Paper Manufacturers In India [Top Manufacturers]

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Paper Manufacturers In India [Top Manufacturers]

Every one of the top paper companies in India has high expectations for its business performance, and predictably high opinions about how well it will serve its customers and shareholders. The true measure of a company's competitiveness is how well it uses its resources, as demonstrated by a variety of operational metrics as well as traditional yardsticks such as revenue and earnings growth. This article will cut through the jargon to identify the company's operational performance, new developments, recent product launches, future plans, export markets, CSR activities, and so on.

Paper production in India includes a wide range of papers used in printing and packaging, writing, and a few specialty papers. Copier paper, super printing paper, bond paper, cream wove paper, map litho paper (surface size and non-surface), coating base paper, and other types of paper are available for printing and writing. Boards, Kraft paper, posters, and other types of paper are used in packaging. There is also chromo paper/board, art paper/board, and other types of paper/board available. There are approximately 600 paper mills in India, with twelve of them being paper companies in India with international renown.

Top Paper Manufacturing Companies in India

Name of Company

Year of Establishment

Major Developments

Ballarpur Industries Ltd. 


  • Commissioning of the SMI PCC satellite plant at the Unit in preparation for the use of PCC as a filler instead of talc.
  • At the Ballarpur Unit, a new paper machine from Allimand, France, with an installed capacity of 165,000 MT, was installed.
  • Alkaline sizing was used, which improved brightness, opacity, and bulk.
  • After commissioning the oxygen plant, we began using the Eop stage in the bleaching sequence to reduce hydrogen peroxide consumption.
  • DCS was ordered to operate the bleach plant.
  • Sabah Forest Industries Sdn. Bhd. (SFI) in Malaysia is expected to add 120,000 MT of pulp capacity in October 2011.

JK Paper Ltd.


  • During the year, a Rs. 1650 crore expansion project with the goal of establishing a 215,000 TPA Pulp Mill and a 165,000 TPA Paper Machine, as well as 55 MW power blocks and all necessary auxiliaries, was launched.
  • They were the first in India to employ HP's proprietary ColorLok technology.
  • Adoption of modern technology, combined with process innovation and continuous improvement through kaizen, has resulted in significant resource conservation and emission reductions.
  • The company has obtained FSC certification, ensuring that the raw materials used are harvested responsibly.
  • Using the adult literacy model, literacy was spread in the surrounding villages.



  • All four production units, Bhadrachalam, Kovai, Tribeni, and Bollaram, have received FSC CoC certification.
  • WWF reviewed their paper and rated two grades as good.
  • The CII-ITC Green Check initiative was established to assist printers and converters in improving their environmental performance.
  • WOW is working on a project with the National Recycling Institute to help with waste segregation and collection at the source.
  • Green boilers were created to help increase the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Agroforestry models have been developed to assist farmers with seasonal farming and to increase land productivity.

Tamil Nadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd.


  • Mill Expansion Plan (MEP): On January 19, 2011, the company commissioned a new paper machine (PM3) with a capital outlay of Rs 1050 crore. The MEP includes the installation of a 155,000 MT paper machine 3, the retrofit of the CBP ECF bleach plant, the installation of a single power boiler to meet steam demand, and the relocation of the pith yard and stores building.
  • Currently, the company is implementing three schemes:
    • The installation of a new, cutting-edge de-inking plant with a 300 TPD capacity. The plant is set to open in May of 2012.
    • Power and steam systems are being redesigned in order to improve energy efficiency and capacity. The project has been called off.

West Coast Paper Mills Ltd.


  • In May 2010, the company completed its expansion programme to increase production capacity to 320,000 TPA at a revised project cost of Rs. 1425 crores, up from Rs. 1100 crores previously estimated.
  • In February 2010, a new 800 TPD Fiber Line was commissioned to produce bleach pulp using ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) technology to achieve high brightness levels of 90% or higher. This new Fiber Line increases pulp yields while using less steam. This fibre line produces much better effluent, with lower COD and colour.

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Challenges for Paper Companies in India

Many mills in India lack integrated wet-end systems as part of their overall control strategy. The application of a forward control strategy yields significant quality gains. Similarly, despite being a significant cost in the manufacturing cycle, energy receives less attention in terms of monitoring overall power consumption across various plant sections. Electrical system integration, intelligent motor control centres, and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) will all be used to track overall energy consumption. Another priority is the implementation of a real-time information system on raw material flow, which will ultimately control quality at various stages.

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Coordination between the mill's automation department and IT is lacking. ERP systems, supply chain management systems, and manufacturing execution systems (collaborative production management systems) are not prioritised by Indian paper industry participants. As a result, the Indian pulp and paper companies in India have a long way to go before they can be regarded as the best and most efficient in the world.


By improving key seaports, airways, roads, railways, and communication infrastructure, India's paper industry can be made more competitive. Plantations must be raised through a variety of means, including industry, cooperative farmers, and state governments, to support the wood-based paper industry. This must be reflected in the forest policy. Plantations of wood pulp can be grown on degraded forest lands. Customs duties on waste paper imports could be reduced, and duty-free imports of new and used machinery/equipment could be allowed for a more simple and cost-effective technological upgrade.

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FAQs on Paper manufacturers

Q. Which state is the largest producer of Paper in India?

Ans. Maharashtra has the largest production capacity in India.

Q. Which is the biggest paper mill in India?

Ans. West Coast Paper Mills Limited (WCPM) is one of India's oldest and largest paper mills, producing printing, writing, and packaging paper. The mill was founded in Dandeli, Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka, in 1955.

Q. Which city is known for its paper Industry?

Ans. Nepanagar is an industrial township in the district of Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. Nepanagar is well-known for its newsprint paper mill, Nepa Mills Limited (earlier known as The National News Print Ltd). On April 26, 1956, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated Asia's first paper mill, Nepa Mill.

Q. How many paper mills exist in India?

Ans. Approximately 600 mills.

Q. Which country buys the most paper?

Ans. China and the United States are the world's two largest consumers of paper and cardboard. China consumed over 110 million metric tonnes of paper and cardboard in 2018, while the US consumed 70.6 million metric tonnes.

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