk and milk products, including milk, milk powder, butter, and ghee.

7. Vijaya Milk

It is commonly referred to as AP Dairy. It is one of the most important milk producers. Furthermore, it gives milk support to both consumers and farmers at an affordable price. Furthermore, it is a privately held company. It was established in 1960. The corporate headquarters are in Andhra Pradesh.

According to the survey, Amul is regarded as the best brand in terms of nutritional profile and cost. It was recently named first in a survey conducted by the Dairy Development Department (DADD). Except for a few exceptions, Amul was the only brand whose products had tick marks indicating that they had passed severe quality testing. It is the market leader in dairy products and dairy foods.


We hope this post has assisted you in selecting your favourite milk brand. In the market, there are various sorts of milk. Aside from cow's milk, there is also buffalo's milk, camel's milk, goat's milk, and a plethora of other milk variations. They all have various flavours and health benefits. Each of these benefits our health, mind, skin, and hair. Milk is an essential component of human development. Hence, it is strongly advised that you drink or utilise this dairy product. Here we provide information on the Top 10 Milk Brands In India, which are well-known in parts of India and among people from other countries.

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Q. Which is the best brand of milk in India?

Ans: According to the research and market, Amul is the best milk brand in India. But it also depends on various factors like your location and availability to pick the brand most convenient for your needs.

Q. Which milk is best for health in India?

Ans: Cow milk, the most often consumed dairy milk, is high in protein content. It contains calcium, B vitamins, and a variety of minerals. It also contains vitamins A and D, making it an excellent source of nutrition for both children and adults.

Q. Which brand gives pure milk?

Ans: Bangalore's Akshayakalpa. Achieving healthy cows that produce milk with no human intervention is a major accomplishment.

Q. Which milk brands are considered healthiest?

Ans: The 5 healthiest types of are:-

1. Cow's milk or original milk

2. Soy milk

3. Almond milk

4. Coconut milk

5. Oat milk

Q. Which cow gives more milk in Odisha?

Ans: Sahiwal cow gives more milk in Odisha. This animal milk contains less fat, which makes this cow's milk healthy in the eyes of nutrition and health. The Sahiwal Cow produces a lot of milk and is resistant to tick-borne diseases. This animal is quite popular and very efficient in terms of milk production.

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