Namkeen Manufacturers in Gujarat [Top 7 Manufacturers]

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Namkeen Manufacturers in Gujarat [Top 7 Manufacturers]

Our love for snacks and namkeen does not need a particular time or occasion. We always keep the snacks handy to pass the time or accompany our work and play. Brands mentioned below have a wide range of namkeen, from salty to spicy and khatta meetha. These top 7 brands in Gujarat never compromise the quality of their products.


Name Of Manufacturer





Anand Namkeen


Ahmedabad, Sedrana Road, At. Sedrana, Ta. Sidhpur, Gujarat



Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd


71-74, Phase II, Naroda GIDC Rd, Nava Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Ramoji Wafers and Namkeen


Kim Mandvi Road, Vill. Hariyal, Tal. Mandavi, Dist. SURAT, Gujarat



Dharti Food Products Pvt Ltd


Udhana, Udhna Udhyog Nagar, Udhna, Surat, Gujarat



Hariom Namkeen


Hitendra Nagar Sahakari Udhyog Vasahat Ltd, Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Purohit Namkeen


B No. 6, Kahan Estate, Kothari Char Rasta, Santej, Taluka Kalol, Gandhinagar Gujarat



Davat Namkeen


Plot No. B-189, GIDC-2, Babra, Amreli, Gujarat


1. Anand Namkeen

  • Mohsin Piyarji and his family are greatly fond of snacks. As Mohsin gobbled up delicious snacks from various brands, he noticed that they lacked reliably great quality despite the great taste. So he chose to start his very own brand to fill this gap.
  • The brand that began as Anand Namkeen was afterward imaginatively transformed as Anand Jolliz with a new logo, brilliant character, and more snack assortments while keeping up with steady quality to keep nibble sweethearts cheerful.
  • Anand Jolliz is a family-oriented business. And in today's time, Anand Jolliz is notable, and the most liked brand in Gujarat.

2. Samrat Namkeen Pvt Ltd

  • Although Samrat Namkeen items are savoured by a large number of individuals, they have made plans to mix different flavours of namkeen into one namkeen.
  • These imaginative plans were created in meetings with cooks and experts from around the country.
  • You can repeat these mixed plans at home and add more zest to your namkeen life.

3. Ramoji Wafer and Namkeen Pvt. Ltd.

  • Ramoji Foods believes in bringing back the conventional taste of namkeen.
  • It's a delectable excursion of a dad-child team, mixing the preferences and customs of two ages. They began with only noodles to 40+ assortments of Namkeens, Wafers, and all the more at this point. They put stock in presenting to you the best with something hatke! Take your taste buds for a twist with customary fixings and intriguing spices that form their insane combinations. They produce north of 30 tons of wafers and namkeen each and every day for those fulfilled grins each time you open the bundles.
  • Each chomp of that potato chip is consistent with the quality guarantee and glad to your pocket. They esteem you and endeavour to be a significant item for you as far as cost and quality since trust and love are what they need! Upheld by quality accreditations and supported by a capable foodie group, they are arriving at your home free from any danger without fail. Ramoji arrives at 250+ vendors and 100+ super stockists spread across the globe who share our objective of satisfying every stomach with yummy Ramoji!

4. Dharti Food Products

Dharti Food Items Pvt. Ltd. has acquired monstrous acknowledgment in the homegrown market for assembling and providing a rich combination of desserts and tidbits. All assortments of items are ready under sterile conditions, utilising unadulterated and new fixings and constituents.

Ready at a sound framework office, our scope of tidbits and desserts is of unrivalled quality that is at standard with worldwide quality guidelines. The fixings and constituents utilised for the arrangement of edibles are acquired from a validated seller base to guarantee the high healthy benefit of the finished results.

Indian Delicious Namkeen served in white bowl

5. Hariom Namkeen

Hariom Namkeen is one of the main snacks food producing organisations in west India having begun its cutting edge fabrication unit in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in 1985. Mr Gangaram Kewalramani, the author of Hariom Namkeen consistently appreciated the fantasy about building a domain producing conventional namkeen. They are probably the best producer and providers the nation over.

To keep up with the norms of namkeen and its newness, they keep a severe vigil on all creation parts of these items and set them up cleanly to guarantee clients’ prosperity and great soundness. They are profoundly valued and known on the lookout for the quality and brilliant kind of namkeen they serve. They additionally give an incredible and dampness safe bundling office to keep up with the taste and kind of their namkeen for quite a while subsequent to bundling.

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6. Purohit Namkeen

Purohit Namkeen is known for offering clients a wide scope of bites and namkeens of the most praiseworthy taste and flavour. They realise that they are serving their items to a market loaded up with snacks and they likewise comprehend that everybody has their own feeling of taste.

They view themselves as an organisation that is generally deserving of clients’ trust. It is the fulfilment of our customers, which is the main goal of our organisation and to keep our customers content from our end, they are needed to situate every last one of our work in a way that will procure acclaim from our customers. They have kept various properties attributable to which we have turned into a need to manage. No other cutthroat substance works with such devotion to keeping its clients fulfilled as they work.

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7. Davat Namkeen

At the core of Babra-Amreli, Davat Namkeen is spearheading in the space of bites and rewards. They convey the most classy namkeen items all through the locale. The proof is that youngsters love their items. They are one of the namkeen makers who consistently endeavour to comply with every one of the local and government guidelines.


Namkeen is the most well-known nibble food thing from the Indian subcontinent, ready by utilising gram flour and flavours with combinations of peanuts, different flavoured beats, sev, and Bikaneri bhujia is a nearby brand of Bikaner and was allowed Topographical Sign security. These are the most elevated selling bundled food brands in India and we trust this data will permit you to pick the right brand for yourself as well as your family.

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Q. Which state is famous for namkeen?

Ans. Gujarat state is famous for its namkeens and sweets; they have a wide range of namkeens and delicious snacks.

Q. What is a typical famous Indian snack?

Ans. There are many snacks in the Indian market, from Namkeen to biscuits, but the Baked Namak Para is the famous tea-time snack.

Q. Are all these Gujarati namkeen brands FSSAI approved?

Ans. Namkeen brands like Davat namkeen, Purohit namkeen, Hariom namkeen, Dharti food products, Ramoji wafers and namkeen, Samrat namkeen, and Anand namkeen are approved by FSSAI in Gujarat. Thus, they are safely edible.

Q. How many types of namkeen are present in the market today?

Ans. There are more than 1000 namkeens in the market of Gujarat today.

Q. Is namkeen good for health?

Ans. Regular consumption of namkeen is not good for health because they are fried and are made from a rice base. So, it can affect your body.

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