Best Salt Brands in India [9 Leading Brands]

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Best Salt Brands in India [9 Leading Brands]

Salt is a widely used ingredient in our country. It is an ingredient that you need in your kitchen every day. Some of the biggest salt producers in our country are Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

Salt comes in different types like black salt, sea salt, table salt, and Sendha salt. Every household uses a different kind to add taste to food. Out of these, table salt is perhaps the most common type in our country. It comes from sodium chloride, and it is transformed from the crystalline form to get the one we consume regularly.

Several companies have been winning the people's trust in our country for decades. Let us discuss the most well-known salt brands in India among these brands.

1. Tata Salt

It should not come as a surprise that Tata Salt tops the list of well-known salt brands in India. The salt is available in any grocery shop or kitchen shelf across the country. Tata is one of the most trustworthy brands in India that has been providing premium quality products to the country for decades. The salt has high iodine content that keeps you healthy. It lowers your blood pressure and regulates your heart rate. Over the years, the brand has come up with new variants like Tata Salt Lite and Tata Sprinkler Salt. Tata Salt Lite has a 15% lower sodium chloride content.

2. Sundar Health Salt

Sundar health salt, as the name goes, has multiple health benefits. It contains the goodness of vitamin A and B12, zinc, folic acid, iron, and other essential nutrients and acids. You can use it in daily cooking to get better work productivity by concentrating better as well. Apart from this, the brand also follows supreme hygiene rules that keep the salt fresh and dry. Ten grams of this salt can give you enough micronutrients you need for each day.

3. Catch Salt

The catch is one of the most renowned spices and sprinkler companies in the country. It supplies spices that add a unique flavour to the food with only a small quantity. The brand has three salts: black salt, sendha namak, and table salt. The packaging eliminates the necessity of salt shakers at the table and keeps the salt dry. Black salt is a good seasoning for salads and fruits. Even the rock salt is of high quality, and the container keeps the salt’s essence intact.

4. Aashirvaad Salt

Aashirvaad comes from the house of ITC, which is a trustworthy and prestigious name in the country. The company not only provides the best spices, but it aims at keeping its prices transparent. There are three types of Aashirvaad salts: Salt Proactive, Iodised Crystal, and Iodised Salt Made from Natural Sea Salt Crystals. The first one has 15% less sodium, while the other two serve as great taste enhancers. The best part about these salts is that they have reasonable prices and serve vegan people too.

5. Patanjali Namak

Patanjali is one of the best Indian products that are completely made in India. It makes a wide range of products like soaps, toothpaste, biscuits, and others. Its salt has gained popularity because of its reasonable price and quality. It is particularly famous among people who are staunch vegetarians because the product is vegan. The only downside of the product is that the prices are a bit higher than the others. But Patanjali has compensated with its high quality and taste. It mixes with Indian cuisine very quickly and does not contain artificial colours.

6. Keya Salt

Keya is a famous food brand with many spices and seasonings like oregano, cardamom seeds, and Sri Lankan cinnamon. It manufactures pure iodised salt and gives the right flavour to your food. The product contains the appropriate nutrients that make you more productive by boosting your energy. The packaging is a useful one because you can reuse it after washing and sanitising. The cap is an easy-to-use one that you can flip open for use. The salt has a perfect consistency and adds a rich flavour. The only downside is that the salt is a little pricey compared to its competitors.

7. Saffola Salt

When you hear of the brand Saffola, you are reminded of their food products. The brand has many health products that aim at adding flavour to your food while also keeping their customers’ health as the first priority. The salt, loaded with flavour, has the goodness of iodine. Iodine has many health benefits and is essential for many functions. One of the most significant benefits of the brand is that they have the trust of a majority number of people. It is taken directly from the sea and has no impurities. It adds life to your food without causing health issues because it has a low level of sodium.

8. Puro Salt

Puro salt is a healthy option that is different from regular white salt. It contains 86% sodium chloride, and the rest is good minerals and vitamins that help your body. It has 84 minerals like calcium, iodine, potassium, and iron. The product, established in 2016, has gained popularity because of its Ayurvedic technology. It helps in improving digestion, eyesight and keeps your well-being in check. It is highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors because it keeps you healthy. Furthermore, it is a little pricey, but it compensates for the price with its nutrient content.

9. Urban Platter

The Urban Platter salt comes in attractive packaging and has a vibrant pink colour. It is available from the Himalayas. It is rich in iron and detoxes your body by lowering your blood pressure. The unique salt goes especially well with Asian and Indian cuisines. It adds taste to your food without bringing salinity to it. It has no added artificiality that gives it an advantage over white salts. The best part? It looks stellar when served on the side. It can work as an effective body scrub because of its semi-coarse texture and grind.


There are many salt brands in India that you can consider while buying salt. The country is the third-largest salt producer, so different types are pretty readily available. Thus, if one kind does not work for you, you can easily move on to the next one without worrying about availability.

Some salts aim at heart diseases, while some aim at making salt that makes your food tasteful. Keeping your health and tastes in mind, go for one that will benefit you in the long run. A small ingredient like salt helps in maintaining your health and keeps diseases away.

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Q. How many types of salt are available in India?

Ans. There are more than 12 types of salts in India. Among them, the most used ones are table salt, kosher salt, rock salt, sea salt, and black salt. There are several brands like Tata, Catch, Saffola, and KEYA which distribute these salts in India.

Q. Which brand of salt in India is best for kidney patients?

Ans. When you have kidney problems, you should consider adding low sodium salt to your diet. It helps with maintaining your blood pressure and does not contribute to adding to the sodium buildup in your body. You can go for rock salt. Chef Urbano or Urban Platter rock salt is one of the best salt brands in India.

Q. Which salt has the most minerals?

Ans. The two salt types which have many health benefits are Celtic and Himalayan. Celtic salt has a low level of sodium and contains many minerals like calcium and magnesium. Himalayan salt enhances nutrient absorption and balances the pH levels of the body. The best Celtic and Himalayan salt brands in India are Celtic Sea Salt and JK Sendha Namak.

Q. Is iodised salt better than the non-iodised alternative?

Ans. Yes, iodised salt is better than the non-iodised one available in the country. The latter only provides the body with sodium. Excess of this in our body can give rise to health issues like high blood pressure and stroke.

Q. Which pink salt brand in India is best?

Ans. Chef Urbano has one of the best pink salt brands in India. The salt is of the highest quality and comes with several health benefits. It lowers blood pressure, and you can use it for daily consumption. The best part about this salt is that you can use it as a body scrub because of its coarse texture as well!

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