Top-5 Profitable Business/Startup Ideas for Indian Villages [Low-investment ideas]

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Top-5 Profitable Business/Startup Ideas for Indian Villages [Low-investment ideas]

Starting a business is difficult. It requires investment, contingency plans, organising, staffing, and financing the business. Some businesses and startups require low investments initially. You can grow your business once you start making growth and earning profits. As compared to metropolitan cities, the opportunities in small towns and villages are less. But still, there are so many profitable businesses in rural areas that you can start.

Every business requires a different set of skills, infrastructure, planning, and other requirements. It is dependent upon various factors, like location, investment, competitors, demand and supply, etc. So, while starting a small business in a village, you might need to consider these factors to make it profitable. In this article, we will talk about the best business under 10 lakhs in the village.

Best Business Ideas for villages:

There are so many business ideas and startups that you can start with low investment or under 10 lakhs in villages. The top-5 business ideas that you should consider while planning to establish a startup in a village are as follows:

1. Educational Institution

You can consider starting an educational institution in a village. It is the best business in the village to start. The education in small villages and towns is poor and unorganised as compared to big cities. So, it is an excellent opportunity to earn profits by establishing a startup in the village. The cost of materials and establishments will be far less as compared to urban cities. If you are interested in philanthropic work and serving society with good deeds, then you can start your educational institute in your village.

You must keep the quality of education good and maintain high standards to attract more parents and students. If you attract the parents, they will put in a good word with other parents, hence will help you with your business growth. It will also help you to grow your startup business. You can advertise using social media platforms to extend the reach. It is an easy business in the village area and will add to your profitability. Once your business gets established, you can start online educational services in the village.

2. Tech Products

Many villages lack technological advancements and machinery. Starting a technology startup in villages is a good business idea to start. If you have a knack for technology and have relevant knowledge and skills, you can start selling technological gadgets and types of machinery. Selling something that is hard to get in villages will give you an added advantage for your business. It is the best business in the village to start and gain profits.  

You can sell many technological gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, computers, watches, and other hi-tech products. It requires a small investment; you can start this business under 10 lakhs. It will help you make significant contacts and professional people to partner with and grow your business. Before establishing the tech business, you can research the market and target audience to deliver the products as per their needs and requirements.

3. Hybrid Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are the most visited shops in the country. Many young people and students visit coffee shops to de-stress themselves and have fun with their friends. Most villages don't have coffee shops and entertainment areas for students and youngsters. So, starting a hybrid coffee shop and bar is the best business idea in villages. You can start selling snacks, small bites, biscuits, and other bakery items along with coffee. Many people like to eat complementary bakery food items with their coffee consumption.

A hybrid coffee shop will allow you to welcome different generations of people. Youngsters and students can use the coffee shop entertainment area, and older people can use the bar area. You can time your shop by allowing students up to 6 pm and older people late at night. It will enable you to make more money and utilise your place. If you need to make more money, you can open your shop late at night. The investment will depend on your concept. You can rent a place and decorate it as you like. It is a good business in the village area to make profits.

4. Thrift Shops

It is hard for village people to spend tons of money on branded clothing. So, they go for cheaper brands and save money. If you are interested in fashion, clothes, and designing, this is a perfect business. You can establish a thrift shop startup and sell custom branded clothes at a lower price. You can partner with brands and sell the clothes. The majority of clothes will be sent to you via donations. It is an added advantage as it will help you extend your reach and attract more customers.

The clothing business is the most profitable industry in the country. People buy clothes every month, even when it is not necessary or required. It requires a small investment and a proper professional circle for advice and inventories. It is a great business to start in the village.

5. Farming Products and Equipment

Villages are known for agriculture and farming. So, it is a no-brainer that you should consider establishing a farming product startup. Every farmer requires the right equipment and farming products for agricultural activities. If you have knowledge related to farming products, then you can start this business in your village. Farming products include pesticides, fertilisers, seeds, food products, and hi-tech machinery.

You can purchase the farming products from wholesale markets and sell them for higher prices. It is the most profitable business for villages as it has good profit margins. It is an evergreen business idea and will always stay in demand as long as there is agriculture and farming.

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We can say that there are many business ideas that you can start in villages under 10 lakhs of investment. If you are thinking of establishing a startup in the village, then you can consider the above-mentioned top-5 business ideas for your village. Every village must have these businesses in the area. It is both in demand and profitable.

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Q. What are the businesses that every small-town need?

Ans. There are so many businesses that small towns need. Some of the businesses include clothing boutique, tutoring service, car wash service, cleaning service, gym and exercise studio, restaurants, sports bar, healthy food shops, pet boarding stores, dog food shops, hair salon, electronics dealer, microbrewery, bookstore, massage therapist, flower shops, ice cream shops, gardening services, food trucks, etc.

Q. What are the most profitable business ideas that I can start in lockdown?

Ans. You can start multiple businesses from home during the lockdown. You can start your own YouTube channel and make videos or start a blogging website. You can also consider starting an online education service for the students or sell your education courses on the affiliated educational websites. It is a profitable business these days, and the demand has also increased tremendously.

Q. What are some of the most successful businesses of 2021?

Ans. The most successful businesses of 2021 so far include online bakery shops, clothing boutiques, courier services, medicare facilities, IT services, legal and marketing services, catering services, handicrafts and handmade items, online food services, and others.